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TechLEAP Graduating Class, June, 2006About TechLEAP/WebLEAP
IT Career Training Program

See Test and Application Dates for more information on the aptitude test and TechLEAP application procedures.

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TechLEAP/WebLEAP is an information technology (IT) training program with internship placements for students with existing college degrees. Montgomery College has offered TechLEAP since 2000, training both existing IT professionals and career changers in entry-level technology skills, and placing students in IT internships for practical experience. New classes start each September and January.

Students join TechLEAP to make career changes, enter the job market, learn today's relevant languages and technologies, improve IT skills, seek promotions in current or new jobs, and to enter U.S. IT job markets. TechLEAP's classes are held on weeknights and and Saturdays.

There are three tracks: Programming/Database, Web Technologies, and Desktop Support/Network Administration.

Programming Internships, Web Internships, Network Administration Internships

TechLEAP has over a 90% intern placement rate since 2000 for students desiring internships. Most internships are paid part-time or full-time opportunities. Many internships lead to full-time jobs, either directly with the same company or through the experience gained in designing programs, building web applications, or practicing network administration skills. See the Student Profiles page for details.

Internships usually begin in the second or third semester. A small number of students are placed in internships or find career opportunities after completing TechLEAP's first semester. TechLEAP begins circulating approved resumes in the first semester as students complete sequences and develop skills.

TechLEAP's Internship Seminar helps students build resumes and portfolios, practice interviewing skills, and address IT career issues relevant to the worldwide IT marketplace. The Internship Seminar is an important part of the TechLEAP program.

Internships & Career Opportunities: Programming Track. Students completing the Programming Track have obtained, among others, internships and jobs in:

  • .NET programming with MS SQL Server
  • Web technologies programming using PHP
  • Gaming and training simulation using Flash and Adobe Captivate
  • Oracle SQL database development and management
  • High-end web design and web application with graphics
  • Java programming, PHP programming

Students with History, Computer Science, Engineering, Music, and other degrees have been successful in this track. Placements include Montgomery County, Washington, D.C., Prince Georges County, Northern Virginia, Howard County, and Knoxville, Tennessee, among others. See Student Profiles and Sponsors pages.

Web Technologies Track: Web Technologies track students have been placed in internships and jobs in web design with Dreamweaver, XHTML and Flash / graphics, and a number of web development positions in Cold Fusion, PHP, and other web applications/programming languages.

Network Administration Track: Students in the Network Administration track have been placed in or found opportunities in network administration, help desk, desktop support, computer installation, and computer construction internships and jobs. See Student Profiles.

Networking Track internships and opportunities often require students to complete MCSA courses and certification exams.

Participating Companies and Agencies. The following is a partial list of TechLEAP intern sponsors and hiring companies, 2000-Fall 2007:

Many TechLEAP internships have the potential to lead to full-time IT employment in government and industry.

Typical TechLEAP students include:
  • IT and Network Professionals with 3-30 years' experience desiring to upgrade their skills, reenter the workforce, or earn promotions
  • Engineers and Computer Scientists seeking IT or Network training
  • Spouses Reentering the Workforce as children reach school or college age
  • Recent College Graduates seeking gaming, web, or programming opportunities
  • Career Changers with no IT experience who want to work in area IT markets
  • Graphics Designers seeking to expand and upgrade their web developer skills
  • Students with foreign degrees and experience desiring to train for and enter U.S. IT job markets

See the Student Profiles page for details.

Programming is TechLEAP's most popular track, both for students and TechLEAP employers.

Programming Track students have found internships/jobs in game programming, software development, database management and design, web development and applications, and networking administration, among others. See the Student Profiles page for examples.

First semester: Programming Fundamentals, Access database, C++, Visual Studio.NET, C#, ASP.NET, and Cold Fusion or PHP/MySQL.

Second Semester: .NET Shopping Cart Workshop. Develop a shopping cart software program/solution and an IT portfolio. Also take courses in: web technologies sequence, including Microsoft SQL Server, or Java/ Linux/ UNIX/ database/SQL sequence.

