Introduce HTML


§         Read Castro Chapter 1

§         Niederst Chapter 6

§         Visit tutorials



            Castro (Examples)

§         Naming Conventions, p. 65

§         Troubleshooting, p. 74

§         Create a folder on your disk in which to save the assignments from Niederst

§         Folder Name:  Niederst

§         Copy the document in Figure 6-7 in Niederst, p. 66.  Name it index and save it in the Niederst folder.

o       View the document in the browser.

o       Troubleshoot if necessary

o       Print a hard copy—turn in next class

  • Using Notepad, create the following html document:
    Your name’s Web Page
    Welcome to Your name’s Home Page!
    This is my first Web page. I’m excited about learning an important skill!

Save as index.html (no folder)
View index.html in a browser
Troubleshoot if necessary
Print index.html from Notepad—turn in next class
Print your index.html from the browser
Turn in the above two print outs at the beginning of the next class.
E-mail me your muddiest point from today's lesson--if you have one.


  • Filenames
    • Eight characters or less; no spaces
    • Lowercase recommended
    • No spaces/symbols except - or _
  • First page is index
  • Case sensitivity
  • Formatting in your Notepad document has no affect on your document when viewed in the browser
  • NotePad lines become long and run off the screen
    • Wrap
  • Insert “Enters” to ease reading
  • Tags in caps—not in xhtml