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Montgomery College Tuition Installment Plan

Montgomery College Tuition Installment Payment Plan (TIPs) for TechLEAP/WebLEAP students

Montgomery College has a semester-based Tuition Installment Plan (TIPs) available in the Fall and Spring semesters.

If you have been admitted to TechLEAP and have registered for classes totaling $800 or more, you can set up an installment payment plan online after registering for your semester courses.

Please register for all semester courses as soon as possible to guarantee a seat in the courses.

Under the TIPs plan, you can pay your semester's tuition for registered courses in three installments:

Steps to Establish Tuition Installment Plan (TIPs)

You must register for your TechLEAP courses first before you enroll in a tuition installment plan.  See "How To Register for Courses" below.

For Course Registration Numbers (CRNs), see the information provided in your TechLEAP Admissions letter attachments, or online at

Tuition Installment Plan

Here are the steps to enroll in the Tuition Installment Plan:

  1. Log in to MyMC
  2. Click on the Blue "Register and Pay" tab;
  3. In the Top Center Box, click on "MC Bill Pay;"
  4. On the Dark Grey Horizontal NavBar at the top, click on "Payment Plans."
  5. Follow the directions and set up a semester tuition installment plan.
How to Register for Courses:
  1. Preferred:  Register in person at the Gaithersburg Business Training Center Customer Service Desk
    1. Tell Customer Service You are going to sign up for a Tuition Installment Plan, are a TechLEAP student, and ask Customer Service to put a 48-hour "hold" on your account.
    2. Sign up for the Tuition Installment Plan within 48 hours.  (see instructions below.)
    3. Please note the new policies for "New Students" and "Returning Students"
  2. Second Method:  Register For Courses Online:  To register online, see Information Technology Institute Registration Page;
    1. You must sign up for a TIPS plan within 24 hours of using online registration!
    2. If you do not pay directly or set up an installment plan within 24 hours, you will be dropped from the course and will have to re-register!  (Sorry, TechLEAP doesn't make these rules....)
    3. Please note the new policies for "New Students" and "Returning Students"
  3. You must register in person for Building Mobile Portfolios, CMP987, a course only open to TechLEAP students.
  4. For more information, see the WDCE "How to Register" page.
  5. If you have questions, Call Gaithersburg Customer Service at 240-567-1863.


If you have any questions, please contact TechLEAP directly. Emails preferred.