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Abilene Town

1946 – 1:30:38 - Western – Randolph Scott, Rhonda Fleming – A thousand mile cattle drive and its effect on the men involved serve as background for this lavish production. 2861

Ace Drummond
1934 – Serial – Lon Chaney Jr. – Based on the comic strip about a master pilot as he travels to Mongolia to investigate air catastrophes.

Abraham Lincoln – 1930 1:32:37 - Drama. Walter Huston. D.W. Griffith's telling of the Lincoln legend. 25

Adorable Julia
1964 – 1:35:36 – Comedy - Lilli Palmer, Charles Boyer - After a brief affair with a younger man, a middle-aged actress realizes that her husband is the only man she truly loves. 1593

Adventures of Rex & Rinty
1934 – Serial – Smiley Burnette – Exciting serial about a horse who befriends Rin Tin Tin.

Adventures of Smilin’ Jack
1942 – Serial – Sidney Toler – Daredevil pilot Smilin’ Jack Martin discovers rumors of a hidden mountain path connecting China and India, a secret that could change the course of World War II.

Africa Screams
1949 – 1:25:12 – Comedy - Bud Abbot, Lou Costello - This is one of Abbott & Costello's funniest films. The bumbling duo is hired as guides by gangsters in search of a secret treasure. They embark on a journey that leads them on a wild safari of outlandish fun. Bud and Lou keep you laughing as the encounter growling lions, Kong-sized apes and angry cannibals. 2829

Against the Wind
1948 – 1:36:30 – Drama - Robert Beatty – English saboteurs, in wartime Europe, parachute into occupied France to aid the resistance. 1956

1938 – 1:39:39 – Drama – Charles Boyer, Hedy Lamarr, Peter Lorre – Pepe Le Moko works his wiles on a rich woman. 1968

Always in Trouble
1938 – Comedy - A comic tale of a family that strikes it rich in oil and finding that climbing the social ladder has many bumps in the road. Jane Withers, Jean Rogers and Arthur Treacher. 860

Angel and the Bad Man
1947 – 1:39:31 – Western – John Wayne, Gail Russell – gunslinger Wayne is tamed by pure-hearted Russell. 26

Angel on My Shoulder
1946 – 1:41:14 – Paul Muni, Claude Raines, Anne Baxter. Comedy - Fantasy wherein the devil permits a lost soul to return to earth - on an unusual bet. 24

Anna Karenina
1948 – 1:51:20 - Drama – Vivien Leigh, Ralph Richardson - Classic tale of star-crossed lovers when a married woman engages in an affair with an army officer that ultimately costs her everything. Based on a story by Tolstoy. 1571

Apache Rose
1957 – :57:08 – Western - Roy Rogers – A gambling boat owner plots to gain control of oil found on Vegas Ranch. 1984

Ape, The
1940 - :62:00 – Horror - Boris Karloff, Maris Wrixon, Gertrude Hoffman A mad doctor disguises himself as an ape and kills humans to get blood for a serum he is making. 5814.

As You Like It
1936 – 1:37:29 – Drama - Laurence Olivier, Elisabeth Bergner - Sir Laurence Olivier in his first Shakespearian role. Elisabeth Bergner stars as Rosalind, the daughter of an exiled Duke, who falls in love with Orlando (Olivier), the son of one of her father's courtiers. When Orlando continues to ignore her, Rosalind decides the best way to be at his side is by disguising herself as a boy. How Rosalind works out her predicament is part of the fun in this early sound film adaptation of Shakespeare's classic play. 2996

At War With the Army

1950 - 1:33:25 – Comedy – Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis 2565

Battleship Potemkin
1925 – 1:02:32 - Drama - Dramatization of the 1905 Odessa uprising by the enlisted men against the officer class on the Battleship Potemkin and the subsequent retaliation of the Czarist army against the citizens of the city. 3772

Beat the Devil
1954 – 1:30:07 - Drama. Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones, Peter Lorre. An explosion wrecks an African-bound tramp steamer. 2862

Beneath the 12 Mile Reef
1953 – 1:41:40 - Drama - Robert Wagner - An underwater "Romeo and Juliet" involving two families--one Greek, the other WASP--who rival for the underwater territory that sustains their separate sponge gathering businesses. 1553

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Best of the Three Stooges
1947 – 1:15:43 – Comedy 2828

Big Lift, The
1950 - 2:00:16 – Drama - Montgomery Clift, Paul Douglas – Story of a major airlift during World War II. 1584

Big Show, The
1937 - :55:54 – Western - All Star Cast, Gene Autry – Songs, action and horses. 1985

Big Trees, The
1952 - 1:29:51 – Western - Kirk Douglas - A ruthless land speculator schemes to shift a group of religious settlers off their land. 2863

Bird of Paradise
1932 – 80:00 – Romance – Joel McCrea, Dolores Del Rio – Exotic South Seas romance with McCrea as an adventurer who meets and falls in love with native-girl Del Rio.

Black Military Experience
Documentaries. Made by the US government during World War II about the use of Negro soldiers in the armed forces.

