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TechLEAP Internships and Jobs
Student Testimonials and Success Stories

TechLEAP Spring '12 Placement News

February, 2012 - TechLEAP Student hired for Quality Assurance (QA)
September 17, 2012 - TechLEAP Network Student Starts MC Internship

Year-long, Network Administration Internship. September, 2012. 
Michael, TechLEAP Spring '12, is in a year-long Network Administration internship for Montgomery College's InTech IT team, Gaithersburg, MD.  He took TechLEAP's Networking Track. His TechLEAP training was sponsored by Frederick County Workforce Services.

Software (QA) web software firm - February, 2012
A TechLEAP Network Track student was hired full-time by GeoEye Analytics in McLean, VA, doing web-based geolocation software Quality Assurance (QA) on software permitting satellite and earth views on Google Maps.  The firm was encouraged her to finish TechLEAP's Networking Track. Her TechLEAP training was sponsored by Frederick County Workforce Services.

TechLEAP Fall 2011 Class:  Placements:

November, 2012: Blue Atlas Interactive Hires TechLEAP Grad

Blue Atlas Interactive hired a Fall '11 TechLEAP graduate in a full-time web/programming job (ASP.NET and mobile web development) following a three month paid internship.  The job includes ASP.NET, Dot Net Nuke, a Content Management System (CMS) for ASP.NET, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, databases, and other web technologies.  The grad also teaches courses for TechLEAP and Montgomery College's Continuing Education web technologies program.

Class of Spring, 2007
Gaming Internship, Wash. Hospital CenterWeb Internship-Gazette
Gaming Internship - October, 2007

In October, 2007, TechLEAP placed a University of Maryland, College Park, engineering graduate in a medical gaming paid internship. The student will assist the Simulation and Training Environment Lab (SiTEL) at MedStar's Washington Hospital Center in developing medical simulation training programs.

TechLEAP programming and web sequences qualified this student for a game programming internship in HTML, Flash, and PHP/MySQL.

Web Internship at Gazette, Gaithersburg, MD

A TechLEAP Spring 2007 programming track student qualified for a web technologies internship with the Gazette Newspaper company, Gaithersburg, MD, during his third semester of TechLEAP.  This student has BA degree and an MBA from Peru, but no prior programming experience.   He qualified for this internship by taking the Programming Track, Spring and Summer 2007 semesters, and the Web Technologies/MS SQL Server track in the Fall, 2007.

TechLEAP Graduates June 2007

TechLEAP's Fall 2006 class graduating in June, 2007 obtained, among other opportunities, internships/jobs in:

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TechLEAP Graduates June 2006
TechLEAP Internship became Full-Time Job

This student needed a skills upgrade from mainframe programming (Paradox, DBase III, Visual Basic 6.0). He joined TechLEAP's Programming Track in Fall 2005. In Spring 2006 TechLEAP arranged a web/database internship at a 100-employee clinical study company in Silver Spring. The student was hired as a full-time web applications developer/programmer upon graduating from TechLEAP in June, 2006.

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Web Developer at Hughes Network Systems.

Programmer with U.S. Masters degree in Information Technology. Took WebLEAP program, web application, Oracle SQL and .NET programming in second semester. TechLEAP program hired this student at the end of her second semester as part-time Lab instructor in programming/web courses. TechLEAP also and arranged a web/database internship at Montgomery College, and a web portal design part-time opportunity with a local Rockville network administration business. Upon completion of summer internships, this student was hired full-time as a Web Developer by Hughes Network Systems' IT Dept.

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New Part-Time Job Leads to Full-Time Network Job by taking TechLEAP

With an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Maryland, Amsatou needed to upgrade her skills and find an IT opportunity using her engineering and programming skills. Within the second month of the program, Amsatou found a full-time temporary Access database opportunity on a 6-month government contract with a Fortune-500 consulting company in Virginia. In the second semester of TechLEAP she found a full-time permanent networking/programming opportunity with same company as a result of taking TechLEAP.

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Skills Upgrade Leads to Promotion in Current Job

A full-time Cobol programmer when she enrolled in WebLEAP's Webmaster program, this TechLEAP Programming Track student needed to upgrade her web programming skills as her federal contract company migrated their databases to the web. The student was promoted to a new position as web/database programmer using .NET and Oracle SQL. in her company as a result of taking WebLEAP. The company later hired a WebLEAP graduate as a web developer.

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.NET Programming, MS SQL Position

This student with eighteen years prior database experience learned of TechLEAP through Montgomery College's Career Transitions seminar in January, 2005. She wanted to re-enter the IT field and upgrade her programming/database skills. She took web courses in the Spring 2006 and joined TechLEAP's Programming Track in the Fall, 2005. TechLEAP arranged two database internships -- one in the first semester with a Bethesda digital video company, and the second in the Summer of 2006 with Montgomery College's Workforce Development & Continuing Education division. TechLEAP also arranged for this student to become a Montgomery College Instructional Assistant and Lab Instructor in HTML, Dreamweaver, Flash, PHP, and other courses. A leader in arranging TechLEAP Programming Track study groups, this studentl was TechLEAP's graduation speaker in June, 2006.

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Comments from TechLEAP Students

photo J Tripodi

"The Tech LEAP curriculum is an excellent, well-coordinated program of amazing breadth and considerable depth, given the time-frame in which the classes are given. The intern program is a godsend. It's like jumping into a pool from a high diving board while everyone else in the race has to climb into the pool from the side. You just sail right over their heads!"

 "I'm happy. I have a whole new career as a Systems Analyst for Metrix."

-- John, Metrix Technologies and Tech LEAP Graduate

"Tech LEAP has provided me with a solid foundation from which I can grow. It's empowered me in so many ways, both financially and personally. It has given me that first step into information technology.

I could have gone to almost any school for computer classes, but I chose the Tech LEAP program because it is so comprehensive."

-- Jennifer, Lockheed Martin and Tech LEAP Graduate

"Tech LEAP made job searching easier because of the variety of courses. I took the programming track and had all this experience on my resume. I got 3 job offers, and started with Lockheed Martin 10 months ago. I work in the Air Traffic Management division as an Applications Software Engineer. I develop, maintain, and test codes. I just got a promotion 2 weeks ago.

" Hard work pays off. I tell others to put 100% into each course and don't be afraid to ask questions."

--Maureen, Lockheed Martin and Tech LEAP Graduate

NIH and TechLEAP

TechLEAP has placed three interns at NIH -- two in the programming department of the National institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) and one in a C++ job with a contractor NIH.

Marc is a TechLEAP/WebLEAP graduate. Here's what his new employers at NIH/NIMH have to say---

"Marc joined us as a temporary intern within the MC Tech Leap program, and 6 months later when he successfully completed the intern program we hired him as a permanent employee.

We'd soon learned that in addition to being a quick study for our programming environment, he had aptitude for a broad range of activities, including working with IT management to devise internal tracking and reporting tools, helping with crafting various IT planning documents, dealing with setting up computers for distribution under different scenarios, working with end users to define requirements and then deliver well received system solutions to them, sometimes under very short deadlines, and even playing a major role in setting up the new NIMH Video Conferencing center. No project was too big or small for him.

One of the satisfied users nominated Marc as the NIMH December Employee of the Month for his enthusiastic and responsive work on a highly visible system NIMH placed on its internet for use by researchers around the world."
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