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Montgomery College is committed to providing high-ability, highly motivated students with stimulating and challenging opportunities both within and outside the classroom.

Honors Program at Montgomery College

The Honors Program’s mission is to attract and nurture outstanding students; to provide an academic environment which fosters growth, critical thinking and multicultural perspectives; and to encourage the development of community relationships and interpersonal skills. The Honors Program at Montgomery College is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council and the Beacon Conference, a conference for student scholars at two-year colleges. The program was created for high-ability students seeking exciting and academically rewarding experiences. Through enrollment in honors courses, seminars, tutorials, independent study opportunities and internships, students discover and develop their own talents. Results also include enhanced opportunities to transfer to a four-year college and increased eligibility for scholarship aid. This Collegewide Honors Program features three special programs: The Macklin Business Institute, Montgomery Scholars, and Renaissance Scholars. See the "Honors Program Structure" link for more details.

Honors Program Goals

  • To provide intellectually stimulating courses and activities for high achieving students
  • To contribute to the students' intellectual, social, and personal growth
  • To prepare students to compete and excel in challenging academic and professional environments
  • To offer opportunities for personal enrichment

Honors Scholar Award

Students who have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours of honors work, including course work in at least two different academic disciplines, and who have maintained a 3.4 or higher grade point average, are eligible to be recognized as Honors Scholars. For more information about the Honors Scholars awards, contact the appropriate campus Honors Coordinator or the Collegewide Honors Program Director Dr. Lucy Laufe at 240-567-7453 or 240-567-7417.

Transcript Notation

Students who have completed a minimum of 15 credits of honors work, including course work in at least three different academic disciplines, and have maintained a 3.2 or higher grade point average, will receive an "Honors Program" notation on their Montgomery College academic transcripts.

The Honors Program experience awaits eligible students on each of Montgomery College's three campuses. For more information or to set up an appointment with the Honors coordinator on the campus of your choice, please click for a list of the Honors Program Coordinators.

updated 10/2014

Montgomery College is an academic institution that is committed to equal opportunity and fostering diversity among its student body, faculty and staff.  Inquiries regarding Montgomery College's non-discrimination compliance policies and procedures may be directed to the Director of Equity and Diversity, 900 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, MD 20850, 240-567-5276,

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