December 2008

Contract Awarded

posted 12.07.08

On October 13, Montgomery College's Board of Trustees awarded a contract for the Collegewide Web site redesign services to New City Media (NCM), of Blacksburg, Virginia. Established in 1995, NCM has worked in a variety of industries, from tourism to higher education. Previous clients include Virginia Tech, Imperial College London, Virginia Western Community College and Roanoke College. NCM is teaming with Modal, Inc.of Herndon, Virginia, to work on the user experience and information architecture aspects of the project.



Planning Week

posted 12.19.08

The Leadership Team met with user experience architects from New City Media (NCM) and Modal Tuesday, December 16 through Thursday, December 18 for a planning week at Montgomery College’s Office of Information Technology Building.  The week was full of research and interactive activities.

Targeted Audience Interviews

Over the past several weeks, NCM and Modal have been interviewing members of Montgomery College's targeted audience – prospective students, current students, faculty, staff, etc.  These interviews culminated with a focus group of prospective students on Thursday, December 18 at Clarksburg High School.  This research informed activities throughout the planning week.

Site Architecture DraftPhong and John working on site architecture

On Tuesday, December 16, the Leadership Team, NCM and Modal developed the initial site architecture using the “KJ Method”.  They came up with a list of some of the tasks users expect to be able to do on the Web site and the information they tend to seek.  The team then grouped related tasks and information, which helped them begin to think about how prominent each should be on the site.

Mental Model and Wireframe for Prospective Students

Another exercise was to make a mental model for prospective students.  The team charted the frequency of specific expectations and needs that were mentioned in the interviews. This mental model informed the development of a wireframe.

Each team member envisioned how the Montgomery College home page should look in the eyes of a prospective student.  Individually, they sketched a version of the home page on paper and then shared it with another team member, who then honed in on one element of the homepage and further developed it.  These draft wireframes will be used by NCM and Modal as they come up with design templates/mockups for the home page.

Ruth, Isabelle, Phong, Lisa, Kim and John at Planning Week


January 2009

Mental Models

posted 01.15.09

New City Media (NCM) and Modal used the findings they gathered from the targeted audience interviews to develop a mental model for each of the following groups: prospective students, current students, faculty, and staff. A mental model is a chart that shows the most prominent needs and expectations of a group. NCM and Modal presented these models to the Leadership Team on Thursday, January 15.

Information architect and author Indi Young developed the mental model approach, which helps focus design decisions on audience research.

The next step is for NCM and Modal to develop a site map.



First Strategic Team Meeting

posted 01.22.09

A representative from New City Media (NCM) and Modal met the Strategic Team for the first time on Thursday, January 22. He emphasized that redesigning the Montgomery College Web site is about creating user experience, not just assembling content on a site. The process, from conducting research to launching the site, involves 14 major steps. He reviewed each of these steps with the Strategic Team and gave an overview of the deliverables to date, including the mental models and the findings from interviews of the targeted audience.

The Strategic Team was asked to complete an online survey within the next week. Feedback received from the survey will be reviewed by the Leadership Team and incorporated into the initial design as appropriate. Go-live for the initial design is planned for August 2009. There will be subsequenct changes and updates to the design even after the initial launch, as Web design is an iterative process.

Within the next few days, NCM and Modal will have a draft site map to share with the Leadership Team.

Meeting minutes



Marketing Meeting

posted 01.26.09

On Monday, January 26, representatives from New City Media (NCM) came to Montgomery College to talk to the Marketing, Creative Services, and Communications teams to discuss the look and feel of the new site as well as design ideas. They visited each campus in the afternoon.


February 2009

FAQ Now Available

posted 02.26.09

See the newly posted Frequently Asked Questions document for information such as:

  • When will the new MC Web site go live?
  • How long will the Web redesign take to complete?
  • Should my department hold off on plans to redesign our Web site?
  • What can I do now to prepare my site for the changes to come?
  • Why can't all of MC's Web pages move to the new look at the time of the Web redesign launch?
  • Will I have to learn a new way to maintain and update my department's Web site?
  • Why are we moving to a Content Management System (CMS)?
  • Will training be provided on the CMS?
  • How can I make a suggestion or give comments?


