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Want to know more about the grants? Review the About MIHIG document. Have an idea for a grant? Stay tuned! We will be starting another MIHIG competition soon!.

Below are the recipients of the Make It Happen! Innovation Grants awards for Cycle 9.

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Cycle 9 - SPRING 2010

Grant Name & Documentation

Project Director(s)


Project: Financial Liabilities Collaborative

Danielle Alvarado
Project: Technology Outreach Program Support
Andrew Ryan

Project:  A Year of Service

Habitat Flyer

Final Update


Nik Shuska

Project: The WDCE Professional Skills Exchange Program

Project Update


Natasha Sacks

Project: French and Francophone Film Festival

Project Update-Flyer 1

Project Update-Flyer 2

Marcia Bronstein & Keith Cohen

Project: Closed Captioning of MA116 and BA210

Final Update

Brian Kotz

Project: Applied History or How did we get there from here?

Kelly Rudin

Project: Experiencing Maryland heritage


Eugenia Robinson

Project: Boys to Men

Project Update

Gus Griffin