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MCTV Program Descriptions


10/7 for Life
Women in law enforcement

Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, The
Starring the real-life Nelson family as themselves. All the problems of an active family were shown as two young boys grew up before their parents and the TV audience’s eyes to become college students, husbands and, in Rick’s case, a rock & roll star.

AFI Movie Camp
Montgomery College film department student movies

AFI Silver Presents: A Tribute to Jim Henson
Harry Belafonte narrates this tribute to the creator of the Muppets.

Aftermath: The Remnants of War

War has a dirty secret: it never really ends. This documentary weaves archival images and personal stories into a powerful portrait of lingering devastation. This insightful film reveals the twentieth century as the most violent in all of human history, with a death toll of more than one hundred million.

After the Storm
Weather related incidents.

Alias Will James
Traces the life of Will James legendary Western figure.

American Cinema
Series explores film history and American culture. Topics covered are the studio system, film noir, Hollywood style, westerns, film in television and the star system.

American Passages
Series explores topics in literature.

America ’s Grasslands
U.S. Forest Service program explores one of the nation’s treasures.

Andy Griffith Show
Four episodes of classic television. Titles include The Rivals, High Noon in Mayberry, Dogs, Dogs, Dogs and The Great Filling Station Robbery.

Animation Pioneers
Silent and sound pioneers.

Annie Oakley
Classic television from the 1950’s.

Around the Table in Emmitsburg: Multi-Hazards Planning for Schools
Round-table discussion on the security measures involved in planning for multiple hazards for schools.

Art of the Western World
Beautifully filmed series examines the painting, sculpture, and architecture that define the Western tradition.

Arts in the Park
Showcase of different artists performing in outdoor settings.

Follow artist Nancy Sansom Reynolds as she takes an idea from inception to creation.

As Good As It Can Get
Multi-part series where journalists discuss television ratings.

As I Remember It: Portrait of Dorothy West
Explores the forgotten role of women in the Harlem Renaissance.

Aspects of Pam
Features the music and dance of a Montgomery College student.

At the Wheel: Under the Influence
Driving under the influence.

Balaphon Women’s Ensemble
Musical dance troupe’s performance at Montgomery College.

Student produced entertainment program shows an irreverent look at the events of the day.Baltics, The
Montgomery College students travel to the Baltics. International Education.

Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs
Noted dignitaries deliver lectures on foreign affairs.

Bass Music and Comedy Masters

Bat Masterson
TV series starring Gene Barry as the dude lawman who uses his wits and his cane to disarm opponents.

Beginning Algebra

Professor Bill Witte uses a variety of imaginative techniques to teach Algebra.

Behind the Wheel
National Film Board of Canada examines drunk driving charges and the legal process.

Beyond Borders
Arab feminists talk about their lives.

Best of Studio Classroom
Meet the faculty and view an introductory lesson at Montgomery College.

Bing Crosby and Friends, Vol. 1 (Edsel Show, The)
Variety show starring Crosby, Sinatra, Louie Armstrong and Bob Hope.

Biography of America
History is presented not simply as a series of irrefutable facts to be memorized, but as a living narrative.

Black History: Perspectives in the Media

Montgomery College Professor Nathan Starr examines a variety of programs to discuss racial bias by the media.



Bookmarks for Success
Looks at the learning centers within Montgomery College.

Books and Ideas

Noted authors come to speak at Montgomery College.


Lorne Greene, Pernel Roberts, Dan Blocker, Michael Landon. Drama series focusing on the lives of a father and his three sons on the Ponderosa ranch.

Bridging World History

Program examines history through a thematic lens, showing interrelationships across time and place.

Broadcast News Writing
This exciting series follows working journalists as they report and write a television news story.

Brown vs. BOE
Discussion on the land-mark decision mandating integration in the public schools.

Business and Technical Network
Stress Mastery

Campus Conversations
Topical discussions of interest to the Montgomery College community.

Educational programming from France.

Career Moves
Programs examine several different careers.

Case Study in Black and White

Looks at a unique college course examining race relations.

Chad and Jeremy – Summer Songs for a Rainy Day.
This intimate acoustic performance features such timeless classics as “Yesterday’s Gone” and “A Summer Song,” and includes stories behind their songs.

Changing Culture
Diversity in the workplace – highlights the workplace of tomorrow.

Living history at its best. Features a host of prominent Americans who tell “their” story.




