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Useing Online Resources For Educational Planning

Here are a few examples of how students can use Montgomery College web based resources to gather educational and career information.  Use these resources to find information that fit YOUR educational plans.

Case #1

I am half way through a Computer Science A.A. degree at MC and plan to transfer to University of Maryland College Park.  I have a few questions: 

  • What do I need to complete my MC degree?

Go here to find the courses you need http://www.montgomerycollege.edu/curricula/descriptions/cdcompsci.htm#cs

Go here and use this form to check your progress toward graduation

If you have a recent version of Microsoft Excel on your computer, go to File, Edit with Microsoft Excel and you will be able to enter your courses in each category and print out a list of what courses remain for your degree.

*During the first half of the semester in which you plan to earn a degree at MC, go to the counseling office to apply for graduation.  It is best to communicate with a counselor each semester either online or onsite.  Ask a Counselor

  •  What courses will University of Maryland, College Park accept?

Go to the Artsys homepage.  Select Transcript Evaluations


Check the Sending and Receiving Institutions to make sure it says Montgomery College to University of Maryland, College Park.  If not, Select the Change Institutions button and make the corrections.

Select the Enter Courses button and enter your courses and grades beside MC

Select RTP evaluation

Select Computer Science

For any group that you have not fulfilled, you will see the area requirements linked in red.  Select the link and choose one course from that group if you need 3 credits or 2 courses if you need 6 or more credits.

Print the sheet before you leave this page.

If you want to see how your courses will fit into another major, go back one screen and select another major.

  • How can I double check this information?

Here is the full list of transferable courses.  But remember, the best thing to do is have your MC transcript evaluated by University of Maryland.  Then you will know for sure.  It's also time for you to sit down with a UMCP advisor and check your progress as well as obtain additional transfer information from them.  These resources are best used to give you a rough estimate where you stand.  Rule change and Internet tools are not always updated at the exact time the rules change.


  • What if I don't get into Maryland?  How can I find other schools with a computer science major?

Go to http://artweb.usmd.edu/presp.cgi

  • How can I find additional information about this major?

Go to http://www.montgomerycollege.edu/Departments/studev/compsc.htm
Go to http://www.montgomerycollege.edu/Departments/cpscirv/

  • Is there a Computer Science Advisor that I can talk to at MC?

Go to http://www.montgomerycollege.edu/Departments/studevgt/Advisors.htm#Computer


Case #2

I need to figure out what I'm doing here at Montgomery College and what to do after I leave to complete my BA degree.  I am a new student and am kind of clueless.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and the places to find the answers.

1. What are your current courses and previously completed courses?  Make sure to include all college level courses (those taken at MC and those transferred in from other colleges).  List courses and credit hours, for example....


Fall 2003

 Example DS 107 1 credit hour

2. How many credits do you plan to earn before you leave MC? Hint: you need 12-30 credits to transfer and not have your transfer school look at your high school transcript.  Look on this website to see your transfer school's credit requirements:



Answer ______________________________________


3. Do you plan to earn an AA degree at MC? Hint - you need 60 credits to earn an A.A. degree.  Most importantly you must meet the individual degree requirements.  Look on these web pages to learn more about MC degree requirements.

Answer _______________________________

Place your current courses beside the Foundation, Distribution, or Elective groups in the appropriate column.  Select courses for next semester and place them in the the appropriate column.  Make sure to read each course description before you select it.  In some cases, you must have completed prerequisite coursework before you can enroll in a course. Also, your Math and English assessment levels must be at a certain level for you to register for many courses.  If you have met both of these requirements, put the course in the appropriate box.






EN 102 or 109
Any HE course   
MA 110 or higher
SP 108, 112, 212
Either Arts or Humanities      
Behavioral & Social Sciences      
Social Sciences
Electives (Must be numbered 100 or above)      

4. What is your major? Hint - go to this web page to find all the majors at MC.  Remember AAS programs typically are NOT for transfer.


Select the major (s) that sounds most interesting to you.  Read about them.  Read course descriptions of what courses you will be taking to complete these degrees.

Undecided students select General Studies.  If you select General Studies, list one thing you will do to learn more about majors.  Hint go to the Career Month website for career activities.

Your major is_________________________? 
How sure are you 1-10 with 10 being absolutely certain?_______________.


5. Do you plan to transfer to a four year college?  Which school? Hint - go to this website to find out more about Maryland colleges and universities.


Your transfer school is_____________________________?  How sure are you 1-10 with 10 being absolutely certain?_______________.

Students who know they want to transfer but have no clue which school is best for them, list one thing you will do to find out more about transfer schools _____________________________


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