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Fast Track Math

For Assessment and Placement information contact:
Prof. Bill Coe 240-567-4103,

For Registration Information contact: Camille Cauley, Program Director
phone: 240-567-5515

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Fast Track Math
Pre-Algebra and Elementary Algebra Review

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Fast Track Math, Pre-Algebra and Elementary Algebra Review

Prior to registration you must contact Prof. Bill Coe for assessment and placement information. Prof. William Coe 240-567-4103,

FAST TRACK MATH is an intensive two-week review of pre-algebra and elementary algebra. This course prepares qualified students to potentially place into a higher level math course.

There are two Fast Track options:

Option 1 is Basic FAST TRACK. This is a 20-hour review course covering pre-algebra and elementary algebra topics that prepares qualified students to potentially improve their math course placement. Students should have a history of being successful in equivalent levels of math, although they may not recall enough information to place well on the assessment test. All students must take the assessment test before the first day of class (call 240-567-7459 for more information).

Option 2 is Advanced FAST TRACK. This is also a 20-hour review course, but covers elementary algebra and intermediate algebra topics. To take Advanced Fast Track, students must have earned an "A" in MA090 or scored 55 or better on the assessment test.

Fast Track Math is offered during the summer prior to the Fall semester classes as well as in early January prior to the Spring semester. Students must purchase the workbook prior to the first class. See Schedule

For more information you may want to visit the Rockville Math Department web site.

Contact Person: Camille Cauley, Program Director, 240-567-5515, email:

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