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Cheating and Plagiarism
Panel discussion on the growing number of students using the internet for cheating.

Chevy Show, The

Hour TV musical-variety show from 1958 starring Kay Starr, Tony Bennett, Harpo Marx, Louis Armstrong, George Shearing.

China 2002

Highlights of the study abroad trip to China in 2002.

Cine Maryland
Highlights of films shot in Maryland

City of Gold
Recollection of the Klondike gold rush.

Civil Rights Lecture Series
Features the prominent attorney Morris Dees who discusses his role in civil rights legislation.

Closing the Achievement Gap
Video conference discusses educational issues.

Closing the Circle
Musical encounters with Barbara Hendricks.

Cold War Remembered
A thirteen part series which convenes participants from all perspectives of the conflict.

Colgate Comedy Hour – Anything Goes
Starring Ethel Merman, Frank Sinatra and Bert Lahr. Music by Cole Porter.

Commemoration of 9/11
Montgomery College student and staff reactions to 9/11.

Common Ground
Promotes religious and racial understanding.

Communication, News, Equipment and Training
Information from Homeland Security.

Community Conversations, Geneism

Public affairs discussion on geneism.

Compassion Fatigue
Burnout is experienced by many in caregiver roles.

Conception to Punch list
Inside look at the construction of an office building.

Connect with English
Uses a dramatic story to teach English language skills while presenting the geographical, cultural, social, and economic diversity of America.

Constitution: That Delicate Balance
Join Dan Rather, Barbara Mikulski, and other prominent citizens in debates on constitutional principles. Hosted by Bill Moyers.

Conversations with Dr. David Sadker
Lecture given at Montgomery College.

Conversations with Dr. Sue Rosser
Lecture given at Montgomery College.

Conversations with Remarkable People
A variety of people with remarkable careers lecture at Montgomery College.

Correctional Strategies in Gang Management
Video conference discusses issues within the criminal justice system.

Correctional Strategies in Gang Management
Video conference discusses issues within the criminal justice system.

Creating Tomorrows Learner Centered Environment


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Creative Age
Awakening human potential in the 2nd half of life.

Creative Process of Norman McLaren
Award-winning animator Norman McLaren discusses his methods.

Critical Challenges in Distance Education
Videoconference discusses copyright issues.

Crossroads Café
A captivating episodic series which combined with closely correlated print materials, offers a complete program designed to teach English to speakers of other languages. The series engagingly depicts the lives of six characters involved with a small neighborhood restaurant.

Crossroads Cafe Special

Montgomery College Television has made a great series even better. The award winning series, Crossroads Café, has been expanded to make it even more relevant and useful to the viewing audience. In addition to the complete and uniterrupted episode of the series, additional material will be added to each show. Helen Brewer will highlight the main themes of each episode and then field reporter Hanny Fauzia, a Montgomery College student, will travel all over Montgomery County providing reports, interviews, information and helpful hints focused on those themes. In this way, an important show will become even more useful to our Montgomery County audience.

Culture of New Orleans
Program examines the varied cultures in New Orleans.

Dances of Japan Showcase
Featuring Japanese music and dance.

Dangerous Songs: Music and Movement of the 20th Century

Tony Seeger comes to Montgomery College.

Degrees of Difference: Culture Matters on Campus
Explores diversity on college campuses.

Democratization of Developing Countries
Discussion centers on bringing democracy to developing countries.

Department of Education Videoconference
Featured guest is Dr. Charlene Nunley, President of Montgomery College.

Destination Tomorrow
NASA highlights of the space program.

Destinos teaches speaking, listening, and comprehension skills in Spanish. This telenoveia (Spanish soap opera) immerses students in everyday situations with native speakers and introduces the cultures, accents and dialects of Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico.

Directors, The
Famous Hollywood directors discuss their filmmaking approaches.

Discovering Psychology
Highlighting major new developments in the field, this program presents an overview of historic and current theories of human behavior. Narrated by Stanford University professor and author Dr. Philip Zimbardo.

Distress Signals
Business of marketing television world-wide.

Doctor is In
Health issues such as chronic diseases, managed care, alternative medicine are discussed.

Dominican Republic Grant Video

Closed captioned in Spanish. Program examines bringing democracy to the region.