Black Tights
1960 – 2:05:11 – Musical - Cyd Charisse - Vintage French musical presents four ballets from Roland Petit's Les Ballets de Champs Elysees (La Croqueuse de Diamants, Cyrano de Bergerac, Deuil en 24 Heures, and Carmen), featuring members from the Ballet du Paris. 1954

Blood on the Sun
1945 – 1:34:09 – Drama - James Cagney – Spy drama set in Japan in 1929. 1560

Blue Angel
1930 – 1:33:26 – Drama – Marlene Dietrich; Emil Jannings - Dark, pathos-filled melodrama about professor obsessed with a cabaret singer. Hailed by critics as an early masterpiece. Drama/romance lovers agree it's one of the great, old-time tearjerkers. 1997

British Intelligence
1:03:06 – Mystery – Borris Karloff - A woman spies for two countries. 2994

Burn “Em Up Barnes
1934 – Serial – Jack Mulhall – Daring racecar driving meets a failing business owner and becomes her partner.

Captain Scarlet

1953 – 1:19:07 – Sci-Fi - Filmed in "supermarionation." An expeditionary team sent from Earth to Mars makes the grave mistake of firing on the military complex of the powerful "Mysterons.".. 1555

Carnival Story
1954 - 1:35:00 – Anne Baxter. Romantic complications ensure during a carnival in Germany.

Carnival of Souls

1962 – Horror - Candace Hilligoss. Church organist is the soul survivor of a drag race crash that begins her sojourn into the world of dead souls. 5555

1963 – 1:54:01 – Comedy/Romance – Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn – A young woman returns home from vacation to find her elegant apartment stripped and her husband murdered. 1585

Charlie Chaplin
1916 - v. 2 & 3 – 2:05:41 – Comedy 1530

Charlie Chaplin
1916 - v. 1 & 4 – 2:05:29 - Comedy 1541

Corpse Vanishes, The
Horror - Bela Lugosi - Bela Lugosi is the evil Dr. Lorenz, a man who has invented a poisoned flower corsage to use on unsuspecting young brides to put them in zombie-like state, abduct them, steal their blood and inject it into his aging wife to keep her young forever. Dr. Lorenz' actions are headed off at the pass by Pat Hunter, an intelligent and beautiful reporter who knows what the sinister man is up to. Will she be his next victim? 5740

Cyrano De Bergerac
1950 - 1:52:53– Drama – Jose Ferrer, Mala Powers – Jose Ferrer captured the Oscar for best actor in 1950 for his performance as Cyrano. 6


Dangerous Passage

1944 – 1:01:00 – Drama – Robert Lowery – A chance to claim an inheritance rouses a man from his easy existence in Central America to return to Texas.

Daniel Boone
1936 – 1:17:19 – Adventure – George O’Brien, John Carradine – Daniel Boone paved the way for the settling of America, fighting frontier Indians. 1717

Delightfully Dangerous
1945 – Comedy - Jane Powell - A burlesque queen marries a Broadway producer and gets a chance at the big-time. 908

Dementia 13
1963 – 1:17:45 - Horror – Directed by Francis Ford Coppola – slick horror tale, made during Coppola’s formative years. 2561

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1946 – 1:08:51 – Film Noir - Tom Neal, Ann Savage - Cult classic film noir about Hitchhiker blackmailed by ultra-vicious femme fatale. Lauded for it’s innovative, low-budget production, this gem is pure pleasure for noir fans, admirers of murky morality plays. 3728

Devil Horse
1934 – Serial – Harry Carey – Exciting western serial with Harry Carey trying to befriend a wild boy who can help him find the man who murdered his brother.

1949 – 1:24:41 - Suspense – Edmond O’Brien - This famous film-noir murder mystery features an inventive twist: the victim as "detective," desperately trying to solve his own murder. An accountant on vacation in San Francisco gets a dose of lethal, slow-acting poison. He then begins a desperate search for the individual responsible for his impending demise. 2572

Dog’s Life, A
1917 - :34:00 – Charlie Chaplin. A mongrel dog and Edna Purviance come into the Little Tramp’s life.

Dr. Kildare’s Strange Case

1940 – 1:17:00 – Drama – Lew Ayres – Dr. Kildare tries to help a brain surgeon who is depressed over losing too many patients.

Eleanor Roosevelt Story, The
1965 – Biography – Narrated by Archibald MacLeish, Eric Sevareid & Francis Cole – Oscar-winning documentary account of the first lady. 2846

Emperor Jones
1933 – Drama - Paul Robeson - Stylized drama follows a clever Pullman porter's strange rise and fall, including a stint as emperor of Haiti. Robeson's powerful presence adds interest for classics fans. 1723

Eternally Yours
1939 – Comedy - Loretta Young & David Niven - Young plays the wife of Niven the Magician and she thinks his career is ruining their marriage. 2866

Fabulous Dorseys, The
1947 - 1:28:21 - Musical. Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Janet Blair. The famous brothers portray themselves in this musical "biography". 2577

Father's Little Dividend

1951 – 1:22:11 - Comedy - Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Bennett - This sequel to the hugely popular

Father of the Bride
Reunited the entire cast for another charming turn. Although Stanley Bank's (Spencer Tracy) is hoping for some peace and quiet now that his daughter, Kitten's (Elizabeth Taylor) been married off, he soon learns he's in for more chaos as an expectant grandfather. 3714

Fighting Caravan
1931 – 1:21:41 - Western – Gary Cooper leads a wagon train. 3725

Fighting Westerner, The

1:06:23 – Western – Randolph Scott –Lawman Larry Sutton (Scott) is assigned to solve a series of murders occurring at a radium mine. 3746

First Spaceship on Venus
1:19:13 - SciFi – Yoko Tani - Eight curious scientists in the far-future year 1985 try to find the source and meaning of a message disc from the planet Venus. Based on "The Astronauts" by the great Stanislaw Lem (SOLARIS), this SF curio also boasts a multinational cast, as well as beautiful photography and production design. 2803

Five Minutes to Live
1961 – 1:20:00 – Johnny Cash. Murderer teams up with another con to hold a bank +president’s wife hostage.

