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Cycle 4 - Fall 2007

Want to know more about the grants? Review the About MIHIG document. Have an idea for a grant? Stay tuned! We will be starting another MIHIG competition soon!.

Below are the recipients of the Make It Happen! Innovation Grants awards for Cycle 4.

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Cycle 4

Grant Name & Documentation

Project Director(s)

Project: The Multidisciplinary Aspects of Work in Forensic Anthropology

Vicky Dorworth (seated); Eugenia Robinson, Christiana Tah, Kevin Stone (standing).
Vicky Dorworth (seated); Eugenia Robinson, Christiana Tah, & Kevin Stone (standing)

Project: Montgomery College Mini-Med School

Dwayne Henry & Karen Benn Marshall
Dwayne F. Henry, Karen Benn Marshall

Project: Portable Desktop Environment

Rick Morrow & Ed Palaszynski
Rick Morrow, Ed Palaszynski

Project: Coming Together @ the Library

Diane Cockrell & Kathy Swanson
Diane Cockrell, Kathy Swanson, Bridget Tucker

Project: CFE Entrepreneur Roundtable Series

Bob Snyder
Carol Sosner, Bob Snyder

Project: Expanding the Advancement of Learning Centered Education in Mathematics

Nancy Shaw
Nancy Shaw

Project: Guiding Students Toward Success

Sharon Tabb & Mirna Ostchega
Sharon Tabb, Mirna Ostchega

Project: Math Video Website

View Prof. South's Math Video Site!

Gail South
Gail South

Project: Authentic Academic Listening Assessment

Henry Caballero
Henry N. Caballero

Project: College Access Program (CAP) Community Building

Sue Hassan and Judy Pearce
Sue Hassan, Judy Pearce

Project: Emergency Responder Skill Simulation Days

Gail South
Kathy Dayton, Morgan Kee

Project: Conflict Resolution through Reconciliation & Forgiveness

Tulin Levitas
Tülin Levitas

Project: How to Succeed in College (A Summer Transitional Program)

DJ McCullough