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For Immediate Release (00-12)
Date: April 11, 2000
Contact: Steve Simon, 240-567-7952 (Pager #301-930-3880)


Elected Officials, Education Leaders to Join Prospective Students
For Kickoff Open House of New “Universities at Shady Grove”
New Daytime University System of Maryland Programs Will Soon Make it Possible for Students To Complete Full-time, Four-year Public College Degree in Montgomery County

THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2000 – 1:30 P.M.
(Kickoff ceremony beginning at 2 p.m.)

University System of Maryland-Shady Grove Undergraduate Education Center
9640 Gudelsky Drive, Rockville, Maryland
(Take I-270 to Shady Grove, westbound; follow signs)

Montgomery County and State elected officials, and leaders and representatives from 10 of the University System of Maryland institutions will be joined by more than 100 prospective students from Montgomery College, for the kickoff open house of the new “Universities at Shady Grove.”  Created through a partnership between Montgomery College and the University System of Maryland -- with support from the County, the State and local business leaders -- the center will begin offering, this fall, a variety of upper-division, undergraduate courses for college students who have already completed their first two years.

Although the University System of Maryland’s various schools have been offering evening and weekend programs at the Shady Grove center for about a decade, this will mark the first time the various State universities will be providing full-scale, daytime programs. Seven such degree programs will be available this fall, with eight more to follow in 2001.

Montgomery County Executive Douglas M. Duncan, Montgomery County Council President Michael L. Subin, Maryland State Delegate Nancy Kopp, University System of Maryland Regent and Shady Grove Steering Committee Co-chair Clifford Kendall and Montgomery College President Charlene R. Nunley will be among the many dignitaries participating in the kickoff event. Some of the first admitted students will be introduced.

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