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Financial Aid Opportunities for
TechLEAP/WebLEAP Students

Scholarships, training payments, and student loan opportunities are available from a variety of sources for TechLEAP / WebLEAP students. In many instances you will need supporting documentation or support letters from the program or Workforce Development & Continuing Education. Please coordinate with TechLEAP if you apply for a scholarship or loan.

Career Path WD&CE scholarship program. Montgomery College's Division of Workforce Development & Continuing Education will provide scholarships up to $1000 per semester to cover tuition and fee costs for TechLEAP / WebLEAP courses for qualifying students admitted to the program. This is a one time only scholarship. You should apply for a scholarship at the time you take the TechLEAP Aptitude Test. Please see the application deadlines on the application form. TechLEAP is part of the WD&CE division, and is a qualifying career path program.

You need to meet and document the published financial eligibility reqiurements and have a signed Letter of Support from the TechLEAP program. The entire application, including supporting financial information, must be received either by mail or delivery to the Gaithersburg Business Training Center as required by the due date. The receipt due date listed on the WD&CE Career Path Scholarship page for the relevant semester.

To apply for the scholarship, you need to:

Please coordinate your WDCE scholarship application efforts with the TechLEAP Project Manager, Prof. Raymond J. Kimball. Or contact the TechLEAP Hotline 240-567-1866 for appointments or assistance.

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Montgomery Works training assistance. Montgomery Works may have limited training funds up to $2,500 for qualified "displaced workers," adult unemployed and under-employed county residents, and others. See for a complete list of adult programs. These funds, if provided, can be applied to approved TechLEAP courses for tuition, fees, and/or textbooks.

If you believe you may qualify for Montgomery Works training funds, you should call and visit the Montgomery Works One Stop Center. You will be assigned a counsellor to assist you through the qualification process. Then, the counsellor, TechLEAP, and you can coordinate the application of training funds provided to approved TechLEAP tuition, fees, and textbooks.

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Student loans. Some lending institutions provide student loans for non-credit courses. Visit the Montgomery College Financial Aid student loan web page for further information on student loans and the application process.

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Montgomery College Foundation scholarships. The Montgomery College Foundation (MC Foundation) may have limited scholarship funds available for qualified TechLEAP students. Foundation scholarships may be applied to cover tuition, fees, and/or textbook costs for the TechLEAP program.

MC Foundation scholarships should be considered after all other scholarship, training reimbursement, or loan options have been pursued. A substantial showing of need and the support l of the TechLEAP Project Manager is required for MC Foundation scholarship applications. Applications should be made consistent with the Foundation's annual deadlines, but can be made at other times as a need for financial support arises.

If you believe you would qualify for an MC Foundation loan, please consult with the TechLEAP Project Manager, Prof. Raymond Kimball, in advance. After you have discussed your situation with Prof. Kimball, the MC Foundation scholarship application procedures for TechLEAP students are set out below. These requirements or procedures are subject to change, and may be modified at any time.

Students should:

  1. Fill out the MC Foundation application. See, and click on the "Foundation Scholarships (PDF) link.
  2. Attach a WDCE Career Path Scholarship application form, Financial Qualification information, supporting financial documentation and Letter of Support with your MC Foundation application.
  3. Please note that a follow-up statement or letter about how the scholarship aid helped you achieve your educational and career goals is also required. See the MC Foundation application.

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