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For Immediate Release (01-46)
Date:  August 1, 2001
Contact: Steve Simon, 240-567-7952              

Montgomery College to Offer New Associate’s Degree
Program in Gerontology, Beginning This Fall
Program Prepares Students for Variety of Career Opportunities

With 25 percent of the U.S. population expected to reach age 65 and beyond by the year 2020, career opportunities will continue to grow for health professionals, service providers, educators, and researchers trained in the field of gerontology. In light of this trend, Montgomery College has launched a new associate’s degree program in gerontology, which will be offered beginning this fall at the Rockville Campus.

The program is designed to introduce students to the dynamic and rapidly growing study of human aging.

According to Dr. Maureen Edwards, head of the College's gerontology program, Montgomery County is "head and shoulders above other places in the number and quality of services it offers to the elderly. "There are so many jobs in this area, and the need is going to get more acute every year," she said. "We can’t find enough people to fill jobs in this field."

The curriculum will provide students with a strong theoretical base in biology, psychology, sociology, and health. Students will learn and practice real world skills designed to enhance employment opportunities. In addition to knowledge and experience, the gerontology program will provide students with opportunities to network with individuals involved in the practice of gerontology on the local, state, and federal level.

The emphasis will be on helping people to age well, to increase their productive years, and better their quality of life. Courses will include such topics as introduction to gerontology; health in the later years; and exercise and fitness instructional techniques for older adults.

For more information about the gerontology program, contact Dr. Maureen Edwards at 240-567-7590.

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