Third semester: Students complete web technologies requirements or take courses in Linux/UNIX, Oracle SQL database.

Tracks, courses and sequences, and the order in which you take classes may change.TechLEAP's courses and sequences change in response to changing market demands and educational needs.

Sequences for students starting in the Spring semester are slightly different than for Fall semester students. The Summer semester is a shorter semester (approximately six (6) weeks as opposed to 15 weeks in the Fall and Spring semesters, so some classes and sequences will be taken in slightly different order.

The Web Track's three-semester course sequences prepare students for internships and careers in web design and web applications developers.

Students with graphics skills, programming backgrounds, or students who are interested in web design and web applications technologies have enrolled in this track. The track introduces basic programming and web design skills, and gradually introduces scripting languages (JavaScript, Flash ActionScript, Cold Fusion, PHP/MySQL) and databases commonly used in web applications development. Students can also take electives in Linux/UNIX operating systems, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle SQL , often used in connection with web-based technologies.

Track Objectives: The objectives of the Network Administration are to develop students into Microsoft Certified Systems Administrators (MCSA certified), develop networking/router skills in Cicso CCNA technologies, and develop Desktop Support certificate skills to qualify students for entry-level help desk or computer support opportunities.

First Semester: Networking Track students start by taking Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician I and MCDST II courses for computer basics and to help qualify them for entry-level help desk support opportunities. Students then take the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MSCA) courses in the first semester. Students may take most of these courses on either a Monday-Wednesday-Friday evening schedule, or a Saturday schedule.

Second Semester: (Spring) MCSA courses, plus Microsoft Active Directory certificate course, Cisco CCNA Complete, and/or Linux/UNIX sequences.

Third Semester: Take MCSA Test Preparation courses, (Summer semester courses). Cisco CCNA and/or Linux/UNIX courses offered Fall and Spring semesters, occasionally in summer.

See the Networking Administration page for details and program descriptions.

Admission to TechLEAP/WebLEAP requires that applicants must:
  • Have an existing college degree
  • Take a nationally ranked aptitude test for aptitude in the computer sciences
  • Complete and file the TechLEAP Application form by the due dates (typed application preferred; filings by August 1 preferred, but late-filed applications in mid-August will be accepted.)
  • Submit official transcripts from colleges or universities attended, showing courses taken and degrees earned
  • Submit foreign transcript evaluations if applicable
  • If a non-U.S. citizen, have the proper visas or work status to work in paid internship positions in the United States

The specific dates, times and location of the Aptitude Test for the TechLEAP/ WebLEAP Program are listed on the Schedule.

Students with degrees from U.S. colleges and universities must submit official college transcripts in sealed envelopes as part of the application. These transcripts usually can be ordered for a small fee from your college or university registrar's page or by searching "transcript." Allow one to two weeks for transcript delivery. Deliver or mail to: TechLEAP, Montgomery College, 12 South Summit Ave., Gaithersburg, MD 20877: Attention:Prof. Raymond J. Kimball

Students with degrees from countries other than the United States must submit transcript evaluations consistent with Montgomery College policy.

See the TechLEAP Admissions page for further details.


See the Testing and Admission Schedule for test and admission dates.

Admissions Test for Fall Semester:  May through July.  Late test in August.
Admissions Tests for Spring Semester: November - December.  Late test in January.

A test for aptitude in the computer sciences is required for TechLEAP admission. The test also serves as a counseling tool to help students decide whether TechLEAP's rapid retraining program is right for them. The aptitude test has been very helpful in identifying strong candidates who will succeed in the TechLEAP program and reach their internship and career goals.

It is suggested that students refresh their understanding of intermediate algebra in preparation for the test. See the Admissions and Aptitude Test page for additional information.

A one-hour practice test is available so students can become familiar with the test and question formats. See the Test Schedule for practice test dates.