Navigation Categories Reviewed

posted 02.27.09

At the Strategic Team meeting on Thursday, February 26, attendees reviewed the goals of the project and the roles and responsibilities of those invovled, including the Executive Technology Steering Committee, Leadership Team, Strategic Team, New City Media, Project Managers, Office of Information Technolgy, and Institutional Advancement (Communication/Marketing).

After hearing a brief recap of the timeline for the project, the Strategic Team gave feedback on the proposed major navigation categories of the Web site. The project is moving forward at a fast pace.


March 2009

Seeking Volunteers for Usability Testing

posted 03.17.09

lady using computerThe Web Redesign Leadership Team is seeking prospective students, current students, faculty and staff members to participate in usability testing. Not a computer guru? That's okay. We need computer guru's and novices alike, and everything in between!

If you would like to volunteer to participate in this special opportunity, please e-mail Include the following in the body of your email:

  • Your role at the College - prospective student, current student, faculty or staff member
  • Your contact information - e-mail and phone number

Participation in usability testing will involve a 45-minute time commitment. Usability testing sessions will be held in late March to early April (dates to be determined, but multiple time slots at various campuses will be available to accommodate your schedule).

Usability testers will be selected at random by our vendor. If selected, you will be notified by e-mail and/or phone.



It is Time to Review Your Department's Web Content

posted 03.30.09

In preparation for the content migration phase of the .edu Web redesign project, please take time now to review and update the information on your department's Web pages (including .edu departmental accounts listed at and public-facing content linked from the .edu home page). Your updated content will be integrated into the new design, and this process will take place in phases.

Departments whose content will be part of the first phase (with an August 2009 go-live date) will be notified within the next two weeks. In the following months, the Office of Information Technology will unveil a multi-year plan for incorporating the remaining content into the new design.



Site Map and Wireframes Available!

posted 03.31.09

The Strategic Team reviewed the site map and wireframes during their meeting on Friday, March 27 and are asked to provide feedback to the Leadership Team by Monday, April 6.

The college community is invited to view the site map and wireframes (final drafts for Phase 1 of the redesign project, with an August 2009 go-live date).

Site Map
Three types of navigation are being planned - Main, Audience, and Utility. The site map gives examples of links within each navigation system. The site map is a dynamic document, and items under the global primary navigation will change as the site evolves.

The wireframes show the content and functions that will be on each page (more information about wireframes). Design elements (e.g., colors, fonts) are not part of the wireframes.

Design prototypes are being developed and will be shared with the college community the week of April 6.



April 2009

Help Select a Design for the Web Site

posted 04.06.09

Three design concepts are now available! One of these designs will be chosen for the Montgomery College Web site, and we need your feedback to make the selection:

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Please view each of the designs and complete a short survey by Friday, April 10, 5 pm.

Designs 1-3

As a reminder, the designs represent “look and feel,” which includes color and font. The chosen design will be applied to the wireframes, which outline the content and functions on each page.

Based on feedback from the college community and the recommendations of the Web Redesign Leadership and Strategic Teams, the Executive Technology Steering Committee will choose the final design on Wednesday, April 15 at its regularly scheduled meeting.



36 Participate in Content Writing Seminar

posted 04.27.09

Beth Homan, Ann Dorothy Elford, Ann Johnson, and Tina Bak

Thirty-six MC employees participated in "Beyond Blah Blah: Creating Great Content for the Web," a workshop facilitated by David Poteet, President of New City Media.

Participants in the workshop learned how to:

  • Define the top goals of their audiences
  • Link and organize pages so users can find the content they need
  • Structure the content and layout of pages to support scanning, understanding, and retention
  • Write Web content that motivates users to act

Many of the participants already manage MC Web content. Some of their content will be incorportated into the first phase of the redesign (August 2009 go-live date).


May 2009

Content Stage Begins!

posted 05.08.09

The content stage for Phase 1 of the .edu redesign has begun and will continue through August 2009. This stage invovles placing content into the wireframes/layouts.

Refer to the content spreadsheet for a list of pages that are slated to go-live in August 2009, and will now be populated with content. Note: Since the site is organized by topics and user-centered tasks, individual pages may contain content from multiple departments.

What is the process for populating these pages with content? All pages listed on the content spreadsheet will be compiled by our contractor, New City Media. The contractor will take content from existing departmental pages and place it into the wireframes/layouts. Content may be editied for style and voice, to ensure consistency throughout the site (this is being done in coordination with the College's Office of Communications). During this process, New City Media may contact your department for subject matter expertise. As pages are drafted, your department will have a chance to review them for accuracy. More details to come.



Usability Testing

posted 05.15.09

Faculty, staff and current students participated in usability testing on Tuesday, May 12.

The purpose of the usability testing was to validate the proposed site architecture. As such, two facilitators from New City Media met individually with each user for about 45-minutes. During each session, they presented the user with a total of 8-9 scenarios, such as:

  • Find out what types of activities there are for students on campus.
  • You are attending a MC class off campus, how would you find the address of that location?
  • You want to find out when fall semester begins; where would you look?

For each scenario, the user referred to the site wireframes and described the steps he/she would take to accomplish the task. Meanwhile, the facilitators and a few observers from the Leadership Team noted the user’s approach to each scenario.

Usability testing for prospective students will take place next week. The results of the usability testing will be posted.



Final Design!

posted 05.15.09

Announcing the final design for the August 2009 .edu Web site launch . . .

home page

Thank you, the college community, for your invaluable feedback on the three design concepts unveiled in early April. You submitted close to 500 total responses to the survey and called and e-mailed the Web Redesign Leadership and Strategic Teams with your input.

Overall, design #3 was favored, pending some refinements, like using brighter colors, using dark text on a light background, and reserving the use of red font for urgent messages. These changes and more have been incorporated into the final design (.jpg). We hope you like how it represents Montgomery College.



Usability Testing - Second Round

posted 05.20.09

Sherwood High School logoThursday morning, May 21, New City Media will be facilitating a usability testing session with high school students at Sherwood High School in Olney, Maryland. The purpose of this second round of usability study is to assess the effectiveness of the architecture of our new site with our key audience, prospective students. The first round of usability testing for faculty, staff, and current students was held Tuesday, May 12th.

The testing follows scenarios identified during the mental models research. The list of questions used for each audience and the results of the usability study will be posted soon.


Usability Testing Results

posted 05.28.09

Twelve recommendations surfaced from the usability testing held on Tuesday, May 12 and Thursday, May 21, including:

  • Consider combining lists in the People Directory by removing the division between faculty and staff; add adjuncts to the Directory.
  • Consider using the word “calendar” in conjunction with “events” where appropriate.
  • Consider finding a way to make payment deadlines prominent on the homepage.
  • Consider reworking the “Need Help/Contact Us” callouts to look less like an advertisement.

Additional recommendations and the results from the usability sessions are detailed in the testing brief. The Leadership Team is reviewing which recommendations will be implemented in the first phase of the project (August 2009 go-live).

The scenarios presented to each user during usability testing are detailed in the usability testing scenarios document.



June 2009

CMS Template Production Begins

posted 06.10.09

Sample template

The OIT Web Services Team has begun to develop 20+ templates in the Content Management System. These templates reflect the design of the site (e.g., colors, styles), and each template has a unique layout with specific areas where content can be placed. When the templates are complete, content managers (faculty/staff from various departments, and with Web maintenance responsibilities) will be able to populate these templates with content, including photos, text, headings, etc.

Departments whose content will be part of the initial launch (August 2009) have been contacted by the Office of Information Technology and are also working with New City Media on copywriting. Training for their content managers will be available beginning the week of July 6. More details to come.

Not part of the initial launch and wondering when your department can start incorporating its content into the templates? Training will be offered early in the fall semester.



