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Testing and Admission Forms

Aptitude Test Registration Form   (Word Format)    Application Form    (Word Format)

TechLEAP/WebLEAP starts two times per year:  once in the Fall Semester (late August/early September) and again in Montgomery College's Spring Semester (last week in January).  See the Montgomery College calendar page for semester dates.  See TechLEAP Calendar page for specific test and application due dates.

There are four basic requirements for admission to TechLEAP: 

  1. Have a college degree;
  2. Take an aptitude test for aptitude in the computer sciences; 
    1. Practice Test:  A Practice Test is given at the Information Session.
      1. Register for the Practice Test using the Registration Form.
    2. Math Review Course:  Prepare for the aptitude test with TechLEAP's new Math Review course.  The course starts May 12, 2014. 
      1. Everyday Math for Handling Finances and Math Prep, PRF 137, Course Registration Number (CRN) 44709. 
      2. The course starts May 12, 2014.
    3. Algebra Review Online or Self-Study:  Or, study algebra for 30 days prior to taking the aptitude test.
  3. Complete and submit a signed original of the Application Form;  
  4. Submit sealed college transcript(s) or evaluation(s) for degrees earned outside the United States.

You must apply and take the aptitude test prior to the start of the semester to be admitted to TechLEAP.  Test and application due dates are listed on the TechLEAP Calendar page.   

Use the links below for more information on the TechLEAP application process.

Degree  Practice Test  Algebra Review  Aptitude Test  Application  Transcripts  Degree Evaluations  Visa, Work Status

Here are the steps to apply for TechLEAP:

  1. College Degree.  Applicants must have an existing college degree to apply for TechLEAP. 
    • If you do not have a college degree, you are not eligible for TechLEAP's graduate-level workforce training/retraining program. Back to top

  2. Practice Aptitude Test. The Practice Test gives you questions in each of the seven subject areas of the main test, so you know the format and test structure. The Practice Test is recommended but not required. Taking the Practice Test helps reduce surprise and may suggest areas for additional study and preparation. See also Algebra Review below.

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  3. Algebra Review.  You can prepare for the Aptitude Test with TechLEAP/WDCE's new Math Review course.  The course starts May 12, 2014. 
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  4. Aptitude Test.  Take TechLEAP's nationally ranked aptitude test for aptitude in the computer sciences;
    The test covers verbal and math skills, mechanical reasoning, spacial concepts, speed and accuracy, and other subjects related to careers in the computer sciences. The test is administered by TechLEAP at the Gaithersburg Business Training Center on specified dates. See the Significant Dates page. Students must register for this test in advance by filling out the registration form and paying a $35.00 fee.
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  5. Application Form.  Complete and file the TechLEAP Application form by the due dates (typed application preferred); Back to top

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  6. College Transcripts.  Submit official college transcripts in sealed envelopes from colleges you have attended and colleges where you have earned degrees;
    • Mail or delivery sealed transcripts to: TechLEAP:  Attention Raymond J. Kimball, Gaithersburg Business Training Center, 12 South Summit Ave., Gaithersburg, MD 20877. 
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  7. Degree Evaluations for degrees earned outside the U.S.  Submit foreign transcript evaluations if applicable;  

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  9. Visa or Work Status.  If a non-U.S. citizen, have the proper visas or work status to work in paid internship positions in the United States.

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The test dates, times and locations are listed on the Admission Dates Schedule.