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Work Study

The financial aid office at Montgomery College coordinates Federal Work Study (FWS) which provides employment for students. Jobs are located on and off-campus and offer you the opportunity to work in a part-time temporary capacity.

FWS and SA, as well as MC Internships, Co-op, and additional part-time jobs with private and non-profit employers can be found on-line at eJobs, an electronic job listing service provided by the college’s Student Employment Services. eJobs allows for the posting of resumes online. Assistance is offered in the preparation of a resume if needed.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program

The Federal Work-Study Program provides an opportunity for you to earn money to help pay education related expenses.

Program Features

  • It allows you to work on or off campus in a field related to your course of study.
  • You must apply for Federal financial aid for consideration.
  • It is a need-based financial aid program.

Pay Rates

Pay rates range from $8.40/hour for on-campus employment to $9.00/hour for off-campus community service employment. Earnings are taxable; however, the amount you earn can be deducted from your income when applying for financial aid the next year.

Job Postings

Job openings are posted at the following locations on campus:

eJobs online: eJobs: Post resumes and search for part-time and full-time jobs and internships.
Employment Services and Career and Transfer Center

If you are hired, there may be additional forms to complete.  

For additional information please click on the "Looking for a Job“, a Student Assistant information sheet (PDF 183 KB)

Questions? Email the Financial Aid Office or call 240-567-5100.

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