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TechLEAP/ WebLEAP Tuition and Fees

What are the costs involved in the program?

TechLEAP costs between $2500-$3500 a semester depending on your sequences.  Textbooks cost about $400 per semester.

You can pay in three monthly installments during the Fall and Spring semesters.

TechLEAP/ WebLEAP Estimated Tuition and Fees*
Based on Estimate of Partial Course load of one class per week, or
"Full Course load" of Two Classes per Week plus Saturday Lab
Program In-State Tuition & Fees* Out-of-State Tuition & Fees Total*
TechLEAP Programming Track    
First Semester
$2,500 - $3,5001    $ 3,575 - $5,0751   
Second Semester
$2,200 - $3,2002    $ 3,250 - $4,4002   
Third Semester (Summer Semester) $ 1,000     $1,650    
TechLEAP Internship Seminar Option (2nd semester) $  300     $ 460    
Estimated Tuition/Fee Total3 $6,000 - $8,000    $ 8,935 - $11,585  
Semester Monthly Payment Plan:
Fall Semester: August to November [4 months)
Spring: January to April [4 months]
$625 - $875
per month
$894 - $1,270
per month 
TechLEAP MCSA Networking Track    
Fall Semester (1st Semester) $2500.00   $3575.00  
Spring Semester $2717.00   $3792.00  
TechLEAP Internship Option $300.00   $460.00  
TechLEAP MCSA Networking Track Total $5517.00   $7827.00 

1 Tuition and fee costs will depend on track and courses selected.   4-Month Payment Plan available August - November.
2 Tuition and fee costs will depend on track and courses selected.   4-Month Payment Plan available January - April.

*Note: Textbooks not included in tuition and fees. Textbooks are available in College bookstore or through commercial vendors. Programming and Web Track textbooks average approximately $30.00 per course; Oracle, MCSA Network Administration textbooks are higher. Programming Track - approx. 12 textbooks; ; Web Track - Approx. 16 textbooks. You should estimate approximately $600 for textbooks, or about $75.00 per month for the two semesters.

The Fall semester includes required introductory courses and track courses. The Spring semester includes required courses, 45 hours of second semester electives from available and open Spring courses, plus the Internship option. Selection of the Oracle elective in the second semester requires the additional tuition payment described below.

Elective course availability in any semester may vary depending upon scheduling, enrollment and course offerings. See the course sequence page for details on the courses included in the tuition and fee charges.

Is financial aid available?

Financial Aid. TechLEAP is a noncredit program. Therefore, financial aid (through state and federal grants or loans) is not generally available for TechLEAP.

Tuition Installment Plan. Students can take advantage of Montgomery College's Tuition Installment Program. This program allows students to pay their tuition over time. The tuition is paid in several installments instead of all at once.

Student Loans. Students also may investigate bank loans (Crestar eMax education loan is affiliated with our college). There are also programs that provide loans specifically for information technology students. Finally, students should consider that the internships in the latter two months of the program will be paid and will offset a portion of their costs. Payment for internships is approximately $10/hr.

Are textbooks and materials included in the price?

Textbooks are not included in the table of prices listed above. Students also supply their own storage disks, notebooks, pens, pencils, and similar student supplies. Supplemental materials provided by the instructors are included in the prices above. Textbooks and student-supplied materials will be available at the College bookstore or from commercial sources.