Flaming Frontiers

1938 – Serial – Johnny Mack Brown – Johnny plays a famous Indian scout who comes to the aid of a family whose valuable gold mine is threatened.

Flying Deuces

1939 – 1:09:17 – Comedy - Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Jean Parker. Comedy. Stan and Ollie join the Foreign Legion in this fast moving classic. 3722

Gallant Bess
1948 – 1:12:19 – Melodrama - Cameron Mitchell - A rodeo star's wanderlust is cooled when he falls in love with a beautiful spectator, but he despairs of giving up the freedom and fame of life on the road with his best friend and partner, Bess the Horse. A tender melodrama that effectively blends the Western hero's conflict between domesticity and the call of the range into the standard "animal hero" storyline. 2827

Ghosts of Hollywood
Documentary - About the decaying and forgotten studios of the silent film era.

Ghosts on the Loose

1943 – 1:06:43 – Horror - Bela Lugosi, Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall – The Kids in a hilarious mystery-comedy wherein they spend a long night in a haunted house. 2993

Giant Gila Monster
1959 - 1:15:00 – Horror - Really big lizard menaces Texas town. 5716

God's Little Acre
1958 – 1:51:02 – Drama – Robert Ryan, Aldo Ray - A Georgia farmer believes there is a buried treasure somewhere on his farm. 1959

Godzilla vs. Megalon
1:20 – SciFi – 5705

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Gold Rush, The
1925 - 1:22:03 – Comedy – Number 74 of American’s Greatest Movies. Charlie Chaplin – Chaplin’s classic tale of man’s greed and quest for gold. 3715

Gorilla, The
1939 1:05:52 – Comedy - Ritz Brothers, Bela Lugosi. A slapstick reworking of the thriller “The Old Dark House”. 3761

Great Dan Patch, The
1949 – 1:34:00 – Drama - Dennis O’Keefe - Delightful true story of the legendary pace-racing horse Dan Patch, who was unbeaten in 11 years of track racing.

Gulliver’s Travels
1939 – 1:23:54 – Adventure - In 1939, Dave and Max Fleischer— who created the classic jazzy Betty Boop and Popeye cartoons--turned their animation skills to a feature film adaptation of Swift's classic novel... 2566

Gung Ho

1943 – 1:27:58 – Western - Randolph Scott, Robert Mitchum – The training and development of the famous WWII fighting machine, Carlson’s Raiders. 3709

1954 – 1:36:35 – Drama - As soon as the orphaned Heidi befriends her crotchety grandfather in his mountain cabin, she is taken away from him and whisked off to the city. There, Heidi is placed into the care of a wealthy, but uncaring family that wishes her to be a companion to the invalid Klara. Soon, the two girls form a tender friendship strong enough to melt even the iciest heart. 1588

Hercules Unchained
1:36 – Action – Steve Reeves – Hercules fights in many battles. 5829

High Command
1937 – 1:23:59 – Action – James Mason - A British General in West Africa panics as his sinister past begins to catch up to him. Based on the novel "The General Goes Too Far," by Lewis Robinson... 2575

His Girl Friday
1940 – 1:32:25 – Comedy - Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, Ralph Bellamy. Comedy. Produced and directed by Howard Hawks and filled with Ben Hecht's rapid-fire dialogue which aims at the world of newspaper reporting. Based on "The Front Page." 3766

Horror Express

1973 – 1:27:46 – Horror – Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Telly Savalas – A monster who has been frozen for years is being transported on a train. but the passengers are in for a big surprise when the creature suddenly comes to life, and creates deadly chaos for everyone on board! 2868

House on Haunted Hill, The
1958 - 1:15:19 – Horror – Vincent Price, Elisha Cook, Jr. Directed by William Castle - Unspeakable things happened at the Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally Insane- experiments that brought human torture to new depths of depravity... secrets that died with their victims and the practitioners of the demonic acts that masqueraded as medicine. Now there are no living witnesses. Nothing survived Dr. Vannacutt's excesses; nothing endures except the building in which they occurred. But that building holds all the secrets of its terrible past. Decades after the Vannacutt Institute was shuttered, five strangers are invited to spend a night there. Their reward is a million dollars each. All they have to do is stay alive. It's going to be a long night. 1547

Hunchback of Notre Dame
1923 – 1:37:50 – Drama – The original with Lon Chaney, Patsy Ruth Miller and Norman Kerry - One of the first adaptations of Victor Hugo's novel about hunchback Quasimodo's love for Esmeralda. Silent films buffs find much to enjoy in sheer spectacle of production and Chaney's poignant, star-making performance. 1557

Hurricane Express
1932 – Serial - John Wayne – Air pilot John Wayne chases the masked villain.