Doomed Tower at Sea: The Death of “Old Shakey”
This award-winning program documents the history of Texas Tower #4 (part of Defense Early Warning System) and the events leading to its eventual demise with the loss of twenty-eight personnel. This is one of the little known yet great tragedies of the Cold War.

Dupont Columbia Forum
Series examines television news.

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Earth Revealed

This series shows the physical processes and human activities that shape our planet. From earthquakes and volcanoes to the creation of sea-floor crusts and shifting river courses, Earth Revealed, offers stunning visuals that explain plate tectonics and other geologic concepts and principles. Follow geologists in the field as they explore the primal forces of the Earth.

Produced and directed by the Electronic Field Production class in the Communication Arts Technologies department on the Rockville Campus.

EFP TV: The Informer
Written, produced and directed by the Electronic Field Production class in the Communication Arts Technologies department on the Rockville Campus.

Eisenhower Legacy
Program focuses on the life of Dwight David Eisenhower. Symposium brings together members of the Eisenhower cabinet, staff, press and scholars to assess his presidency.

Encouraging Girls in Science, Math, Engineering and Technology
Programs discuss the enhancement of females in these areas.

Endless Possibilities
Program features Montgomery College students and their achievements.

Endless Voyage

The Endless Voyage focuses on the marine environment as a unique and important part of life on earth, and explores areas of interest and concern to students and scientists alike. The course blends all the attributes of broadcast-quality video with the leading textbook in the field, a student study guide and faculty guide, and customizable online course materials to bring the excitement of oceanography to students with no previous oceanography background.

Engaging the Distant Learner
Videoconference dealing with issues involving distant learners.

Errol Flynn Theater

Two episodes of the television program.

Ethics in America
Series uses the Socratic method to build analytical skills and examiner ethical questions. The programs aim to sharpen moral reasoning without favoring a particular position by exploring ethical dilemmas in legal, political, medical, corporate, and military arenas.

Everyday Heroes
America’s workers responses to September 11.

Examined Life
The Examined Life studies the "great questions" that have intrigued philosophers from antiquity to the present. Using writings of past philosophers and interviews with more than 50 contemporary thinkers, the episodes underscore how such questions as what is art? Does God exist? What is the meaning of life? Does the end justify the means? Still reverberate in society today.

Exploring the World of Music
The series is designed to create an understanding of the essential nature of music and its broad international cultural applications. Programs explore the commonalities and the diverse uses of the basic musical elements – melody, rhythm, texture, timbre, harmony – that bind all music together and reveal how these tools are used to provide sounds of infinite variety.



F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Conference
With noted author Pat Conroy, who appeared at Montgomery College to accept the award.

Family Across the Sea

Traces the connection between Gullah’s and Sierra Leone.

Farafina Kan
African-American drumming/dance troupe. Performance at Montgomery College.

Fearless Public Speaking
Introduction to public speaking.

Female Offenders
Videoconference discusses issues involving female offenders.



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Fidos for Freedom

Organization trains dogs to assist the disabled.

Films of the Great White North
Critically acclaimed films from the National Film Board of Canada. Topics are wide-ranging and varied, and demonstrate the excellence of the Film Board.

Fit, Fabulous and Over 50!
Exercise program designed to show one how to exercise in the comfort and privacy on one’s own home. Hosted by Renee Miller.

Flamenco at 5:15
Oscar winning film. Films of the Great White North.

Folk Art Found Me

Primer on folk arts for the newcomer. Films of the Great White North.

Football Commemoration
Program traces the history of football at Montgomery College.

For Love or Money
PEG program.

Foreign Born Instructors
Discuss culture and customs from their native countries.

Four Star Playhouse

This dramatic anthology series ran on CBS from 1952 to 1956. Four starts alternated weeks starring: Dick Powell, Ida Lupino, Charles Boyer and David Niven. Episodes include programs from 1953 – 1955.

From the Drum
Taped at Hood College with Harold Weisberg who discusses the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination.

From the Ground Up
In the summer of 1996, within a span of three weeks, 18 African American churches in the South were burned to the ground. From the Ground Up is the story of students at the University of California at Berkeley who formed a multicultural partnership to help rebuild twos of the burned churches.Gangs and Communities
Discussion about gangs and their affect on communities.

Gangs and Communities
Discussion about gangs and their affect on communities.

George Burns and Gracie Allen
Classic comedy from the fifties.

