Getting the Most Out of MyMC

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Welcome to the MyMC Tutorial

MyMC is your student portal which gives you internet access to a ton of information from any computer in the world that is hooked up to the internet.  You can find your grades, tuition cost, and course schedule under Student Quick Links.  But don't forget to look behind each of the tabs - Libraries, College Life, Student Services and more.  It's one key to academic success.

A word about how this Module is organized:

There are links on the top of each page that allow you to go to any lesson.  It is recommended that you finish the lessons in order, but you are able to customize the module to meet your needs.

The 8 MyMC lessons are:

  • Logging In
  • Things You Should Check Every Day
  • Updating Personal Information
  • Steps to Registering for Classes
  • Your Records - Academics
  • Your Record - Money
  • Tabs - What Else Can You Find On MyMC?
  • Course Tools

To get started, select one of the links at the top of the page.

Enjoy exploring - there's lots of information to find!
Last Updated 8/11/06