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Date: September 27, 2002 (02-58)
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Montgomery College Advisory Committees:
Community Taking a Role in Education

Committee Members Help Boost Student Success

             “I love talking with students about my profession, telling them how the profession is both personally and professionally rewarding.” 

            That’s the observation of Terry Correll, a diagnostic medical sonographer for over 20 years, about serving on a Career Program Advisory Committee at Montgomery College.  The position regularly puts Correll in touch with students learning his profession and, in addition to providing a forum for his pep talks, gives him the opportunity to help shape their educations.

            Professionals like Correll serve on 36 recognized advisory committees at Montgomery College.  The panels are one way the College seeks the “advice and counsel of residents of the community, employers, and educational representatives,” for its career and technical programs.  They also help ensure that the programs are meeting the needs of employers.

            Correll is on the Diagnostic Medical Sonography committee; Halina Williams, vice president of patient services at Potomac Valley Nursing Center in Rockville, serves on the nursing committee.  She says it’s a “great way to network with a lot of people in other nursing environments.”  For managers in the industry, she says, “it’s a great way to recruit nurses, who can be hard to find in today’s job market.”

            Architect Steven Karr, who is on the Architectural and Construction Technologies committee, also finds workers for his company, Steven J. Karr, AIA, Inc., through his  membership.  Says Karr, “it’s very much worth my time.  If I can help this program, I’ll see the results on the back side in terms of good employees for my company.”  He notes that Montgomery College’s highly respected Architectural Technology program turns out grads who compare favorably with those from even the elite universities.

Jill Irey, chair of the Applied Technology Department at Montgomery College, stresses the importance of advisory committees.  “Often, these committees can be crucial to the success of a program and its service to students,” says Irey, who oversees five of the programs. 

            Among other functions, committee members help evaluate curriculum and programs, assist in finding jobs for students and graduates, and serve as liasons with the professions and professional organizations. 

            Another responsibility is providing a positive awareness of the programs in the community.  “They’re like walking advertisements for our programs,” says Irey.

There are openings on some advisory committee members, for members serving terms of 1 to 3 years. The public is invited to apply.  Please call 240-567-8086 for a membership application or send your name and address to  Completed applications will be placed in a pool from which current and future appointments will be made.

            Openings may exist on the following committees:



Advertising Art

American Sign Language

Applied Geography

Apprenticeship and Technical Trades

Architectural and Construction Technologies

Automotive Technology


Building Trades Technology

Communications and Broadcast Technology

Computer Applications

Computer Graphics

Computer Science

Criminal Justice

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Disability Support Services

Early Childhood Education

Fire Science

Health Information Technology

Hospitality Management

Information Technology Institute

Interior Design

Landscape Technology

Legal Assistant


Mental Health

Microcomputer Technician

Montgomery County Advisory Council for Career Programs


Paralegal Studies


Physical Therapy Assistant

Printing Management

Radiologic Technology

Surgical Technology

Technical Writing

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