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Biomedical Scholars student

Pre-Freshman Summer Bridge Program
The summer program will be held at the Rockville Campus of the College and will coincide with the College's second summer session, which begins on July 11 and ends on August 19. Prior to the first day of the program, there will be a "kick-off" orientation dinner for students, their parents, and participating College faculty and staff. Here is an example of a typical student Schedule

The key elements of the pre-freshman summer program are:

Bullet Establishment of a learning community of program participants and faculty members prior to starting fall semester
Bullet An intensive program of math readiness
Bullet Training in computer and web technology
Bullet Experience in verbal and written expression of scientific thought
Bullet Workshops featuring college survival skills and team building exercises
Bullet Guest speakers to pique and maintain interest in careers in science

A typical daily schedule will consist of:
Attendance in MA 100/102 or MA 180 class
Math/Chemistry review
Small group review and study session with tutoring available
12:00 - 1:15
1:15 - 3:45 Mon, Wed - Web training & Writing 


Tue, Thurs -Chemistry  

Instruction and projects involved in Web building, PowerPoint, and multimedia;writing assignments are integrated with projects (18 sessions). Guest speakers and team building activities (6 sessions)

Review class in basic chemistry as preparation for CH 101 in the fall. 

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