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Internship Program
Employer Information

Montgomery College’s IT and computer programs are ideally suited to provide qualified interns to meet your company's or agency's IT, programming, database and web design needs. We refer to you trained students interested in working 10-40 hours per week.

Graduate Internships - TechLEAP .

Network Administration Internships. For additional information on Networking Administration undergraduate internships, call Prof. C.K. Chiang at 240-567-3824 or email him at

TechLEAP/WebLEAP. TechLEAP/WebLEAP is a national award winning computer certificate retraining program for students with existing college degrees. Students complete a “total immersion” course sequence in modern programming languages or web applications programs. TechLEAP arranges full-time internships with area employers at or near the end of the student’s classroom training.

TechLEAP's retraining programs for college graduates covers in six months what many programs cover in 18 months. The ability to absorb college-level material at a rapid pace is an admission requirement. TechLEAP students generally have at least a Bachelor’s degree, and must take an aptitude test in the computer sciences prior to admission. Many recent students have had engineering, biology or mathematics degrees, some have Masters degrees, and a number have significant prior programming experience.

For additional information on TechLEAP internships, see TechLEAP Employer Information.

Computer Applications/Computer Science Internship Program (CA/CS 269). The CA/CS Department undergraduate internship program provides your company or agency with student interns in computer programming, database design, web design, and help desk/network installation/troubleshooting. Students must have at least 4 courses (12 credit hours) in departmental credit courses. Most students have more than 4 courses; some have existing college degrees, and many are retraining through MC’s credit division.

This CA/CS 269 program has a successful internship arrangement with the Library of Congress’ IT department. In the past three years the Library has hired at least seven (7) interns during or after their internships. This attests to the students’ high quality training and “on-the-job” performance.

CA/CS 269 is part of the CA and CS Department curriculum, which permits both U.S. citizens and those on U.S. foreign student visas to obtain on-the-job experience through an accredited college internship program.

Networking Department (NW 269). The Networking Department (NW) trains students in MS Operating Systems and network administration, Cisco, Novell, UNIX/LINUX, Security Systems, and Oracle. The program is designed to produce qualified network administrators, entry level and advanced help desk technicians, and network installation specialists. Students must have completed 12 NW credit hours. Many have completed their certification exams.

Attached is our Employer Information Questionnaire. We look for well-defined project(s) or tasks which are related to student skills and your business/agency needs. We regularly provide interns in computer programming, database design (Oracle and Access), web design and advanced web technologies, network administration, PC hardware and software installation, Help Desk, and administrative assistance.