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Course Objectives and Course Sequences

This page provides a complete list of ITI's Continuing Education computer courses. Course sequences are listed in order of difficulty, and linked to course objectives which are designed to help you determine which course is right for you. Courses are offered throughout Fall, Spring, and Summer, not all courses are offered each semester. For further information on schedules and costs visit our Course Schedule/ Costs Page.

Course Objectives by Topic
I Computer Basics VIII Web Application Languages
II Administrative Office Support / Microsoft Applications IX JavaScript Frameworks
III Business Applications X Programming and Software Development
IV Social Medial Networking XI Databases and Big Data
V Digital Graphics and Photography XII Computer Networks
VI Computer Aided Design (CAD) XIII HIT Health Information Technology
VII Web and Mobile Design    

I. Computer Basics

II. Administrative Office Support / Microsoft Applications

Effective Fall 2014 these courses will be Microsoft Office 2013. Many of these classes will help you prepare for the corresponding Microsoft Office Specialist exams. See individual course descriptions for details.

Microsoft Certified Application Training

These courses follow the curriculum for the Microsoft Office Specialist core-level for Word 2013 (exam 77-418) and the Microsoft Office Specialist Expert for Word 2013 (exams 77-425 & 426), Microsoft Office Specialist core-level for Excel 2013 (exam 77-420) and the Microsoft Office Specialist Expert for Excel 2013 (exams 77-427 & 428). And curriculum for the Microsoft Office Specialist core-level for Access 2013 (exam 77-424). Note, MC does NOT provide the exams. For more information about MOS Certifications visit:

III. Business Applications

IV. Social Media Networking

V. Digital Graphics and Digital Photography

VI. CAD, Computer Aided Design

VII. Web and Mobile Design

VIII. Web Application Languages

IX. JavaScript Frameworks

X. Programming and Software Development

Programming and Software Development: Foundation Skills

Programming and Software Development: Java Track

Programming and Software Development:    .NET Track

XI. Databases and BIG Data

Learn more about Oracle and Oracle Certification, and the special textbook procedures.

XII.Computer Networks

XIII. Health Information Technology Program (HIT)

Health Information Technology Certification Program For more information about the HIT Program contact Rochelle Ramkeesoon, 240-567-3830,

HIT Students who complete this program could be qualified to sit for the following Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist (CHTS exams from the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) :