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WebLEAP WebMaster Course Sequence

Front End and Server-Side Web Developers need to know HTML5, JavaScript, JavaScript frameworks, wikis/social media and web application programming languages such as ASP.NET MVC, PHP/MySQL, and Ruby on Rails.

Semester 1 -

Web Track - First Semester

Web Track, Second Semester (Subject to Scheduling)

Students may also take sequenes in programming, such as ASP.NETProgramming tracks or the Java Track.

Social Networking for Business Series

or, ASP.NET Programming Track

Second and third semester sequences depend on available course sequences and scheduling. See Continuing Education Course Objectives for a full list of courses. 

Customized WebLEAP.  "Customized" class options are available to TechLEAP/WebLEAP students who enroll in the full TechLEAP/WebLEAP program but may have taken one or more of the courses previously. For details on arranging an approved "Customized TechLEAP" program, see the Project Manager, Prof. Raymond J. Kimball.