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Date: August 10, 2000
Contact: Steve Simon, 240-567-7952 (pager: 301-930-2880)

New High-Tech Career Choice Offered at Montgomery College
Training For Electronic Systems Technician First in Region

Rockville, MD -- Montgomery College's Gudelsky Institute for Technical Education will offer the region’s first training curriculum for a career as an electrical systems technician starting in September. The curriculum was developed by a consortia of industry trade associations to address the shortage of skilled technicians in the industry.

“The Gudelsky Institute of Montgomery College welcomes this addition to our technical trades programs,” said John Phillips, acting program director of the College’s Building and Construction Technology program. “And we look forward to the opportunity to work with the electronic systems industry to provide a high-quality technical education to students who are interested in becoming an electronic systems technician."

The training curriculum that will be offered at the College will develop students skills in design, installation and maintenance of electronic products that carry video, voice, and data. The curriculum was created by the Consortium for Electronic Systems Technician Training, a coalition of trade associations representing electronic systems contracting companies and their suppliers around the United States.

A 1998 survey of consortium members found that opportunities for a career in electronic system installation and maintenance have doubled since 1995, and growth is expected to continue as systems installing companies expect to post job openings for more than 45,000 technicians per year through 2002. The industry survey also reported the potential for upward career advancement, noting that 57 percent of the owners or CEOs of the surveyed businesses began their careers as technicians.

"The need for electronic systems technicians is incredible and the opportunity outstanding,” said Richard Goldman, President of the Consortium for Electronic System Technician Training and Vice President of Home Systems Plus in Owings Mills, Maryland. “It's the career for those who want to use their brains and not be stuck behind a desk or work bench all day. You get to use cutting-edge technology and work in many different settings."

For more information or to register for the Gudelsky Institute’s electrical system technician course, call 703-998-0936.

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