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Still in High School?
Want to Take Gaming Classes at MC?

Art, Computer & Gaming classes available at MC for qualified high school students:

Montgomery College allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to take college classes.

Do you qualify? See details of MC's early placement program or talk with an admissions counselor.

Art & Computer classes available at MC and the School of Art+Design for grades K-12:

MC offers youth programs for students in grades K-12:

Youth Programs in Art, Computing, etc. from the department of Workforce Development and Continuing Education (WDCE)

Youth Programs in Art & Design from The School of Art + Design in Silver Spring (contact Yvette Walters at 301.649.4454 x307 or

What's New


- Mobile Game Programming: Create games on cellphones and other mobile devices with three new mobile programming classes! Contact Prof. Alla Webb.

- Exergaming & Health Games:
Take CMAP 190 and Health 100 together and learn about health applications of gaming technology! Contact Prof. Deborah Solomon.

- Unity 3D: learn Unity in CMAP 190 and CMAP 290! Download the software for free at Contact Prof. Deborah Solomon.

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