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What Technical Skills are needed for online learning?

Taking an online course does not require that you have high level technical skills.  However, it does require that you be comfortable with some basics such as knowing how to navigate the Internet, understanding a few things about your browser, getting around the course web site, and being able to send and receive email.  Learning these skills before starting your first online course will save time and frustration in the long run.  Remember, one of the goals of online instructors is to make the technology as transparent as possible.  However, as a student, you need to learn the skills required to successfully complete the online course. 

Start by taking the Technology Quotient Survey
Review a few
Basic Tutorials

When you have some time, take a look at:
Getting Around Internet Explorer
Organizing Bookmarks Tutorial

If you still want more, here are some additional websites:

From Ohio State University net.Tutor

Getting Started On The Web
Email Basics

From Internet 101

The Internet
The Web
Speak Like a Geek


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