Golden Age of Television
Classic television shows from the fifties and early sixties include Dragnet, Robin Hood, My Little Margie, Wagon Train, Playhouse 90, Medic, You Bet Your Life, Burns & Allen and Jack Benny, and more.

Governing America
Many questions are being raised about the challenges of governing America. How well do our political institutions work? Do elections help or hinder the governing process. And what of the role of the press and electronic media? This series addresses these questions.

Growing Old in a New Age
Multi-part series on aging in today’s environment.

Guidance Counselors Share Strategies


Halloween Movie Madness
VCT students from Montgomery College introduce the best of the “B” horror movies.

Harry S. Truman: American Pioneer
The life of President Harry S. Truman

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Healing Circles
Choices for suffers of back pain and arthritis.

Health Points on Aging
Useful tips on ways to stay healthy.

Here Be Dragons
U.S. Forest Service program about the Komodo dragons.

History of the C&O Canal
Program examines the varied history of this national treasure.

Hitch-Hiker, The

Superbly suspenseful film about two men on a hunting trip who pick up a hitch-hiker who turns out to be a murderous fugitive.

Hollywood Directors and Their Craft
Features seven top directors who offer practical advice for filmmakers and others interested in the history and art of directing a motion picture.

Hollywood Screen Writers
Six top Hollywood screenwriters address those frequently asked questions that are in the mind of every aspiring writer.

Homeland Responder
Training for disasters from Homeland Security.

Honest Vision

Ninety-one year old American photographer Todd Webb says that the key to good photography is knowing where to stand. This documentary traces Webb’s long career by using his narration and his elegant black and while photographs of Paris and New York in the forties, fifties and sixties.

Hong Kong Heritage
History, myths and facts of Hong Kong culture.

Hospice Foundation
Videoconference examines care giving and loss, family needs and professional responsibility.

Human Condition
Multi-part series examines a variety of health issues from the beginning of life to the end of life.

Human Geography
Exploring geographical issues in the world.

IAM – Working in America
International Association of Machinists.

I’ll Make Me a World
Program details the struggles of African-American artists.

In the Shadow of Gold Mountain
Documentary explores the immigration laws in Canada that discriminated against the Chinese as unwanted and welcome.

In Touch with the MTA

Maryland Transportation Authority

Income Status and Health
Connections and solutions

Inner Loop
A combined production between Montgomery College Television, Communication Arts Technologies Students, and channel WDCW.

Insomniac Radio Theatre

Classic radio programs air with Montgomery College information.

Intermediate Algebra

Math with Montgomery College Professor Bill Witte.

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International Monetary Fund
Solving real problems and the fabric of reform.

International Space Station
Science programming

Jack Benny
Classic television comedy from the fifties.

Jack Kerouac’s Road
National Film Board of Canada presentation of Jack Kerouac’s biography

Japanese History and Literacy
A look at the Japanese culture.

John McRae’s War
National Film Board of Canada presentation of how the doctor came to pen his famous poem.

Joseph Campbell: On James Joyce
Noted author discusses author James Joyce.

Just Ask
Montgomery College student production.

National Film Board of Canada film about Native American Mohawks defending their land against the Canadian army.

Kid Nerd
A look back at nerd hood. Presentation by the National Film Board of Canada.

Kids Are Alright
Videoconference shows the effect of rock ‘n roll music on kids.

King Arthur Flour Baking Class

Chief National Baking Instructor Paula Gray presents a live baking demonstration of homemade bread.

Kitchen Goddess
Neighborhood fortunetellers and wise woman and traditions. National Film Board of Canada presentation.

Kodak: Techniques of the Masters
Shows the works of Annie Leibovitz.

Kodak: Techniques of the Masters
Examines famous photographers.

Language of Leadership
Fearless public speaking.

Last Full Measure: Battle of Gettysburg
Narrated by Stacy Keach, this film describes the famous civil war battle.

Let’s Learn Japanese
Multi-part series on learning to speak Japanese.

Let’s Talk
Public affairs.

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Powerful documentary videos provide thought-provoking, meaningful, and motivating learning experiences for today’s parent learner.

Literacy Changes Lives

Literary Visions
Noted critics, authors, scholars, and actors enliven this exploration of literature and literary analysis. Dramatizations, readings, and discussion build skills in critical thinking and writing. Illuminating excerpts of short fiction, poetry, plays, and essays – both classic and contemporary – highlight standard literary forms and devices including plot, myth, setting, and character.

