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Questionnaire: How many classes should I take?

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Achieving a balance in your life is most important. You need to balance work, family, personal time, and school to achieve your specific goals. Balance is important in all parts of your life. Use this worksheet to help yourself achieve balance in your obligations and make choices that will lead to success in college.

Paid Work Hours/Week Course Semester Hours/Week Course Prep/Week* Total Hours/Week
12 15 30 57
18 12 24 54
25 10 20 55
30 8 16 54
40 6 12 58

* Students should plan two hours of study and class prep for each hour in class.

Studies show that students cannot perform at high efficiency for more than 55 to 58 hours per week for employment, course credit, and hours of preparation.

Hours you plan to work         
Semester hours (SH) you plan to take         
Prep time hours (SH x 2)         
Total hours for work and school         

Question: does this fit within the high efficiency range of 55 to 58 hours per week? (Circle Yes or No)

Yes No

If yes, good plan for success!

If no, how can you achieve a balance that will support your success?

Keep in mind that this worksheet only considers actual work and school hours. Montgomery College students have complicated lives. You should consider family and other obligations before making the commitment to attend college. Allow yourself time to perform at your best.

(from Dr. Steve Lietz, Rockville Counseling)

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