Immortal Battalion
1944 – 1:28:35 – Drama - David Niven, Stanley Halloway – Meticulous research adds a sense of gritty realism to this vivid, stirring account of a WWII British combat unit undergoing basic training. Featuring a sharp, unsentimental script by Eric Ambler and Peter Ustinov and an excellent cast, including Ustinov, Trevor Howard, and James Donald, the film invests an archetypal story with the kind of realistic bite that can still grip an audience. 2568


1915 – 1:59:01 – Silent - Directed by D. W. Griffith. Epic composed of four separate, intertwined stories, which demonstrate how human intolerance leads to tragedy. 1568

It's a Wonderful Life
1946 – Drama – James Stewart, Donna Reed – Number 11 of America’s greatest movies - George Bailey is a small-town man whose life seems so desperate he contemplates suicide. He had always wanted to leave Bedford Falls to see the world, but circumstances and his own good heart have led him to stay. He sacrificed his education for his brother's, kept the family-run savings and loan afloat, protected the town from the avarice of the greedy banker Mr. Potter, and married his childhood sweetheart. As he prepares to jump from a bridge, his guardian angel intercedes, showing him what life would have become for the residents of Bedford Falls is he had never lived. 704

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Jackie Robinson Story

1950 – Biography - Jackie Robinson, Rudy Dee – This biographical film stars the baseball legend himself in a dramatic story about the player who integrated major league ball. The story begins with Jackie Robinson's early years, profiling the successful young athlete who excelled in various collegiate sports. It then follows him to his momentous meeting with Branch Rickey who brought Robinson in as a professional player to the previously all-white sport. 1714.

Joe Louis Story
1953 – Biography - Coley Wallace - Realistic portrayal of the life of boxer Joe Louis from his humble beginnings to his rise to the top of the boxing world and then his failed attempt at a comeback in 1951 at the hands of Rocky Marciano. 854.

Judge Priest
1934 - Comedy - Will Rogers, Anita Louise - In a 1972 interview, John Ford claimed that this slice of Americana, starring Will Rogers as the title character, was his favorite among his films... 28400.

Kansas City Confidential

1952 – 1:38:00 – Drama – John Payne – Tough action drama with hard-luck ex-con implicated in a bank heist, but determined to unmask the real culprits.

Kid, The

1921 – 1:05:00 – The Little Tramp adopts and raises a little boy reluctantly abandoned by his troubled mother.

Killer Shrews
1:08 – Horror - A maniacal scientist creates a formula that turns your average shrew into a giant, man-killing beast. 5718

King of Champs-Elysees
1935 – 1:28:00 – Comedy - Buster Keaton. A tales of mistaken identity ensues.

King of the Cowboys
1957 – Western - Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette - A film tribute to Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Trigger using archival film clips and contemporary interviews. 1537

Lady of Burlesque
1943 – 1:31:54 – Mystery -Barbara Stanwyck - A stripper is murdered with her own G-string backstage during a performance. Everyone is a suspect, but the show must go on! Screen legend Barbara Stanwyck, action director William A. Wellman and famed Gypsy Rose Lee team up to create the best backstage musical murder mystery ever made! Based on actual incidents (and folklore) from the underbelly of the show biz world. 2000

Lady Frankenstein
1:23:40 - Horror – Joseph Cotten, Mickey Hargitay - Frankenstein's daughter creates a handsome monster for the sole purpose of fulfilling her strange sexual desires...5556

Last Man on Earth
1964 – SciFi - Vincent Price - Based on Richard Matheson's SF thriller I AM LEGEND, THE LAST MAN ON EARTH is about a man who survives a global plague only to be stalked nightly by zombie-like victims who call out his name... 5639

Last Time I Saw Paris
1954 – 1:56:40 – Drama - Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson – Adaptation of Fitzgerald's novel about a soldier who, after the war, settles in Paris to start a career as novelist, falls in love with a wealthy young beauty. Soon, his drinking takes control of him and leads to her accidental death, but not before she gives birth to their daughter, whom he seeks to be reunited with years later after fighting to reform himself. 1563

Laurel & Hardy Classics
1:21:46 Comedy 2859

Life With Father
1947 – 1:58:31 - Comedy. William Powell, Elizabeth Taylor, Irene Dunne. Turn of the century antics of an eccentric family living in New York. 1566

Lightning Warrior, The
1931 – Serial – Rin Tin Tin, George Brent – An exciting adventure-packed saga of the old west with legendary stuntman Yakima Canutt performing daring deeds.

Li'l Abner
1940 – 1:11:41 – Comedy –Buster Keaton, Granville Owen – Al Capp’s Dogpatch characters prepare for the infamous bachelor terror, “Saddie Hawkins Day.” 1718.

Little Lord Fauntleroy
1936 - 1:42:50– Classic - Freddie Bartholomew, Guy Kibbe – A waif living in the streets is elevated to the position of an English Lord. 1579

Little Men
1940 – 1:24:09 – Drama – Jack Oakie, Jimmy Lyndon - Louisa May Alcott's novel of boys coming of age at a boarding school is modernized for this family film. 3779

Little Princess

1939 – 1:34:04 – Drama - Shirley Temple, Richard Greene, Anita Louise. A downtrodden waif searches for her father who is believed to be dead - by everyone but Shirley. 3768

Little Shop of Horrors

1961 -1:13:00 - Musical-Comedy – Jack Nicholson. Simple-minded lad working in florist shop develops strange plant which feeds on human blood. 5703

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Lone Ranger, The

Vol 2 - :47:40 - Western 736.

