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Cycle 2 - Fall 2006

Want to know more about the grants? Review the About MIHIG document. Have an idea for a grant? Stay tuned! We will be starting another MIHIG competition soon!.

Below are the recipients of the Make It Happen! Innovation Grants awards for Cycle 2.

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Cycle 2

Grant Name & Documentation

Project Director(s)

Project: Integrating the Potomac Review into the Classroom


Julie Wakeman-Linn
Julie Wakeman-Linn
Project: Inquiry-Based Learning: How Does It Benefit College Students?


EJ, Dr. Otigbuo
Ijeoma Otigbuo
Project: Trends & Issues in Special Education (ED140) and Juvenile Justice (CJ110): Theory, Practice, and Law
Dr. Sonya Chiles & Professor Zeporia N. Smith
Sonya Chiles & Zeporia N. Smith
Project: Macklin "Quick Pitch" Business Competition
Robert Snyder, PhD
Robert Snyder

Project: Student-Athlete Success Initiative (SASI)

Barry Street
Fabian Drain, Marcus Peanort, Clifton McKnight, & Barry Street
Project: Integration of Civic Engagement into the courses "Chemistry and Society" and "Introduction of Geography"
Greg Wahl
Ralph L. Bain, Chris Haga, Greg Wahl, & Linda Mona
Project: The WRITER Project (Writing Recommendations with Impact - Training and Resources)
Denise Simmons Graves
Project: Adult Re-Entry Enhancement Initiative
Erica Coddington
Barbara Gleason & Erika Coddington

Project: Extending Boundaries: Africana Studies Mini Project

Christiana Okechukwu
Christiana Okechukwu
Project: Mathematics 101 Course Redesign
Stephanie Pepin
Deb Poese & Stephanie Pepin
Project: MC World Music Outreach

Dawn Avery
Dawn Avery & Miriam Carter
Project: "The Language of War: A Grand Illusion"

Patrick Feeney

Project: "Writing in the Disciplines - An Intensive Exploration"


Rita Kranidis
Rita Kranidis