Youth Programs receives many questions related to our programs everyday.  In an effort to keep everyone informed regarding our year-round programs, we have developed a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). 

Q. How Can I Get a Brochure for the Programs Offered by Youth Programs?
A. Parents of students who have attended any of our programs within the last three years will be mailed a post card reminder of upcoming programs.  All brochures are posted on our website,  While supplies last, brochures are also available at all Montgomery County Public Schools and public libraries.  You may call 240-567-7917 or 240-567-7264 to request a brochure be sent by mail. 

Q. How Do I Register For a Class or One-Day Program?
A. A registration form is enclosed in every brochure or you may download the current registration form from our website.

Q. When Does Registration Start for the Programs?
A.two kids   Once the brochure and registration forms are posted on the website, you may begin to register. 

Q. Are There Registration Deadlines for the Programs?
A. Yes, registration continues until the class/program is full or until the day before the class starts.  If there is insufficient enrollment, a decision to cancel the class/program is made one week prior to the start date. 

Q. Why Is It That Some Classes or One-Day Programs Cancel at the Last Minute?
A.  All of our classes/programs are enrollment based.  If there are not enough students enrolled in a class/program, it will be cancelled.  Parents will be notified of the cancellation a week prior to the start date.  In an effort to avoid cancellations, we ask that parents network” with their friends, parents of their children’s friends, neighborhood associations, civic groups and other sources.  
If every student invites a friend or associate to register for the same class/program, enrollment will increase twofold.  For example:  a class with four (4) students currently enrolled may not run due to low enrollment; however, if each student encourages a friend to enroll with them, the class will run with eight (8) students.

Q. How Do I Apply for Financial Aid? 
A. Scholarships are based on financial need and are awarded on a first-come, first served basis until the funds are depleted.  If your child is eligible for free and/or reduced meals, you must submit a copy of his/her eligibility form along with the registration form and payment of the “fee” for the class/program.  If you do not have the eligibility form, you may submit a copy of the current 1040/1040A filed tax form showing your child as a dependent along with the registration form and payment of the “fee” for the class/program.  The scholarship will cover only the “tuition” for the class/program. 

Q. How Many Classes Does Financial Aid Pay For?
A. Financial aid may be applied to “one” (1) class for the Summer Youth Program and each semester of Kids College.  Your child may also apply for financial assistance for each of the one-day programs offered throughout the school year.

Q. Are There Any Discounts for Siblings, College Employees, Etc.?
A. Presently, there are no discounts offered.

Q. Who Are the Instructors and What Are Their Qualifications?
A. The Youth Programs instructors make up a highly qualified cadre of Montgomery College professors, certified public or private school teachers, and practitioners in the field they teach.  All of them have undergone extensive background checks. 

Q. What Is the Size of the Average Class/Program?
A.student with a map Classes are generally limited to 15 students.  However, there are exceptions. 

Q. How Do I Know Which Course to Select for My Child(ren)? 
A. Each class/program lists ages and/or grade levels for that particular class/program.  The age/grade levels listed are those for the current school year.  Please adhere to the required age/grade level designated for each class/program. 

Q. How Can I Find Out If A Class/Program Is Still Available? 
A. Check our website,, under the appropriate program or call 240/567-7917 or 240/567-7264. 

Q. After I Submit A Registration, How Will I Know If My Child Is Enrolled In the Class/Program?
A. Once a student’s registration is processed, a computer-generated confirmation letter is mailed to the parent in the child’s name.  The parent will be called if there is a problem with the registration or if more information is needed to process the registration.  If you do not receive a confirmation letter within 2 weeks of submitting a registration, please call customer service at 240/567-5188 to request another confirmation to be sent. 

Q. Who Has to Pay the Out-of-State Fee?
A. Any student who does not live in the state of Maryland has to pay the “Out-of-State” fee for each class/program selected.  Also, certain non-US citizens with visa restrictions have to pay the fee. 

Q. What Is the Refund and Withdrawal Policy?

A. New Policy! Youth Programs Only: Class Transfer &/or Class Withdrawal/Drop Fees

1. Class Transfer Requests: Students will be allowed to transfer from one class to another, one time without a charge. Any additional schedule changes will be reviewed and may be subject to a $20.00 fee.
2. Youth Class withdrawal/drop request. If a student requests to drop or withdraw from a class, the request must be received at least 6 days prior to the start of the class to avoid a withdrawal/drop fee. Requests to withdraw from a class received within 5 days of the start of the class will be subject to a fee of $50.00.

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