Long John Silver
1954 – 1:42:48 – Adventure – Charles Laughton, Randolph Scott – A pair of classic pirate adventure movies from Hollywood's Golden Age. CAPTAIN KIDD features Charles Laughton as the pirate captain who tricks his way into becoming escort for a ship bound from India with loads of treasure... 29

Lost Jungle, The
Twelve chapter serial about Clyde Beatty, world’s greatest wild animal trainer, who crashes on a lost island jungle teaming with lions and tigers.

Love Affair
1939 – 1:28:09 – Drama – Romance - Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer - A man and woman fall in love aboard ship, vowing to meet again six months later, in this charming, touching tale. Deft blend of comedy and pathos seduces romance lovers. 3780

Love Laughs at Andy Hardy

1946 – 1:32:54 – Comedy – Andy Rooney 1999

Mack Sennet Comedies
1916-28 – 1:10:05 – Comedy 1998

Made for Each Other
1939 – 1:31:42 – Drama - James Stewart, Carole Lombard. Everything goes wrong for newlyweds Stewart and Lombard in this 1939 tearjerker. 3712

Man in the Attic
1954 – 1:22:00 – Jack Palance – Third adaptation of the psychological thriller, “The Lodger”. Palance gives an outstanding portraylal as the sinister-looking, secretive, insane pathologist who is Jack the Ripper!

Man Who Knew Too Much
1934 – 1:16:25 – Mystery - Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, Leslie Banks, Peter Lorre – A family is told by a dying secret agent of a plot to assassinate a diplomat in London, trouble follows. 2877

Man With the Golden Arm, The

1956 – Drama – Frank Sinatra, Eleanor Parker, Kim Novak - A professional card dealer returns to Chicago after rehab for heroin addiction. But his overpowering wife, his old street buddies, and the allure of a 'B-girl', coupled with his real dream to become a jazz drummer bring him back to the needle. His life starts to self-destruct again and he makes one last ditch effort to kick the habit. 1574.

March of the Wooden Soldiers
1:11:31 – Comedy – Laurel and Hardy - This version of Victor Herbert's beloved Christmas classic stars Laurel and Hardy as two clerks working in Toyland. When sweet Little Bo-Peep spurns the evil Barnaby, he retaliates by exiling her and her sweetheart Tom-Tom to Bogeyland. Now it's up to the comic duo of Laurel and Hardy to rescue the young lovers... 557.

Martin Luther
1955 – Drama - A biopic which examines Protestant reformer Martin Luther's personal battles, and his transformation from a simple monk into leader of the Protestant movement--and, in the eyes of the Vatican, an ecclesiastical terrorist. 1564

Meet John Doe

1941 – 2:01:35 – Drama - Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward Arnold – Frank Capra’s ode to the common man in which Cooper is chosen to represent the “typical American.” 29800.

2:00 – Sci-Fi – The story takes place in 2026, one-hundred years from when the movie was made. The world Von Harbou and Lang created was a cold, mechanical, industrial one. Since this movie was produced not long after the industrial revolution, it could be a foreshadowing of what the world would have been like if the industrial revolution had kept growing. 5827

Milky Way, The
1936 - 1:28:43 – Comedy - Harold Lloyd, Adolphe Menjou – A milkman knocks out the middleweight champ and finds his success. 2867

1956 – 1:20:00 – Adventure – Neville Brand. Fanatical land owners incite warring Indian tribes against settlers. 5701.

Mr. Moto's Last Warning
1939 – 1:11:03 – Mystery – Peter Lorre – Mr. Moto foils a spy ring’s plot to blow up the French fleet harbored in the Suez Canal. 558

Mr. Wong Detective
1938 – 1:11:21 – Mystery - Boris Karloff - An episode of the long-running "Mr. Wong" series about the ingenious Chinese detective who is pitted against the poison gas killers... 1548

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Murder by Television
1935 – Horror - Bela Lugosi, Hattie McDaniel – The inventor of a television receiver, circa 1935, is murdered on camera! 5813

My Dear Secretary

1948 – 1:35:26 – Comedy – Lorraine Day, Kirk Douglas, Keenan Wynn. A famous author hires an aspiring young writer to be his secretary and conflicts arise. 1573

My Favorite Brunette
1947 – 1:26:33 – Comedy – Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Peter Lorre, Lon Channey, Jr. When Hope passes himself off as a famous private eye, he soon regrets the charade. 559

My Man Godfrey
1936 - 1:34:10– Comedy – William Powell, Carole Lombard, Gail Patrick – Powell portrays a gentleman’s gentleman in this “screwball” comedy directed by Gregory La Cava. 28000

1956 – 1:55:21 - Drama - Orson Welles, Marie Schell, Yves Montand. From the ornate salons of the great palaces of France, to the gray battlefields of Belgium, this colorful period of European history is seen through a series of flashbacks. 1572

Native Son
1951 – Drama - Richard Wright - Ambitious race relations drama about black chauffeurs accidental murder of white woman. With Richard Wright in lead role, this is a great curiosity piece for fans of the landmark book. 1996

Never Wave at a Wac
1952 – 1:27:44 – Comedy – Rosalind Russell, Marie Wilson, Paul Douglas - A high society lady in Washington becomes a WAC hoping for a commission, which never comes. 2573

Night of the Living Dead
1968 – 1:33:01 - Horror – Dir. George Romero, Duane Jones – The underground cult classic lined wall to wall with blood and gore as the dead rise in search of human flesh. 2855

Night Train to Munich
1940 – 1:35:10 - Suspense - Rex Harrison, Margaret Lockwood. Romance and intrigue on a late night train trip. 2802

