Tobacco and Smoke-Free Task Force
In order to provide a healthy campus environment that is 100% Tobacco Free and to develop a policy that was clear and easy to communicate, the Vice President and Provosts created the Tobacco and Smoke-Free Task Force. During the spring of 2007, the Task Force was convened and specifically charged with developing a revision of the Tobacco Use policy and with drafting an implementation plan. Invitations were extended to students and college employees to volunteer to be on the Task Force.

Dr. Monica Brown Ms. Helen Brewer
Mr. Wayne Barbour
Mr. Dave Capp
Ms. Maureen Custer
Ms. Roxanne Davidson
Dr. Donald Day
Ms. Kathleen Dayton
Ms. Sara Ducey
Ms. Rose Garvin-Aquilino
Ms. Michelle Hicks
Ms. Debi Higbie-Holmes
Ms. Kim McGettigan
Ms. Jacki Moffi
Mr. Ed Roberts
Dr. Norman Schorr
Mr. Carl Shorter
Mr. Steve Simon
Mr. James Tarver
Ms. Karen Thomas
Mr. James Walters
Ms. Suni Zabala
Ms. Jacki Zappala
Consultants to the Task Force
Dr. Judy Ackerman
Mr. George Payne
Dr. Hercules Pinkney
Dr. Brad Stewart
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