Living on the Edge
Specialists give invaluable advice about the realities of owning property in an environment where violent weather and erosion rates are facts of life.

Living Well
Series provides an overview of the topics identified by adults over 50 as the most important and needed.

Living with Grief


Locker Room

Features sports at Montgomery College

Lone Ranger
Western features Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.

Lonely Boy
National Film Board of Canada biography of song-writer Paul Anka.

Lucy Show, The

Starring Lucille Ball. Features many Hollywood stars.

Madison Heights
The videos present real life and engaging stories of families struggling to improve themselves and their position in the larger community.

Magnificent Welles, The
Portrayal of Orson Welles in his prime.

Mahala Night Music
South African musical at Montgomery College.

Make it Happen: Art as a Catalyst
Artists have a deep commitment to social change in their community.

Make Prayers to the Raven
Relationship between humans and the natural world.

Mama’s Pushcart
Moving tribute to Ellen Stewart of La Mama Theatre fame.

Maroon – On the Trail of the Creoles in North America
Louisiana’s Creole culture hlped shape the New World and contributed to the emergence of jazz. But what remains of this unique, mixed-race society with roots in France, Africa, the Caribbean, Spain and America?

Mary Lou Williams
Depicts the life of composer-arranger-pianist Mary Lou Williams

Maryland State of Mind
Current events in Maryland

Maryland Transportation Authority
Focuses on issues in Maryland

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Material and Form
How works of art are created from everyday objects.

Matter of Rights
Human rights issues

Macklin Business Institute with Patricia Clowherty
Guest lecturer at Montgomery College

MBI and Justice For All
Dr. Leonard Steinhorn lectures at Montgomery College.

MBI Business Ethics Symposium
U.S. Chamber of Commerce president, Thomas Donohue, addresses Montgomery College faculty, staff and students on work integrity.

MBI Chris Matthews Lecture
Hardball host Chris Matthews lectures at Montgomery College

MBI Distinguished Lecture Series
Featuring Patrick Byrne

MBI Ethics Symposium
Senator Paul Sarbanes and guests visit Montgomery College to discuss their views on the crisis of investors in the markets.

MBI Jeff Schwartz
Professor Jeff Schwartz

MBI Kaufman Foundation
Program at Montgomery College.

MBI Leonardo’s Laptop
Author Ben Shniederman discusses his book with students and faculty of Montgomery College.

MC First in the State
Traces the history of Montgomery College – the largest community college in the state of Maryland

MC Symphony Orchestra
Performance by the College Symphony Orchestra.

MC Time Capsule Dance Company
Highlights of dance programs at the college

McLuhan’s Wake
Fascinated by the role technology played in transforming our lives, one of the twentieth century’s most famous intellectuals realized the impact the digital would have on our social, spiritual, economic and ideological selves.

Media Under Siege
Headlines or hype

Medical program from the golden age of television era starring Richard Boone.

Meeting the Challenge of Bipolar Disorder

Videoconference examines issues surrounding this particular form of mental illness

Metal Art Invitational

Ken Jassie discusses the National Metal Art Invitation Event.

Millennium: The IMF in the New Century

Minor Keys
Story of child musical prodigies.

Montgomery Collage
Produced and directed by the students of the Communication Arts Technologies department on the Rockville Campus.

Montgomery College Band/Gospel
Musical program at Montgomery College

Montgomery College Beginning Dance Class Recital
Students perform

Montgomery College Chorus and Orchestra
Musical performances at Montgomery College.

Montgomery College Dance
Student performances.

Montgomery College Dance Showcase
Highlights dance at Montgomery College

Montgomery College: First in the State

Traces the history of Montgomery College – the largest community college in the state of Maryland

Montgomery College Gospel

Musical program at Montgomery College

Montgomery College: The Community’s College
Show explores a bold new initiative of the college – service learning. This new initiative combines volunteering with class work.

Montgomery College: Time Capsule Dance Company
Highlights of dance programs at the college

Montgomery College Presents: Very Odd Jobs
Introduced by Professor Denise Simmons Graves this National Film Board of Canada series takes a close look at people with very unique professions.

Montgomery College Today
Hosted by Elizabeth Homan the program explores a variety of issues and events at Montgomery College.