No, No Nanette
1940 – 1:27:37 – Musical – Victor Mature, Leo Carillo, Richard Carlson, Zasu Pitts - The Broadway musical comes to the screen featuring Carlson as the financially strapped uncle propped up by his adoring niece Nanette... 1964

North Star, The
1943 – 1:46:13– Action - Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews, Walter Huston – Tribute to the courage of the Russian people during the Nazi invasion. Directed by Lewis Milestone. 1578

1:20 – Horror – Silent – Real Estate clerk travels to the Carpathian mountains to meet with an eccentric client named Orlok. As Orlok moves his coffin from place to place people begin to die. 5704

Nurse Edith Cavell

1:36:24 – Drama – George Sanders – Based on the life of a famous nurse who served the allies gallantly during World War 1. 5858

Of Human Bondage

1934 – 1:23:46 – Drama – Leslie Howard, Bette David, Kay Johnson – John Cromwell brings W. Somerset Maugham’s novel and Bette Davis’s career to life with the spellbinding drama OF HUMAN BONDAGE... Having unsuccessfully tried his hand at painting in Paris, Philip Carey (Leslie Howard) returns home to London. Despite his clubfoot, Philip overcomes his awkwardness and pursues a medical career. Still in medical school, he becomes obsessed with a gruff Cockney waitress, Mildred Rogers (Davis), intent on taking him for all he is worth. Davis is spectacular as the repulsive Mildred, while Howard’s quiet, suffering gentleman furthered his own reputation as an outstanding performer. 3727

One Eyed Jacks

1960 – 1:32:53 pt. 1 - :47:53 pt. 2 - Western – Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, Katy Jurado - A town sheriff, whose outlaw past has remained hidden, faces a newcomer who knows his secret. 2972 pt 1 – 2935 pt 2

Our Town
1940 – 1:29:53 – Drama – William Holden, Thomas Mitchell – Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize winning stage hit brought to the screen. 1570

Outlaw, The
1943 - 1:55:57 - Western – Jane Russell, Thomas Mitchell, Walter Huston – Howard Hughes’ adult western caused a sensation in its initial release due to Russell’s sexy outfits and then sizzling subject matter. 1540

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Painted Hills, The
1951 – 1:05:00 – Drama – Lassie stars as Shep, a collie who is ever-loyal to her prospector owner, who must battle claim jumpers to preserve his gold stake.

Parlor, Bedroom and Bath
1931 – 1:13:35 – Comedy – Buster Keaton, Charlotte Greenwood – In one of his first sound features, Keaton portrays an accident-prone loser – but he does get the girl. 3765

Penny Serenade

1941 – 2:00:41 – Drama/Comedy – Cary Grant, Irene Dunne – A romantic comedy-drama with Grant portraying a composer whose life turns grim. 1577

Perils of Pauline
1947 – 1:32:53 - Adventure/Comedy – Dir. George Marshall, Betty Hutton, John Lund – This action packed life of serial queen Pearl White, as portrayed by Betty Hutton. 2991

Phantom Creeps, The
pt 1 2:01:13, pt 2 1:50:07 - Horror/Serial – 12 chapters – Bela Lugosi, Robert Kent, Regis Toomey – A mad scientist, D. Korka, attempts to destroy the world with his bizarre inventions! Pt 1 2979; pt 2 2973

Phantom Empire
1:58:53 pt 1 – 1:57:57 pt 2 – Serial – 12 chapters - Gene Autry, Frankie Darro – Western thrills are blended with science fiction as Gene deals with the menace of an underground city. Pt 1 1558 pt 2 1562

Phantom of the Opera

1925 – 1:47:34 – Horror – Lon Chaney Sr., Mary Philbin – The “man of 1000 faces” terrorizes the Paris Opera House as “The Phantom.” 1960

Pied Piper of Hamelin

1957 – 1:28:03 – Musical – Classic tale of the magic pied piper who claims an entire village and then disappears into the mountains when the townspeople fail to keep their promise to him. 28300

Pot 'O Gold
1941 – 1:25:36 – Comedy - James Stewart, Paulette Goddard - Stewart plays Jimmy Haskell, nephew of breakfast-food mogul C. J. Haskell (Charles Winninger). befriending bandleader Horace Heidt (playing himself) and his orchestra members, Jimmy and his sweetheart Molly McCorkle (Paulette Goddard) tries to persuade C. J. to sponsor Heidt's radio program. The elder Haskell refuses until Jimmy and Molly's landlady mother (Mary Gordon) come up with a sure-fire "gimmick" for the program: they'll pick names from the phone book at random, call up those numbers, and give away huge prizes to whomever answers-provided that the call-ees are tuned into Heidt's show. 3759

Private Buckaroo

1942 – 1:09:08 – Musical - Andrews Sisters, Donald O'Connor, Harry James Band. A WWII musical intended as a troop morale booster. When bandleader Harry James and singer Dick Foran join the army, Sgt. Mugsy (Shemp Howard) tries to get them ready for the big fight overseas, but they'd rather chase girls and play music. 3713

1938 – 1:36:03 – Comedy – Leslie Howard, Wendy Hiller – The story that became “My Fair Lady.” Film adaptation of Shaw's tale of flower girl who becomes a "lady" under the tutelage of arrogant professor. 1575

1950 – 1:19:00 – Film Noir – Mickey Rooney – A garage mechanic takes $20.00 from the cashbox to take out a blonde. Soon he sinks into a cesspool of robbery and blackmail in this superb, low-budget film noir.

