Software Introductory Series, ITI#095

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Explore the Windows 7 desktop operating system and the new versatile 2010 versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Learn to change and customize Windows 7, resolve common computer problems, create and manage libraries and folders and select, move, copy and search for missing information using a rapid streamlined "key word" search feature. Learn how to compose, format, and edit impressive MS Word 2010 documents by using new picture tool formats, special are effects, SmartArt add-ons, and a special Word :screenshot" feature. Build Excel worksheets that analyze data using built-in functions and user-defined formulas and improved formatting styles and the data filter search options. Prepare and design dynamic PowerPoint slide presentations using new style features, and graphic effects including quick ways to manage presentation through "backstage" tools.

Textbook: Visit the Bookstores for textbook information. And bring to first class, along with a USB Flash Drive/memory stick (at least 512 MB).

Prerequisite: Computer Basics, Working with Windows 7 or File Management, Introduction to Keyboarding or equivalent experience.

Classroom Hours: 40

Course Content: