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.edu Web Redesign Project

Latest Updates

Phase 2 Content Timeline (PDF-35 KB)

Web Redesign Information Sessions

posted 01.14.10

Information Session

Come learn and ask questions about the Web redesign process, including when and how your department/program can get started. Also preview content management system (CMS) templates.

Attend one of these seessions:

  • Wednesday, January 20 from 10-11 a.m. in OITB 304
  • Friday, March 5 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. in ST 301 (TP/SS)
  • Monday, April 12 from 3-4 p.m. in GB 105 (Germantown)

No registration required

For more detailed information about the Web redesign project, visit the CMS Resources page.


About the Project

This project covers the redesign of the College's public .edu sites for look, feel, branding, navigation, usability, accessibility, and content quality.

Goals of the Redesign:
  1. To accurately and clearly reflect Montgomery College's mission and culture
  2. To provide a solid and consistent visual presentation of the College's Web site
  3. To implement consistent and uniform navigation capabilities throughout department sites
  4. To provide content that is consistent in quality and design
  5. To create a Web site that is user-friendly and easy to navigate and search
  6. To improve overall accessibility and usability of the site
  7. To incorporate the latest Web technologies including podcasting, RSS feeds, and streaming video
  8. To develop a plan for an interactive design process
  9. To create an emergency Web plan that would be utilized during an incident that could affect the safety, security or functioning of the Montgomery College community
  10. To optimize the search engine

Frequently Asked Questions about the Project

Request for Proposal - Collegewide Web Site Redesign

Project Teams

The Leadership Team

Facilitates the redesign and communication
  • Champion the project and raise awareness
  • Determine project goals and objectives with the assistance of the Strategic Team
  • Approve strategies, implementation plan, project scope, milestones and deliverables
  • Primary communication with OIT Project Managers and Web consultant


John Coliton*
Professor, Business/Science/Math/Technology

Lisa Burl
Marketing Director, Institutional Advancement

Ruth Gill
Director, IT Applications, Office of Information Technology



The Strategic Team

Represents the Montgomery College community
  • Represent the Montgomery College community during tasks throughout the project
  • Assist in developing project goals and objectives
  • Provide feedback to Leadership Team on the Prototypes and template design concepts



Margaret Latimer*
Professor and Chair, Mathematics

Karen Roseberry
Dean of Student Development


Vani Murthy
Library Technical Services Manager, Office of Information Technology

Sanjay Rai
Instructional Dean, Science, Engineering and Mathematics

Michael Sellmeyer*
Associate Professor, Art

Takoma Park/Silver Spring:

Jamin Bartolomeo*
Chair, Counseling and Student Development

Mary J. Staley*
Professor, Art, Humanities and Social Sciences

Brad Stewart
Vice President and Provost



Ed Palaszynski*
Senior Program Director

Martha Price
Program Director


Tacy Holliday
Instructional Assistant, Business, Science, Math, Technology

Kani Holt
Marketing Specialist, Institutional Advancement

Vivian Lawyer
Chief Human Resources Officer

Christy Partlow*
Collegewide First Year Experience Program Coordinator

Chris Walsh
Computer Support Specialist, Auxiliary Services/Bookstore Services

Ever Grier*
Student Development Counselor

Dan Gutwein
Instructional Multimedia Specialist, Human Resources (Center for Professional and Organizational Development)

Brett Eaton
Director of Communications

Christopher Moy
Director of ADA Compliance

* Denotes faculty members