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Mozart on Tour
Hosted by Andre Previn this wonderful series describes Mozart’s travels.

Mr. & Mrs. North

Classic television detectives from the Golden Age of Television.

Mass School of Law Books of Our Time
Public affairs. Series discussing books on a variety of issues.

Mass School of Law Educational Forum
Public affairs series discussing some of the more relevant issues of the day.

Mass School of Law Presents Issues in the News
Public affairs program examines pressing issues of the day.

Mass School of Law Question of Law
Public affairs panel discussion program discussing relevant issues of the time.

Naji Al-Ali
Biography of the famous Arab artist.

NASA Connect

NASA: Destination Tomorrow
Series highlights the space program.

NASA: The Top Aces
Demonstrates aeronautical skills.

NASA: Voyage to the Planets
Space exploration

National Firefighters Candlelight Service
Ceremony honoring fallen firefighters

National Galley of Art
Series featuring great works of art and artistic treasures.

National Technological Network
Series focusing on the many trade careers available.

Native American Healing in the 21st Century
Tribal elders discuss traditional healing practices and philosophies.

Natural World: Extraordinary People
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association program.

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New Cosmos

New World/New Engineer

News Writing
Charles Kuralt, Andy Rooney, Linda Ellerbee, and Larry King are among the hundred top journalists interviewed in these fast-paced, exciting programs.

Nicholas Fairplay: Stone Carver
Program examines the life of a sculptor.

No Child Left Behind
Education. Captioned in Spanish

Norm Augustine

Nutcracker, The

performance of the ageless children’s classic.

Nutrition Pathways
Series presents simple truths about food.

Obachan’s Garden
n 1923, Asayo Murakami left Hiroshima and settled in a fishing village in Steveston, BC. Her family remembers a happy woman who sang, danced and nurtured a colorful flower garden, but underneath, the memory of what she left in Japan haunted her deeply.

Of Ice and Fire
U.S. Park Service program.

Okenti Ensemble Live
Visiting musical group performs at Montgomery College.

On Common Ground

Viewers fully understand the rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with citizenship. Dramatic episodes focus on such crucial issues as racial polarization, extremism and freedom of speech, individual rights versus the public good, separation of powers, and checks and balances.

On the Other Hand
Teaching sign language.

One Step Away
Drama – Tension, compassion and coming of age.

One Step Beyond

Classic television from the fifties and sixties

One Woman, One Vote

Out of the Past
Series deals with archaeology.

Overnight Studying
Compilation of math programs.

Packing Heat
National Film Board of Canada presentation of women picking up guns.

Paul Peck Presidential Series
President’s portrait discussion.

Paul Peck Presidential Series

Reagan Library.

Planet Earth
With on-location film footage, animation, and stunning graphics, explores our planet and the solar system beyond in a course that combines earth science with astronomy and comparative planetology.

Planning Educational Technology

Politics and the Media: Our Democracy
Educating people about the media and politics.

Post Wall Germany

Power of Place: Geography for the 21st Century
Teaches the geographic skills and concepts necessary to understand the world.

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Montgomery College original telecourse with Professor Bill Witte.

Prep Talk

Preserving the Legacy
Gives viewers a unique look at hazardous waste sites, industrial facilities, equipment and technology.

Preserving the Past
An inside look into the Garber facility of the Smithsonian.

Presidential Portrait Transitions
Public affairs programming. With Paul Peck.

Preventing Bias and Promoting Respect

Quick Tip Cooking Demonstration
With Chef Christopher Kimble

Racing Against the Clock
The stories of five women who compete in the senior Olympics.

Rare Black Short Subjects
African-Americans in industry, sports and entertainment.

Reach Out and Teach

Ready 2Net
Panel of educators and representatives from the high tech industry discuss the impact of technology on education.

Real Life Teens
Teens speak about weapons, violence and the impact and influence of the media.

Real Life Teens
Teens speak about drugs and alcohol.

Red Skelton Show
Red Skelton. Each show features comedy skits, musical numbers and sketches starring Red’s well known characters Freddie the Freeloader, Clem Kadiddlehopper, Cauliflower McPugg and others.

Reinventing the Human Genome
Science program.

Religion & Culture: Aging of Baby Boomers

Reporting the World
Exhibition of powerful images from around the world.

Response Center
Program focuses on the Montgomery College Response Center.

