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WebLEAP - Web Developer Certification

WebLEAP is the Information Technology Institute's
  Webmaster Certification Program.

WebLEAP is a Web Design, Web Developer, computer training career program for graphic artists, designers, online journalists, bloggers, programmers, gaming, database specialists through the TechLEAP Web Certificate program at Montgomery College, Maryland. 

Qualified students are placed in internships and receive placement assistance during their WebLEAP computer training program.  Most internship placements occur during and after the second semester of the three-semester training program.

WebLEAP offers courses and job/career/workforce sequences in HTML, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Programming with Alice, PHP/MySQL, Cold Fusion, Blogging, Social Networking for business, (Facebook, LinkedIn) Access database, and many other courses. See the WebLEAP course sequences. a coordinated series of web technology courses and provides an internship option to qualified students to assist them in obtaining experience in the field.

The Web Developer Certification Program is run in parallel with the TechLEAP Programmer Certification Track.

WebLEAP offers web technology and web applications courses from basic HTML to computer graphics design, multimedia editing, Linux Server Administration, and Web Applications. See the Course for a listing of required courses and electives.

The program is designed to prepare students for entry level or advanced training in the Washington, D.C area's modern web technology industry. Students who enroll in the certificate complete all required courses and electives, successfully complete their courses and portfolio. Qualified students may also qualfiy for an internship option for placement in business or government web design internships.

Prof. Raymond J. Kimball serves as project manager for TechLEAP and WebLEAP. In addition to teaching computer programming and web design courses, Prof. Kimball has managed internship programs for the Computer Applications and Computer Science Departments and TechLEAP for a number of years.

Students can also select one or more courses to enhance their web skills in a particular area.