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About the Gaming Industry

Serious Games—Not just for entertainment!

The U.S. Army Uses Game Technology for Training and RecruitmentInternet game and simulation technology is increasingly being used for education, training, advocacy and advertising. Role-playing simulations and other specialized "games" are used to train students, educators, businesses, government officials, and soldiers.

For example, the federal government spends millions of dollars on game technology; the popular game America’s Army created for training and recruitment is just one of many military examples. Firefighters and police use game technology to practice dealing with high-intensity emergency response situations. Medical students train on interactive 3D simulations instead of live patients. Pilots fly in aircraft simulators before flying real planes. And the advertising industry now creates advergames that range from simple "click the monkey" web banner games to complex 3D web-based virtual experiences. (For example, WildTangent created an immersive driving game for Toyota to sell new Toyota Corollas).

MC students are getting on the job experience creating serious games. See the awards page to read more about our award winning educational games!

Oscar the Otter (and family) from the MC/NOAA game WaterLife:Character from WaterLife game

Data about the Gaming Industry

For facts and figures on the multi-billion dollar Entertainment Gaming Industry, please see the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) website.

For more information on the gaming and simulation industry in Maryland, see our "MD Game Companies" page.

What's New


- Mobile Game Programming: Create games on cellphones and other mobile devices. Contact Prof. Alla Webb.

- Math & ActionScript:
A learning community combining a general education math class with CA225. A fun way to learn math and gaming! Contact Prof. Alla Webb.

- Online sections of Flash & ActionScript:
Two popular classes, CA125 & CA225, now available online!

- Exergaming & Health Games:
Take CA190 and HE100 together and learn about health applications of gaming technology! Contact Prof. Deborah Solomon.
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