CMS Training to Begin in July

posted 06.17.09

Ektron 400 logo

Web content managers whose department's content is involved in the first phase of the redesign (August 2009 go-live) have begun to sign-up to attend a two-hour hands-on session on how to use the Ektron content management system (CMS). Two sessions are available: 

July 6, 10 am - 12 pm
July 7, 2 - 4 pm 

The content these departments have been working on with the vendor for the August go-live will be put into the CMS by the vendor. Then the content managers can begin to migrate the rest of their department's content into the CMS.

If your department's content is not part of this first phase, stay tuned. OIT will soon be posting a content migration schedule, which outlines approximate timeframes for additional departments to undergo the redesign (and, thus, get moved over to the CMS). CMS training will be offered on a regular basis.


July 2009

CMS Training Postponed

posted 07.01.09

The following CMS training sessions for content managers have been cancelled: 

July 6, 10 am - 12 pm
July 7, 2 - 4 pm 

Within the next few weeks, OIT will contact individual departments to reschedule.

The rescheduled sessions will approach training in a highly customized manner. Each training session will be geared to the specific needs of the individual departments in attendance.

Thank you for your interest and future participation.



Landing Pages - Design

posted 07.09.09

Here is a preview of what some of the landing pages will look like:

Please note that the content on these landing page mock-ups is not final (in most cases, the text, links, and images displayed are just placeholders for actual content).

At present, the OIT Web Services Team is continuing to set up these landing pages as templates in the Content Management System (CMS).



CMS Training - Rescheduled

posted 07.016.09

CMS training has been rescheduled for content managers whose department's content is involved in Phase 1 of the .edu redesign (August 2009 go-live). Two sessions are available:

August 6, 9:30 – 11:30 am

August 7, 12:30 – 2:30 pm

These Phase 1 content managers have been working with the vendor on content for the August go-live. The content will be put into the CMS by the vendor and the OIT Web Team, and the training sessions will cover how to edit and maintain it.

OIT will initiate contact with these content managers again after the August go-live of phase 1 content. At that time, the CMS can be set up for them to start putting the rest of their department's content into the CMS.

If your department's content is not part of Phase 1, stay tuned. OIT will be posting a content migration schedule, which outlines approximate timeframes for additional departments to undergo the redesign (and, thus, get moved over to the CMS). CMS training will be offered on a regular basis.



Content for Phase 1 - July 31st Deadline

posted 07.21.09

The content development phase of the .edu redesign project is nearing completion! Thank you to everyone who worked hard on getting their content ready for us. It is much appreciated! At the moment, the Web Services team is working tirelessly on creating the new landing pages, templates and new architecture for the site. Training for the Content Management System is scheduled to begin on August 6th and 7th.

For those who are involved in Phase 1 and have yet to send feedback on the content from the copywriter, please do so as soon as possible. The deadline for content to be reviewed and submitted to OIT is July 31st. Any content received after that will not go live in Phase 1, August 31st. For those who have content in Phase 1, you will be notified by email when your page(s) are ready for review on the CMS.



Department Template - Preview

posted 07.21.09

Thinking about what your department site might look like in the CMS? Here's a preview of the department template.

After August 2009, a number of departments will start adding their content to the CMS. If you will be using the department template, you'll create, edit and maintain the following sections:

  • Department Banner
    A graphic (950 x ~110 pixels) used to brand your site. The graphic might include your department's logo, a collage of images, etc. Directly below the banner is a section for your department's name and a subtitle.
  • Menu
    The left navigation menu contains the main navigation links for your site. All the links are completely editable.
  • Content Area
    The main portion of the page that is dedicated to content - text, images, tables, multimedia, etc.

Department site template - annotated



August 2009

Additional Training Date - August 10

posted 08.05.09

An additional CMS training session has been scheduled for content managers whose department's content is involved in Phase 1 of the .edu redesign (August 2009 go-live).

Now three sessions are available to choose from:

August 6, 9:30 – 11:30 am

August 7, 12:30 – 2:30 pm

August 10, 11 am – 1 pm NEW!

This training is for Phase 1 content managers whohave been working with the vendor on content for the August go-live. The content will be put into the CMS by the vendor and the OIT Web Team, and the training sessions will cover how to edit and maintain it.



