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CA190 students play Wild DivineGaming Degree & Certificate

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Computer Gaming & Simulation A.A. Degree

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The A.A. degree has three tracks:

  • game art and animation
  • game production and design
  • game programming

View the Computer Gaming & Simulation A.A. Degree
Read about transferring to get a Bachelor's degree.

Internet Gaming & Simulation Certificate

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View the Internet Gaming & Simulation Certificate. This certificate is focused on the development of web based games using Flash and Actionscript.

Below, students learn about exergaming:

CA190 students try exergames

CA190 students try exergames

What's New


- Mobile Game Programming: Create games on cellphones and other mobile devices with three new mobile programming classes! Contact Prof. Alla Webb.

- Exergaming & Health Games:
Take CMAP 190 and Health 100 together and learn about health applications of gaming technology! Contact Prof. Deborah Solomon.

- Unity 3D: learn Unity in CMAP 190 and CMAP 290! Download the software for free at Contact Prof. Deborah Solomon.

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