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The Honors Program at Montgomery College is a college-wide program for high-ability, motivated students.  The Honors Program is the umbrella program for all of the honors coursework at the college as well as the special honors programs. 

Honors modules (HM suffix) – honors enriched coursework, paired with standard class section.
Honors sections of existing classes (HC suffix) – classes with all honors students for standard course offerings.
Honors independent study (HONR prefix) – student initiated independent research projects guided by faculty

Eligibility:  meet one of the following criteria:

  • Completion of at least 12 MC credits with > 3.2 GPA in transfer-level classes, including ENGL101or ENGL101A with a grade of A or B.
  • SAT scores of 600 on each section and a minimum high school GPA of 3.5, unweighted.
  • Eligibility for ENGL102, as determined by the MC placement process, and a minimum high school GPA of 3.5, unweighted
  • Acceptance into one of the special honors programs described below.

Scholarships:  a limited number of course scholarships are available each spring semester
Transcript RecognitionHonors Program recognition is given on the transcript and noted in the Commencement program to students who complete 15 credits in honors coursework across 3 disciplines while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher.
Additional Educational Opportunities:  Selective internships affiliated with the Honors Program (Paul Peck Humanities Institute, Potomac Review and Women's and Gender Studies Program), Beacon Conference paper submissions, conference presentations, academic mentoring for transfer and scholorships.

Dr Lucy Laufe, Collegewide Honors Program Director

Dr. Christina Devlin, Germantown Honors ProgramCoordinator

Professor Effie Siegel, Rockville Honors Program Coordinator

Dr. Carole Wolin, TP/SS Honors Program Coordinator

Honors Counselors:  Germantown -Tamesha Robinson and Katie Mount; Rockville – Jessica Present; TP/SS –Jeri Gresham

The collegewide Honors Program includes the special honors programs described below, as well as students collegewide who meet Honors Program requirements individually.  Each of the programs below is designed to form a community of scholars with shared coursework and activities, and special advising. Each requires a separate application. All scholarships base on the availability of funds.


Macklin Business Scholars

Montgomery Scholars

Renaissance Scholars


Rockville campus

Rockville campus

Germantown campus and Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus


Outstanding high school students who apply before entering MC & outstanding MC business majors

Outstanding high school students who apply before entering MC

Outstanding MC students

Student status

Full-time MC students only

Full-time MC students only

Full-time and part-time MC students

Program Curriculum

Honors coursework in economics, statistics, and accounting; faculty and corporate mentors and business internships.

Thematically linked courses specially designed for the Scholars with other honors courses and capstone project.

Thematically linked paired honors courses (dyads) & interdisciplinary classes specially designed for the Scholars and offered in the evenings.


Full tuition scholarship for all Scholars.

Full tuition scholarship for all Scholars.

Scholarship support for Renaissance Scholars courses (7-8 credits/year) for all Scholars.


Presentations at conferences

Funded summer study/travel

Funded summer study/travel



Dr. Stephen Lang, 240-567-1707,

Dr. Mary Furgol, 240-567-7285,,
Ms. Maria Davidson, 240-567-5039,

Prof. Joan Naake,-Germantown campus, 240-567-1951,;
Dr. Carole Wolin- TP/SS campus,


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