URLs in Print Literature

posted 08.05.09

When content on the current .edu site is re-designed and moved into the CMS, the content's original URL (Web address) will change. The Web Services Team will work with Web content managers in each department to set up appropriate redirects to guide users to the new location of content. However, some URLs have been printed on marketing materials and other print literature, and these URLs may need to be preserved.

Do you know of any URLs that will need to be preserved? Let the Web Redesign Team know by emailing Include the original URL and the new CMS URL (if available) in your message.



Facebook on MC Web Site

posted 08.13.09

There have been a lot of questions regarding the linkage of the facebook logo contained on individual/departmental pages for the new Web site.

Currently, Montgomery College has a main facebook fan page that represents the College and is maintained by the Office of Communications with input from departments and individuals collegewide. From that main site, we have, and will continue to have, a list all other Montgomery College facebook pages (examples: Montgomery College Driver Education, First Year Experience Program) under “Favorite Pages” for quick and easy references to all the other pages developed.

Facebook logoFor consistency’s sake and in the spirit of continuing our branding efforts, the facebook logo that appears throughout the entire Montgomery College website will link back to the college’s main fan page where students, fans, the community, etc. can easily learn more about MC and find quick links to other individual and departmental MC pages.


CMS Training Sessions - September

posted 08.18.09

Three additional training sessions are available for:

  • Phase 1 content managers who could not attend the August training, and
  • Content managers that need to start working on their department sites using the department template.

Content managers only need to attend one training session. Available dates:

  • Thursday, September 3, 1:30-3:30 pm
  • Tuesday, September 15, 9:30-11:30 am
  • Monday, September 28, 1:30-3:30 pm

Please sign up for a session using the PDS.



Preview the New Web Site

posted 08.25.09

The Web Redesign Leadership Team would like to invite you to take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to preview our new Montgomery College Web site. Below is the link to the pre-production version of Phase 1 of the Web site:

We would encourage you to take some time and glance through the improvements in this new design, including:

  • A shift in terminology towards commonly-used words (identified through audience research and usability studies)
  • A newly designed 5-step enrollment process (courtesy of AEM)
  • New pages devoted to our parents, alumni and the business community
  • Categories that represent the most frequently-asked or searched items on our Web site, e.g. Admissions, Costs & Financial Aid, Counseling & Advising, Alumni, etc.
  • New photos and video of our students and College community (provided by IA)

The content of these pages has been reviewed extensively by the content originators, edited by a team of professional Web editors, and the final form approved by the content owners.

You will also notice that our existing site remains relatively intact behind the new home and landing pages. The August 31st launch represents the culmination of Phase 1 of this project. Phase 2 of this effort will begin on or about October 1st and is projected to last 18-24 months. Many thanks to the dozens of faculty, staff, and administrators who worked closely with our technical team to make this first phase a success.

You can also attend one of the preview sessions for the new Web site and have your general questions answered on August 27 from 10-11 a.m. or 2-3 p.m. in OITB, Room 308.


September 2009

Launch Delayed

posted 09.01.09

As you may be aware, the new Web site was scheduled to be launched Monday, August 31. Many students, prospective students, faculty and staff across the College have contributed to the site design, content and functionality of this new site. A stated goal of this project was “to accurately and clearly reflect Montgomery College's mission and culture.” We believe we have accomplished this goal with the new design and content architecture. The feedback received has been extremely positive and we have been able to incorporate many of your suggestions into the new site.

In consideration of technical issues encountered after the site was launched this morning and, more importantly, to preserve the student, faculty and staff experience during this extremely busy first week of classes, the launch has been delayed until early next week.

In the interim, we encourage you to continue to:

Your continued support of this major initiative is greatly appreciated.


Launch Rescheduled

posted 09.08.09

The newly designed Web site has been rescheduled for launch on Friday, September 11th. During the past week we have done significant testing and made adjustments to improve the performance of the site. We have also taken this opportunity to make changes based on the significant feedback we have received from the College community. As you know, a decision was made to postpone the launch and revert back to the existing site on the first day of classes, August 31st. This decision was made to ensure that students, faculty and staff had full access to all systems and information during this very busy start of semester period.

