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TechLEAP/WebLEAP Course Sequences

"Give me someone who knows networking, can program scripts in the background, and can do our web site."  Supervisor, Montgomery College 1-year internships in Network Administration and web.

TechLEAP offers introductory and more advanced skills-based sequences in programming, networking, database, and web technologies.  Students are encouraged to take courses in all three tracks, based on the current marketplace demand for skills and job competition.

TechLEAP has three tracks available:

TechLEAP and WebLEAP students take the same introductory courses for the first month. In the second month students split into two tracks -- TechLEAP Programming Track or WebLEAP Webmaster Track.


In the second semester students take additional required courses and select electives, subject to availability and course conflicts. Programming Track electives and Web Track electives may differ slightly.

Students choosing the optional Internship seminar generally begin their internships during or after the second semester, after completing the electives courses and after receiving an evaluation of "acceptable" in their courses.

See the various course sequence pages above for additional information.