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Transfer Information

Many Four-Year Schools Offer Gaming ProgramsAfter you complete the two-year A.A. degree in Computer Gaming and Simulation at Montgomery College, you probably will want to transfer to a four-year school to complete a four-year degree. See MC's transfer homepage

Remember to file your MC graduation forms so there is an official record that you graduated from MC.

Many schools offer gaming programs. See for a list of schools around the world. Some local universities are listed below. Make sure to research possible grants and scholarships and transfer scholarships!

Important! If you know where you want to transfer, contact that school to find out what the transfer requirements will be. They are different for each school!

Where to transfer?

  • The University of Baltimore (UB) offers a bachelors-level degree in gaming. UB offers gaming classes at the Universities at Shady Grove campus (USG is 5 minutes from MC!) as well as in Baltimore. Our transfer agreement and the new "Bee Line" program makes it easy for gaming students to transfer from MC to UB. UB and USG have generous transfer scholarships for qualified students, so be sure to ask about those! For example, many students have won a free ride to UB with the Wilson Scholarship. Students planning to transfer to UB should be sure to read the requirements before planning their class schedules. See the Bee Line program and the transfer agreement for specifics. Please contact Prof. Solomon with any questions.

    UB/USG contacts: Peter Scanlan,, 410.837.6814 and Justin Edgar,, 301.738.6352.
    UB scholarship and (Contact 1-877-APPLY-UB for more information.)

  • UMBC (Baltimore, MD) offers game programming and game animation degrees. Contact a transfer counselor for more details about UMBC's transfer program with MC.

  • George Mason University (Fairfax, VA) offers Computer Game Design.

  • The Art Institute (Arlington, VA) offers game art and animation degrees

  • DeVry (Arlington, VA) offers game programming degrees

  • UMD, Towson, UMUC and other local schools offer programs in Computer Science, Computer Graphics, gaming and other related disciplines.

What's New


- Mobile Game Programming: Create games on cellphones and other mobile devices with three new mobile programming classes! Contact Prof. Alla Webb.

- Exergaming & Health Games:
Take CMAP 190 and Health 100 together and learn about health applications of gaming technology! Contact Prof. Deborah Solomon.

- Unity 3D: learn Unity in CMAP 190 and CMAP 290! Download the software for free at Contact Prof. Deborah Solomon.

Contact Information