If you have not yet had the opportunity, we invite you to preview the site, submit your feedback, and review others’ comments.

Your continued support of this major initiative is greatly appreciated.



Launch Today!

posted 09.11.09

The Web Leadership Team is proud to announce the launch of Montgomery College's new Web site! The new site provides a fresh new look and best practices to enhance the student experience.

During the next few weeks, we will continue making refinements to the site according to your suggestions and comments. Please continue to submit your feedback to

Thank you to all participants who have helped to shape the new Montgomery College Web site.



Phase 2 Content Timeline Available

posted 09.17.09

With the Phase 1 launch complete, you may be wondering when you can bring your department site into the new design, using the Content Management System (CMS). Migration of department sites into the CMS will take place during Phase 2 of the project, which officially starts in October 2009 and may last 18-24 months.

The content timeline (tentative and subject to change) defines groupings of related department sites and suggests a timeframe for specific sites to begin to undergo the redesign. Your department may undergo the redesign earlier or later than the stated timeframe, especially if there is a pressing need. Each department can also set its own deadline for completing its site in the new design.

Details on how to get started

Questions? E-mail Kim Emery.



Ready to Put Your Site into the New Design?

posted 09.17.09

Ready to put your department site into the new design? Your department’s Web Content Manager may initiate the process by following these two steps:

  1. Request Web Space and VPN access
    Complete and submit the form (sign-in with your MyMC ID and password).

    The content owner (administrator/dean) will need to approve the request by clicking the link provided in an e-mail sent after the request is made (the e-mail will come from
  2. Sign up for training
    OIT Web Services will provide you with your site information and login credentials at or after training.

What Tool is Used to Author Web Content in the CMS?

posted 09.23.09

The Content Management System (CMS) has a built-in WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) – eWebEditPro. Using eWebEditPro, content managers add/edit their content in the CMS using Microsoft Word-like functions, or they hand code it in html if they prefer.


Many content managers are accustomed to using Adobe Dreamweaver (or other Web editing software, such as Microsoft FrontPage) to design and develop Web pages. Although Dreamweaver is a powerful Web authoring program, it is not needed to add/edit content on the CMS. Here’s why . . .

Design templates in the CMS drive the layout of pages and they contain styles (e.g., heading, table, image, link formats) and functionality (e.g., navigation menus, search engine). Content managers use the pre-made design templates to form the frame and structure of their Web pages. Then content managers add content that fills the templates, thus creating what we know as a Web page.

This approach separates design (e.g., layout, styles) from content (e.g., words, images, data tables), and it is a best practice in Web design and development. It provides flexibility in making Web content accessible to all users, and also helps facilitate more methodical design changes (e.g., colors, logos, menus) across all content.



Revised Phase 2 Content Timeline

posted 09.29.09

The content timeline posted Thursday, September 17 has been revised – academic departments have been moved up in the timeline and sites that have fully completed the redesign are indicated with a strikethrough.

As a reminder, the content timeline suggests timeframes for specific sites to begin to undergo the redesign. Your department may undergo the redesign earlier or later than the stated timeframe, especially if there is a pressing need.

The OIT Web Services Team will contact content owners and content managers as the timeframe approaches for them to start the redesign process for their site(s).


October 2009

Resources for CMS Content Managers

posted 10.01.09

If you are a .edu Web Content Manager or are just curious to know more about what’s involved in redesigning content using the Content Management System (CMS), check out the resources below:

.edu style guide (PDF) – an explanation of standard formats (color palette, font styles, graphic elements) and definitions of WYSIWYG editor styles (headings, tables, bullets, buttons, images, callout boxes)

.edu training/reference guide (PDF) – an overview of key CMS functions (logging in, adding content, applying styles, etc.)

CMS Web standards and guidelines – a list of requirements and recommendations for ensuring that Web content is easily navigable, accessible, and accurate

All of these resources, plus more, are available on the CMS resources page of the OIT Web site. Also, don’t forget to sign up for CMS training.