1932 – 1:34:35 – Drama -Joan Crawford, Walter Huston – Maugham’s shocking story of human disintegration unfolds when a group is thrown together in a monsoon. 1962

Road to Bali

1953 – 1:31:23 – Comedy – Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour - George And Harold are two vaudevillians forced to hightail it out of Australia by a young woman's overprotective father... 2858

Road to Hollywood
:54:25 – Comedy – Bob Hope, Bing Crosby - A fictional biography of Bing Crosby, featuring music clips from 1931 and 1932. Narrated by Bud Pollard. 1983

Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island

1936 - 2:02:11 pt 1 1:41:46 pt 2 - Action/Serial – 14 – Chapters - Mala, Herbert Rawlinson – High Adventure on a mysterious island. 1955 pt 1 1590 pt 2

Royal Wedding
1951 – 1:33:58 – Musical – Fred Astaire, Jane Powell - Fred Astaire and Jane Powell star as a brother and sister dance team who each find romance in London during the 1952 royal wedding celebration. The plot is thin, the dialogue inane, but fans of Astaire will love his dancing. 1715

1948 – 1:27:59 – Mystery – Zachary Scott. Exciting drama with a theme of ambition becoming too great an obsession for a business man. 1965

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
1:21 – Fantasy – Pia Zadora – People of Mars are worried when their children become listless, kidnap two earth children and Santa Claus and take them to Mars. 5717

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Santa Fe Trail
1940 – 1:50:24 – Western – Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Ronald Reagan – Excellent historical adventure with Jeb Stuart and his band in pursuit of John Brown. 34

Scarlet Pimpernel

1934 – 1:38:16 - Adventure/Drama – Leslie Howard, Merle Oberon – English nobleman rescue doomed French aristocrats from the guillotine. 1957

Second Chorus
1940 – 1:25:02 – Musical - Fred Astaire, Artie Shaw and Band. Coed couple attempt not to graduate college in order to exploit their successful college band. 1716

Secret Agent
1936 – 1:27:01 – Mystery – Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, John Gieguld, Peter Lorre – Hitchcock’s secret agent is pursued by demented triggerman Peter Lorre. 3767

Seventh Cavalry
1956 - 1:16:43 – Western – Randolph Scott - A dramatization of the events leading up to Custer's last stand at Little Big Horn... 2834

Sherlock Holmes in Dressed to Kill

1946 – Mystery – Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce – Holmes and his companion Dr. Watson recover valuables stolen from the bank of England, with only a series of music boxes providing the clues... 3710

Sherlock Holmes - Secret Weapon

1942 – 1:09 - Mystery - Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. Holmes and Watson confront Moriarty in a race to recapture a bombsight needed for the war effort. 2854

Sherlock Holmes Terror by Night
1946 – 1:00:36 - Mystery - Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. Sherlock Holmes and Watson solve a murder mystery while spending the night on a speeding train. 1982

Sherlock Holmes - The Woman in Green
1945– 1:08:16 - Mystery - Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. Holmes and Watson battle Moriarty once again. 2571

Showtime at the Apollo (Harlem Variety Review)

1954 – Musical -Lionel Hampton, Lulu Brown, Sarah Vaughn. 1719.

Sid Cesar Special

:51:28 – Comedy 737

Sins of Harold Diddlebock
1:30:46 - Comedy – Harold Lloyd - Lloyd’s last film casts him as a mild-mannered office worker who turns eccentric after drinking a “Diddlebock” cocktail. 2805.

Sitting Bull
1954 – Western - Dale Robertson, Mary Murphy, Iron Eyes Cody. A cavalry officer is pardoned after Sitting Bull makes an impassioned plea for him. 5860

Snows of Kilimanjaro
1952 – 1:55:29 – Drama - Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner - As Harry lies wounded and delirious in an African campsite at the foot of the snow-covered slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, he recounts the story of his life in a series of flashbacks. Writing, women, and big-game hunting--these are the things that have defined and dominated his existence. 1567

Song of Freedom
1936 – Musical - Paul Robeson - Robeson stars as a British-born longshoreman named John Zinga who becomes an opera singer, earning enough money to return to Africa and trace his lineage... 1722.

S.O.S. – Coast Guard
1937 – Serial – Bela Lugosi – US Coast Guard Lieutenant battles sinister foreign spy.

Speak Easily

1932 – Comedy – Buster Keaton – Buster is bound for Broadway.

Stage Door Canteen
1943 - Musical - Tallulah Bankhead, Merle Oberon, Katharine Hepburn, Gypsy Rose Lee, Paul Muni, Ethel Waters, Peggy Lee, Johnny Weismuller. Dozens of stars and band leaders in this WWII morale builder! 1648

Strange Loves of Martha Ivers
1946 – 1:56:55 - Film Noir – Barbara Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas – Barbara Stanwyck's murderous past might be revealed by her alcoholic, unrespected husband Kirk Douglas. 1582

Stranger, The
1946 - 1:32:17 - Drama - Edward G. Robinson, Orson Welles, Loretta Young. A Nazi-criminal of war quietly living in America begins to suspect he has been discovered. 2564

Star is Born, A
1937 – 1:51:59 - Drama – Frederic March, Janet Gaynor, Adolphe Menjou – Recounts a tragic Hollywood tale of fame and misfortune. As young Esther Blodgett (Janet Gaynor) rises to stardom, her husband, former leading man Norman Maine (Fredric March), is in the midst of a heartbreakingly rapid decline... 1583.

