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  • Purchase all class materials well in advance of the beginning of the course.

  • Be thoroughly familiar with the syllabus and course structure.

  • Check the course web site often for updates and new assignments.

  • Log into online course conferences and resources (e.g. bulletin boards, listservs, email account, chat rooms, etc.) at least once a day or as often as is recommended by the instructor.

  • Familiarize yourself with the instructor's electronic office hours.

  • Read each assignment sheet thoroughly and carefully.

  • Note the due dates for each assignment, even those that don't require that you turn something in.

  • Complete all assigned reading.

  • Email the instructor with any questions well in advance of due dates.

  • Prepare rough drafts as instructed.

  • Follow all instructions and rules for the course precisely.

  • Learn and follow the assigned guidelines for email etiquette.

  • Type all assignments on a word processor to take advantage of spell and grammar checks.

  • Plan to hand in assignments a minimum for four to five hours before they are due to ensure Internet processing time, down time, and time differences across the country.

  • Attend all scheduled synchronous sessions.

  • Actively access online resources, initiate and guide discussions, encourage cooperation, collaboration, and growth for all participants in the course.

  • Periodically reflect on what you are learning throughout the duration of the course, not just at the end.

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Last updated 2/8/07