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TechLEAP Student Scholarship Fund

 TechLEAP Student Scholarships For Second and Third Semester TechLEAP Students

   Application Deadline August 16, 2012, 5:00 p.m. for Fall 2012 TechLEAP Scholarships

Scholarship Application Process   
Use the WDCE Career Path Scholarship Application and Guidelines

Making Contributions-Supplementing the Fund

Professor Raymond J. Kimball, TechLEAP Project ManagerA TechLEAP Scholarship Fund now is available to help admitted TechLEAP students complete the full program.  See the TechLEAP Scholarship Application Guidelines below and the WDCE Career Path Scholarship Application and Guidelines.  The fund was initiated by a special TechLEAP 10th Anniversary grant, and has been supported by additional contributions from TechLEAP alumni and friends.

Scholarship Application Process. If eligible, returning TechLEAP students in their second semester or later semesters should apply using the WDCE Career Path Scholarship forms and application process.  

TechLEAP Scholarship - Additional Eligibility Requirements:  To be eligible for the TechLEAP Scholarship you must be:

TechLEAP Scholarship and WDCE Career Path Scholarships Are Separate Scholarships Using the Same Forms.  The TechLEAP Scholarship is different from the WDCE Career Path Scholarship, although you use the WDCE Career Path Scholarship form and checklist

Note that the TechLEAP Scholarship described on this web page is for returning TechLEAP students who have completed at least one semester of the TechLEAP program

Use WDCE Career Path Forms; Cover Letter re TechLEAP Scholarship. Please indicate in a cover letter to your application that you are a returning TechLEAP student who has completed at least one semester of the TechLEAP program, and that you are applying for the TechLEAP Scholarship Fund.  Please also include a list of TechLEAP courses you intend to take. 

Please also include the information below in your application, either on the form or in an attached separate page.

Separate Career Path Scholarship Application.  You can also apply separately for the one-time-only WDCE Career Path Scholarship if you have not received the Career Path Scholarship before, and you are otherwise eligible.

Discretionary Scholarship Awards.  TechLEAP Scholarship awards are made by a scholarship award committee based on eligibility and other criteria specified in the scholarship grant, as determined by the scholarship award committee. Awards may be greater or less than $1000, and may be up to $2000 for the Fall '11 term.  Awards and award amounts, if any, will be determined by the scholarship committee based on all available information and factors under the grants and application requirements, including but not limited to the number of applicants, available funds, the amounts specified in requests, and other grant factors.  Eligibility confers no rights to an award.  Scholarship awards, amounts, and award decisions reside solely in the discretion of the scholarship committee and Montgomery College.

TechLEAP Scholarship Fund - 10th Anniversary:  Prof. Raymond J. Kimball, TechLEAP Project Manager, announced a $10,000 gift to the Montgomery College Foundation at TechLEAP’s 10th Anniversary Reception on October 28, 2010. The TechLEAP Scholarship Fund will award scholarships up to $2,000 annually for the next five years starting in the Spring 2011 semester. 

Alumni Contributions.  Other TechLEAP alumni also have contributed generously to the TechLEAP Scholarship Fund.  A generous pledge in February, 2011 matches the original pledge, which should double the scholarship amounts available to second and third semester TechLEAP students in coming years.

Scholarships will assist qualified students with tuition and fees for TechLEAP courses and sequences after they complete the first semester of the program. 

"The Raymond J. Kimball TechLEAP Scholarship Fund is designed to supplement other financial aid opportunities for TechLEAP students, such as Montgomery Works training funds and the WDCE Career Path Scholarships, by helping committed students finish TechLEAP's later semesters," Prof. Kimball said at the 10th Anniversary Reception. 

"It's my goal ultimately to make this an endowed TechLEAP Fund, but for that I will need your help."

Contributing to the TechLEAP Scholarship Fund:  If you are interested in supplementing or contributing to the TechLEAP Scholarship Fund, please contact La Verne Gordon, Associate Development Director, Montgomery College Foundation, at 240-567-4023. 

Additional TechLEAP Scholarship Fund Information.  For information on applying for the TechLEAP Scholarship Fund, please contact Professor Raymond J. Kimball, TechLEAP Project Manager, at the contact information below.