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1954 - 1:16:41 – Drama - Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden - Sinatra plays a psychopathic triggerman hired to kill the United States President. 2876


1941 - 1:35:37 – Musical - Anna Neagle, Ray Bolger, Edward Everett Horton – The beautiful Anna Neagle stars as a circus performer who falls in love with a rich car dealer's son, against her family's wishes. 1580


1931 – 1:21:05 - Drama – John Barrymore, Marian Marsh – Barrymore in one of his best performances as he portrays the mad monk. 3762.

Swing High-Swing Low
1937 - 1:21:05 – Drama - Carole Lombard, Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Lamour. Director Mitchell Leison's musical tale of a young couple that meet and marry and go on to success in the world of jazz. 3762

Tempest, The

Terror, The
1963 – 1:19:04 - Horror – Dir. Roger Corman, Boris Karloff, Jack Nicholson – Mood, atmospheric horror tale set in a lonely old castle. 5638

Theatre Royal
1943 - 1:03:31 – Musical – Producer’s staff puts on hit show and saves the theatre. 1534

Thief of Baghdad

1924 - 2:29:07 – Adventure – Douglas Fairbanks – One of the classic silent films of the 1920’s. 705

Things to Come
1936 – 1:30:36 - SciFi – Raymond Massey – H.G. Wells classic tale of man’s future. 2560.

Thirty-nine Steps

1935 – 1:23:37 - Mystery/Drama – Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, Robert Donat, Madeline Carroll – One of Hitchcock’s favorite plots: man against the system. Donat is framed for murder by a spy ring. 2811.

This is the Army
1943 – 1:54:;54 - Comedy/Musical - George Murphy, Joan Leslie, Ronald Regan. Irving Berlin's all star tribute to the armed forces. 1561.

Three Came Home

1950 – 1:44:57 - Drama – Claudette Colbert, Sessue Hayakawa – During
World War II, American author Agnes Newton Keith and her British husband were arrested and imprisoned in a Japanese prisoner camp. 28

Three Musketeers
1933 – Serial – John Wayne – Update of Dumas’ characters in the French Foreign Legion.

'Til the Clouds Roll By
1946 - 2:16:12 – Musical – June Allyson, Robert Walker, Judy Garland - The musicalized, and highly fictionalized, life story of beloved composer Jerome Kern, who gave his blessing to the production shortly before his death in 1946. 706

Tillie’s Punctured Romance
Comedy - Charlie Chaplin, the original Keystone Cops. Mack Sennet Comedy. 1648.

Topper Returns
1941 - 1:29:05 – Comedy – Roland Young, Joan Blondell, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson – Topper turns detective as the ghost of a murder victim persuades him to discover her killer. 3720

Trial, The
1963 – Drama – Tony Perkins - Orson Welles wrote, directed and acts in Kafka’s famous novel about a law clerk who gets arrested without being told why.

1949 - 1:28:30 – Western - Susan Hayward, Robert Preston – Oil woman Hayward in a tale of wildcat oil rigs. 1576

Undersea Kingdom
pt 1 2:00:36, pt 2 1:41:01 - SciFi/Serial – 12 chapters – Roy “Crash” Corrigan, Lon Chaney, Jr. – One of the first sci-fi thrillers. Filled with rockets, robots, submarines, mad doctors, etc., for a classic serial. Pt 1 1594, pt 2 1595

1950 - 1:26:20 – Comedy – Laurel and Hardy – Stan and Ollie in their last appearance on film together, as they inherit a desert isle. 2831

Vengeance Valley
1951 - 1:22:26 - Western - Burt Lancaster, Robert Walker, Joanne Dru – Even-tempered Owen Daybright is the adopted son of rancher Arch Strobie. All his life Owen has been covering up for his good-for-nothing brother Lee -- protecting the rascal from his father's wrath. Finally, however, Lee's shenanigans go too far. After getting a young woman pregnant, Lee shifts the blame to Owen. He even encourages the girl's brothers to get revenge, hoping that with Owen out of the picture he'll become sole heir to his father's farm. That's as much as any man can take... and Owen decides that now is the time to settle the score. 3760

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet
1:15:02 – SciFi – Basil Rathbone, Christopher Brand - Story about a group of astronauts who go to Venus only to encounter terrible danger until they are finally rescued. 2804

Way Down East
1920 – Drama - Lillian Gish, Richard Barthelmess, dir. D. W. Griffith – A young girl finds happiness in a small town until her unsavory past catches up with her. 1591
Whispering Shadow
1933 – Serial – Bela Lugosi – Sinister Dr. Stang operates a wax museum and is obsessed with getting a priceless ser of jewels.

Who Killed Doc Robbins

1950 - :49:49 – Comedy - George Zucco, Larry Olsen. Secret passages, sunken pits and underground labs are found by gang of children trying to save a friend. 1704


1956 - 1:27:18 – Docudrama – Autobiography of Jim Vaus. 2857

Zorro's Fighting Legion

1939 - pt 1 1:32:42, pt 2 1:57:29 – Serial – 12 chapters - Reed Hadley, Sheila Darcy – Zorro stops an Indian uprising in the early days of Spanish California. Pt 1 1569, pt 2 1958






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