Blend Words

(Portmanteau Words)

    Blend words are words which are comprised of parts from two other words.  Portmanteau is French for suitcase.  Portmanteau words have two parts folded into one; much like the two parts of a suitcase fold into one unit.  The first list contains some easily recognized blend words which are common enough, and you've probably used them without knowing they are portmanteau.  The second list is less commonly used, but should be somewhat familiar and entertaining nonetheless.


List One

List Two



bash bang + smash bleep blankout + beep
because by + cause blotch blot + botch
bit binary + digit blurt blow + spurt
cellophane cellulose + diaphane brash bold + rash
dumbfound dumb + confound chortle chuckle + snort
electrocute electronic + execute chump chunk + lump
flare flame + glare clash clap + crash
fortnight fourteen + nights ditsy dizzy + dotty
goodbye God + be (with) + ye doddle dodder + toddle
hassle haggle + tussle emoticon emotion + icon
humongous huge + monstrous flop flap + drop
intercom internal + communication flurry flutter + hurry
modem modulator + demodulator galumph gallop + triumph
motel motor + hotel glitz glamour + ritz
Muppet marionette + puppet goon gorilla + baboon
napalm naphthene + palmitate pang pain + sting
o'clock of (the) + clock prissy prim + sissy
pixel picture + element scuzzy scummy + lousy
paratroops parachute + troops slosh slop + slush
skyjack sky + hijack snazzy snappy + jazzy
slang slovenly + language splurge splash + surge
smog smoke + fog squiggle squirm + wriggle
swipe wipe + sweep tangelo tangerine + pomelo
telethon telephone + marathon twiddle twist + fiddle
workaholic work + alcoholic waddle wade + toddle


Last update 11/23/02