Return to the Sea
People from all over the world explore the mysteries of the ocean.

Revitalizing of the American Federalism


Darren McGavin, Burt Reynolds – Adventure along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers aboard the stern-wheeler “Enterprise” in the 1840’s.

Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island
High adventure on a mysterious island.

Rosies of the North
National Film Board of Canada depiction of women aircraft industry employees.

Roy Rogers Show
Features Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys.

Rural Communities: Legacy & Change

How and why national and global economic trends affect rural communities. By focusing on 15 towns across America, this series examines why some rural areas are thriving while others are in decline.

Saga of the 2005 Nickel
Artist who designed the 2005 nickel lectures at Montgomery College.

School to Work

Schools & Society
Multi-part educational series dealing with the social issues confronting our students.

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Seasons of Life
Multi – part series dealing with the biological, psychological, and social "clocks" that are the essence of life-span education.

Service Learning

New concept in education at Montgomery College

Seurat: Realm of Light

French painter Seurat is the creator of Pointillism.

Shadow of the Eagle
Serial. John Wayne plays a former wartime flying ace who is accused ob being the notorious killer, “The Eagle.” When the owner of a traveling carnival disappears, he sets out to bring the real Eagle to justice and solve the mystery.

Showtime at the Apollo

Harlem Variety Review.

Sid Ceasar Special
Comedy/variety show from the golden age of television.

Signature: Contemporary Writers
Six prominent writers express their points of view. Ed McClanahan, Barbara Kingsolver, George C. Wolfe, Bobbie Ann Mason, Lee Smith and Marsha Norman are interviewed.

Six Solos: Li Chiao-Ping Dances
Dance program.

Sixtieth Anniversary Special
Montgomery College celebrates sixty years of excellence.

Skills for Actors Series
Four-part series focusing on theatrical martial arts, fencing, body language and voice skills.

Song of the Refugee
Program focuses on Liberians, Rwandans and Ugandans.

SOS Coast Guard
Serial involving the Coast Guard.

Space Station

Space highlights.

Speak Your Mind
Students and community members discuss Aids.

Speakers Bureau Lincoln Assassination

Representative of the Montgomery College Speakers Bureau discusses the Lincoln Assassination.

Personal interviews with prominent theatre people.

Straight Talk: Kids in Trouble
Teens discussing teen issues.

Studio Classroom
A peek into the classroom of some of the Montgomery College Faculty from the three campuses and Continuing Education and Workforce Development.

Summer Film Institute
Original projects created by Montgomery College film students.

Super Happy fun Hour Showcase Extravaganza
Compilation of Visual Communications Technologies student works. Hosted by two former Montgomery College students, Jonathan Ripp and Cheryl Brewton.

Topics include bioterrorism and an intelligent peace.

Taking Education to the Edge of the Possible

Talking Threads

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Programs discuss who terrorists are and how terrorism affects the world.

Montgomery College study abroad trip to Thailand.

Thin Ice
National Film Board of Canada presentation about Bruce McCall, New York writer/artist.

This is Your Life Laurel & Hardy
Program features the lives of two of comedy’s greatest stars Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings
Examines the relationship between these two historic figures.

Through a Blue Lens

National Film Board of Canada powerful documentary by two police offers depicts the life of some of the drug users on their beat.

Through These Eyes
The Netsilik Eskimo film series is one of the most remarkable documents in the history of visual anthropology. The documentary explores the stories of the people of Pelly Bay.

Tobacco and the College Student

Montgomery College students discuss the pros and cons of the College smoking policy.

Today’s Life Choices

Top Aces, The
Aviation program showing aeronautical skills.

Toshiko Takzezu Asian Art

Profile of Asian art.

Tribute to the Wizard of Oz
A special behind-the-scenes look at the tribute to honor the makeup genious of Jack Dawn and his team.

Tribute to Tom Bichy
An in-depth look at a Montgomery College athletic icon.

Trigonometry course with Montgomery College Professor Bill Witte.

Trouble with Father
Classic television comedy from the 1950’s. Stuart Erwin.

Turning Down the Heat
National Film Board of Canada upbeat progress report on alternative energy.

Uncommon Knowledgte

Uncovering Shakespeare


Under the African Sun: A Tribute to the Black Artists of South Africa
Series follows South African artists from the earliest art found to modern day works.

Undersea Kingdom
Roy “Crash” Corrigan and Lon Chaney, Jr.

