WHY do you want a class?
small arrowTo learn a topic in a short class with no grade
small arrowTo train employees in my company
small arrowTo take a course for personal interest or professional development
small arrowTo prepare for a new job or update skills for current job
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To see a schedule of non-credit Computer Classes by subject area. To see a listing of computer classes offered throughout the year, organized by subject area, and level of difficulty see our Course Objectives page.

To Learn a Topic in a Short Class with No Grade

If your main goal is to quickly learn an information technology skill in a new application, a new product, or programming language, and you are not interested in having a grade, your best choice is a continuing education class. These classes vary in length and begin every month throughout the year. They are focused on a particular topic and provide you with hands-on learning that you can use immediately. See more information about courses at About continuing education page.

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To Train Employees in My Company

If you need special training or customized training for your employees, the Information Technology Institute offers contract courses. We can teach at College facilities or come to your training room for the convenience of your employees. In addition to offering standard curricula, we can also customize a program for the special needs of your company. For more information, see About Business Training page.

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To Take a Course for Personal Interest or Professional Development

Length of time and format of course are key considerations for this educational goal. The Information Technology Institute offers many short courses in specific topics ranging from introductory classes to sophisticated courses for professionals. See Continuing Education Course Objectives page to see information about computer courses listed by subject areas and levels of difficulty. Explore a variety of non-credit classes, listed by department, at our Workforce Development & Continuing Education Courses by Subject Area page.
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To Prepare for a New Job or Update Skills for Current Job

Your academic decision for this goal depends on your current situation (are you currently employed or not), your timeline (short-term or long-term), and your educational background (do you already have a college degree or not). You may want to consider the following:

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Are you interested in Information Technology Courses?

Visit the ITI "At a Glance" Schedule page for more information. The "At a Glance" schedules will give you an idea of what courses, listed by topic, are currently available, and what will be offered in the coming months, even though the term may not yet be open for registration.

ITI "At a Glance Schedules


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