How to Request Changes to the Home Page and Major Landing Pages

posted 10.14.09

Does the content or navigation on the .edu home page or any of the major landing pages need to be modified to better meet the needs of our site visitors? We invite all Montgomery College faculty and staff to participate in an online discussion forum – the .edu Change Requests Forum – to post and discuss requested changes.

If you have a change request, please post it on the discussion forum. Other faculty and staff will be able to view and comment on your request. The Web Redesign Leadership Team will read all discussions and post a formal response to each change request, usually by the first and third Friday of each month.

To submit a change request, follow the steps below:

Logon to the discussion forum. Click the link to the .edu Change Requests forum.

Montgomery College Discussion Forum

The forum contains eight topics, one for each of the major landing pages:

  • Home page
  • Majors & Classes
  • Admissions
  • Cost & Financial Aid
  • Student Life
  • News & Events
  • Counseling & Advising
  • About MC

Click the name of the landing page for which you would like to suggest a change. Then click Add Reply.



Strategies for Planning Your Site - Where to Begin

posted 10.16.09

You may be wondering how to move forward with redesigning your department site. Although you may be tempted to revamp your site in the Content Management System (CMS) one page at a time, the best approach is to embark on your own department redesign project! Here are a few steps to help you:

  1. Attend CMS training and learn about the templates available
  2. Review the content of your entire department site; form focus groups and hold KJ sessions
  3. Create a site map for your new site and take some time thinking about how the information flows and how the new pages can be structured
  4. Edit your content
  5. Build your site!

At any point in the process, you can request the help of an OIT Web team member by contacting the IT Service Desk (240-567-7222).

You can also participate in discussions with other content owners using the discussion forum.


November 2009

Road Map to Redesigning Your Web Site

posted 11.23.09

Road map to redesigning your Web site

Ready to get started redesigning your department Web content? Looking for guidance on where to begin? This road map will guide Web content managers through five major steps:

  • Planning the architecture and content for your Web site
  • Requesting Web space for putting your content into the Content Management System (CMS)
  • Learning how to use the CMS
  • Inputting content into the CMS
  • Going live with your redesigned site

If you are interested in finding out more about this process or have any questions, please come to one of the information sessions below (no registration required):

  • Thursday, December 17 (3-4 pm in OITB 304)
  • Wednesday, January 20 (10-11 am in OITB 304)


December 2009

Have an Event Coming Up? Submit it to MC's Online Calendar

posted 12.14.09

The Montgomery College Web site is a resource to everybody in the College community. If you have an event, meeting, or important College deadlines that the community needs to note, you can use the College's online calendar to get the word out. With the redesign of the College's Web site, online calendar events are now prominently featured on the front page of the Montgomery College Web site.

Submitting an event is a simple process. Just go to and click on "Submit Events" link on the upper right side corner. Fill out the event submission form and hit "submit."

The event then will go in the calendar database for the calendar administrators approval. Once it's approved, it will show up on the public online calendar.

If you have any questions, please contact Renate Laine at



January 2010

Spring 2010 Web Redesign Classes

posted 01.11.10

If you are a Web content manager and your department is ready to begin the redesign process, these classes are offered to help you along the way:

  • Planning and Writing Your Web Content
  • Department Web Site Management with the CMS (required)
  • Building a Web Form Using the CMS

Please refer to the road map for guidance on when to register for and take these classes.

For more detailed information about the Web redesign project, visit the CMS Resources page.



Web Redesign Information Sessions

posted 01.14.10

Information Session

Come learn and ask questions about the Web redesign process, including when and how your department/program can get started. Also preview content management system (CMS) templates.

Attend one of these seessions:

  • Wednesday, January 20 from 10-11 a.m. in OITB 304
  • Friday, March 5 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. in ST 301 (TP/SS)
  • Monday, April 12 from 3-4 p.m. in GB 105 (Germantown)

No registration required

For more detailed information about the Web redesign project, visit the CMS Resources page.