Unfinished Nation
The Unfinished Nation-Part I offers a comprehensive treatment of early American History (from colonization to Reconstruction) that is unparallel in both quality and scope.

Unfinished Nation 11
The Unfinished Nation II continues the story of our nation's heritage from Reconstruction to the Information Age.

Unique Continent
Co-evolution of continent and life forms.

Unseen Life on Earth
Program highlights are on metabolism and reading the code of life.

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Up From the Meadows
Three-part program tracing the history of African-Americans in Northern Montgomery County and Frederick County Maryland.

Upon Reflection
Ethnicity and race.

Viet Nam
Montgomery College students travel to Viet Nam.

Visions of America
Series focusing on issues affecting education and government in America.

Voices and Visions
The lives and works of thirteen renowned American poets are interpreted through dramatic readings, archival photographs, dance, performances and interviews in this inspiring series.

Voices From the Tomb
“Voices from the Tomb” is a rare look into the history of the Tomb Guards, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, from those who “walked the mat”.

Voices from the West: A Western Writers Collection
The unique spirit of the American West and its people underlies some of the most compelling literature written today.

Voyage to the Planets
NASA programming.

Wagon Train
Classic television program from the fifties.

Walking the Road to Brown

Program traces the history of the integration of Montgomery County Maryland Public Schools.

Walls Tumbling Down

War and Peace
Talking Thread

Host Marnette Shields interviews a different guests on a variety of topics.

We Shall Overcome
Performance at the Smithsonian re-enacts the events leading up to the Civil Rights Voting Act of 1965.

What’s Up
News and events at Montgomery College..

Whispering Shadow

A villain known as the Whispering Shadow is trying to get his hands on the jewels of the Czar. Strong science fiction aspects are included in the serial.

White House Lecture Series: Abraham Lincoln
Program focuses on Lincoln’s presidency.

White House Lecture Series: Theodore Roosevelt
Story of Theodore Roosevelt’s life before and after his presidency.

White Pass and Yukon Railroad: Railroad Built of Gold
History of one of the engineering marvels of our time. Tour of train trip up the mountain in Skagway Alaska.

Whole Child

Thirteen half-hour video programs, taped at working childcare centers, show real caregivers and children working and playing together in ways that facilitate children's learning and development. The programs highlight teaching approaches and interactions with children from multicultural backgrounds and of all developmental levels including those with disabilities and special needs.

Witness to the Holocaust
Testimony of Holocaust survivors discuss Nazi genocide.

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Women’s Lecture Series
Ruth Kluger: A Reading Conversation

Women Studies
Folk Tales by Women Folk

Women’s Studies Group
Sonia Pressman Fuentes visits Montgomery College.

Women’s Studies Lecture Series

Noa Baum

Women’s Studies Lecture Series

Hazel O’Leary

Women’s Studies Lecture Series

Helen Caldecott visits Montgomery College and discusses nuclear danger.

Women’s Studies Lecture Series
We Won.

Women’s Studies Lecture Series
Ruth Lubic lectures at Montgomery College.

Women’s Studies Lecture Series
Sexuality and the Black Church

World in Review
Discusses issues surrounding Hong Kong return to China.

Working in the Theatre
Discussion of the theatre.

Working Mothers
National Film Board of Canada depicts women trying to juggle family and career.

World Arts Festival
The 4th Annual Montgomery College World Arts Festival's February 6th concert featured performances by students from the MC World Ensemble, composer Dawn Avery and special guests Uasuf Washington and Englewinds.

World in Review
Issues surrounding the return of Hong Kong to the Chinese government.

World of Abnormal Psychology
See how people with diagnosed psychological disorders actually behave. Case studies, enriched with commentary from experts, help demystify the biological, psychological, and environmental causes of dysfunctional behavior. Series explores current theory and practice in the treatment of the mentally ill.

World of Art
Each program in this art appreciate series is devoted to a contemporary artist who takes one or more works of art from start to finish.

World War II Speakers Conference

Writer to Writer
Writers discuss how they ply their craft.

Writers Exchange

Programs present principles of writing and shows how they apply to real-life writing situations.

You Bet Your Life
Game show from the fifties. Hosted by Groucho Marx.

Zorro’s Fighting Legion

A 12-episode serial chronicling Zorro's continued fight against the outlaws of the Old West.








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