MA080 (Math Prep)

Mathematics Department


I.   General Course Information:            0 credits

Description:    For students who need review of the fundamentals of arithmetic, a thorough introduction to signed numbers, and a presentation of the basic concepts of algebra. Topics include proportion and percent, polynomials, factoring, linear equations and inequalities in one variable including systems, graphing, integer exponents and quadratic equations. Applications are included throughout the course. This self-paced course has no lecture and incorporates independent computer use: in order to advance through course topics, students must achieve required level of mastery. Students scoring below 46 on the Accuplacer Algebra Placement Test are expected to complete the course in two semesters; students scoring 46 or higher are expected to complete in one semester. A student may attempt this course up to four times. Assessment level: AELR 930/READ 099. Formerly MA 094. THREE EQUIVALENT CREDIT HOURS. NOT APPLICABLE TO A DEGREE OR CERTIFICATE. MAY NOT BE USED TO SATISFY DEGREE REQUIREMENTS. THIS GRADE IS NOT INCLUDED IN GPA CALCULATIONS.


II. Class Format:

This course incorporates independent computer use and requires a level of mastery in order to advance through the course topics. 


III.    Software, Textbook, and Other Supplies:    


Required:     MyLabsPlus access code which includes an electronic form of the textbook

        TWO SEPARATE NOTEBOOKS - ONE for homework and ONE for notes

        Headphone/ear phone – for video lectures

        Calculator Use:  Allowed ONLY after Test #4.

Optional:      Textbook:  Prealgebra and Introductory Algebra by Martin-Gay, 3rd edition


IV.    Grading Policy and Criteria:


Homework:        You are required to use the online software, MyLabsPlus to complete homework assignments at your own pace. Once you achieve 100% on each homework assignment, you will be allowed to progress to the next one, and so on, until you reach the test on that unit.  TWO personal notebooks are required… one notebook to show all work on homework assignments and a SEPARATE notebook to take notes from media assignments. It is expected that students watch all media in their entirety AND take notes just as if they are in an on-campus class. Not doing so is equivalent to skipping class.


Tests:              All online tests MUST be taken in one of the Montgomery College assessment centers. Hours/locations can be found at:

In order to move forward in the course, you must achieve 80% on each test through test 9.  Retakes will be allowed after the appropriate correction assignment is completed at a 100% level.  Scoring at least 70% on the Final Test is a requirement for completion of MA094.  Students may not receive help during testing and may only use calculators on Tests 5-10.  Sanctions given in response to violations will be governed by the Student Code of Conduct.

Course Grade:  

A student has completed Math 094 when the Final Test (Test 10) is completed with at least a score of 70%.  The MyLabsPlus (MLP) Overall Score, which can be found in the MLP grade book, is a weighted average computed as follows:

Test 1A – Test 5: 80% minimum score required to proceed.  These scores are not reflected in the MLP Overall Score.

Test 6 – Test 9: each test counts 12% of the MLP Overall Score

Test 10 (Final Test): counts 40% of the MLP Overall Score

A grade of A, B, or C is awarded when the MA094 Final Test (Test 10) is completed with at least a score of 70%, and the MLP Overall Score is:                

90% – 100%:  Grade of A        80% – 89.99%: Grade of B        70% – 79.99%: Grade of C


                        Students who have not completed Test 10 with at least a score of 70% will need to register for Math 094 again in a subsequent term.  If the student has passed at least 6 tests, their grade for this semester will be an H, indicating that the students has done at least a semester’s worth of work.  Students who do not qualify for an A, B, C, or H will be assigned a grade of U for the semester. Students are encouraged to complete their math requirements in consecutive semesters.


                        Students continuing in Math 094 within a year of their last attempt will begin at the section following the last test they successfully completed.  Students continuing after a year or more will be placed by their instructor.


V.              Logging in to MyLabsPlus:

1.  Go to the website:

2.  You will be asked to input a username and password.  Your username is the first part of your MC ID. 

Your password is the word: password.

          You will have a chance to select a more secure password later.

3.  MLP will take you to a screen where you should see your course listed in blue hyperlink.  You will see your instructor’s name, day of the week, and time.  Click on this hyperlink.

4.  You will be prompted with the License Agreement and Privacy Policy page.  Click “I Accept” once you have read the terms of use. 

5.  MLP will take you to a screen that will give you the option of selecting one of two options:

- Access Code

- Buy Now

If you have already purchased your MLP Access code, select the first option,‘Access Code’.  Tear off the thin strip inside your access code folder and enter that code now.

If you have a credit card and want to buy the access code online, select the option ‘Buy now’ and follow the instructions on the screen.

If you are not able to purchase an access code now, MLP will allow you to use a Temporary Access Code, which expires within a short period of time. It is important that you purchase a regular code soon, however, because MLP will not let you continue in the course after the expiration date.  You must enter the new code on that day, when the system prompts you to do so. 
The temporary code is found by selecting ‘Temporary Access’ in the blue left-hand margin of your screen.  Copy the code onto a sheet of paper, or by using your mouse, and then click on any item in the left margin to get back to the previous page.  Select the ‘Access Code’ option, and then enter your code.

6. Click the orange box that says NEXT.

7.  MLP will take you to a screen that has a yellow box that says: Return to course.
Click that box.

8.  You are now in your course. You must complete the orientation assignment.

9.  Lastly, it is important that you email your instructor to let him/her know that you have logged into MLP.  He/she will let you know whether you should continue working in MyLabsPlus at assignment 1.2 (Part 1) or at assignment 9.1 (Part 2).