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TechLEAP/WebLEAP is an Information Technology career training program with paid internship placement for college graduates.  Tracks include Mobile Web, Programming, and Network Administration.

TechLEAP Information Session-Frederick - (Note date change.)
Monday, May 19, 2014, 10:00 a.m., Frederick Workforce Services, 5340 Spectrum Drive, Suite A, Frederick, MD 21703. 

New Information Session Added - June 10, 2014

Register for Information Sessions and Aptitude Tests:

Prepare for Admissions:  You can now prepare for TechLEAP's Computer Aptitude Admission Test with the new Math Review courseEveryday Math for Handling Finances and Math Prep, PRF 137, Course Registration Number (CRN) 44709. Course starts May 12; 4 sessions over two (2) weeks.

See Summer 2014 Admissions schedule for Fall '14 TechLEAP.

Summer 2014 Course Schedule Now Available


Fall 2013 Course Schedule


IT Job Prospects Improve, 2012-13.  Wash. Post, 10/25/12

For Practice Test and Aptitude Test Details and Registration Form, see:  Admission Dates page, Admission requirements.

How Do I apply for and get admitted to TechLEAP?

See Admissions Summary Below. See also Admissions Dates Page for application and testing deadlines.

"I want you to know how successful I've become, thanks to TechLEAP. I am now Web Services Developer for" TechLEAP 10th Anniversary, October 2010.

TechLEAP trains graduate students with college degrees. Training sequences include:

Students may have bachelors and masters degrees in the sciences, engineering, or "liberal arts" disciplines.  See admissions requirements.

Students are placed in paid internships and employment opportunities during and after the second semester. Learn about our TechLEAP students.

Classes & Course Scheduling:

Courses.  Except for the optional Portfolio Building course Wednesday mornings, all TechLEAP courses are in the evening, usually 6:30 – 9:30 p.m., with Saturday classes generally scheduled 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. There may be options to take some TechLEAP courses during the daytime, subject to scheduling.

Contact TechLEAP Project Manager for Details, or, 240-567-3825 (emails preferred)  

You can also contact the TechLEAP Hotline at 240-567-1866, or, 240-567-1889.

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WebLEAP student

WebLEAP student in Web Journalism

TechLEAP Scholarship Fund Announced

TechLEAP Admissions Schedule

For TechLEAP information, please email Phone: 240-567-3825, or TechLEAP Hotline, 240-567-1866.

TechLEAP graduating class

Please bring your usb flash drive to class