Montgomery College's online library catalog is called MC Library Catalog.  Use MC Library Catalog to find books, magazines and journals, videocassettes, audiocassettes, CD's, maps or musical scores that are in the Library.




·  From any workstations in the library, click on the Montgomery College Libraries icon.

·  If you are off-campus, type the URL: to go to the Library Web page.

·  Click on to go the search screen.

·  Select a search type by clicking on one of the options in the box.



·  Type your search in the box and click the button located in the brown bar at bottom of search





MC Library Catalog has eight search methods:


Keyword Anywhere (+keyword +keyword) - Keyword searching resulting in a list ranked by most relevant hits.

Keyword Boolean (AND, OR, phrases in quotes) - Keyword searching using Boolean Operators that can further limit your

     search to only keywords used in the search.

Title Begins With - Use this when you know exact words of title to locate it in the library.

Title Contains - Use this when you know some of the words of the title to locate it in the library.

Subject Keyword - Use this to search to specific subjects using the Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Subject Contains - Use to search keywords anywhere in the Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Author (last name, first name) - Use this to search items by a specific author.

Call Number Begins With - Use this search to locate items by Library of Congress classification numbers.


Limiting Search:


To further limit your results, click on the button on the bottom right corner.  Do this before you type in a search.

Highlight the options by clicking on them.  When you have completed selecting your limits, click on the button

located at bottom of page.


Viewing Results:


Your search will produce a listing of titles, authors, or subject headings.  Click the brown links to retrieve the full record.  Location,

status, and call numbers are either below the individual titles or in the full record of the item.  Use this information to locate the

items in the library.


Printing and E-Mail:


To print out a record:

·  Click on one of the titles from the search to see the full record.

·  Scroll to the bottom of the record.

·  Click button to reformat the record.

·  Click on from your browser to print out the record.

·  After you have printed out the reformatted record, click the Back button in your browser to return to the record.

·  Click box located at the top of the record to return to the list of items or click the

    button located at the top to start a new search.


To e-mail a record:

·  Click on one of the titles from the search to see the full record.

·  At the bottom of the record, enter your e-mail address in box and click .


Need more help?  Call or ask at the Reference Desk!

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