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Web Page Development with XHTML

Web pages containing graphics and other basic enhancements will be developed in XHTML and in a Web authoring program. Topics include home page development and emerging and converging technologies. Trends and responsibilities pertaining to Web usage and construction will also be explored. PREREQUISITE: CA172. Three hours lecture/discussion each week. 3 semester hours.


Advanced Web Technologies

The course is designed to introduce students to the newest Web technologies and explore the more advanced content of existing technologies. Contents of the course will include advanced HTML, advanced features of a Web authoring program, CGI and JavaScript, creating and modifying pdf files, streaming audio, Cascading Style Sheets, and DHTML. PREREQUISITE: CA272. Three hours lecture/discussion each week. 3 semester hours.


Establishing a Business Website

This course provides students with the experience of working in a collaborative Web development team while working to meet the needs of a client. Each team creates a prototype Web site, intranet or extranet for a local area small business, or non-profit organization. Students learn to operate in and/or manage a Web development team and effectively communicate with Web authors, graphic artists, system administrators and others. Topics include e-business practices, content development, universal Web site design—addressing accessibility issues for users with disabilities, project management, systems administration, e-commerce, security issues and usability concerns. PREREQUISITE: CA272. Three hours lecture/discussion each week. 3 semester hours.


Dynamic HTML with JavaScript

This course is designed to introduce students to Dynamic HTML, and explore many of the mechanisms for creating dynamic Web pages using JavaScript. This course will provide a brief examination of the principles of structured programming and then apply these principles to a variety of Web pages that can be enhanced using JavaScript. Topics will include forms verification, maintaining information between pages, scripted animation, Cascading Style Sheets and cross-browser scripting. PREREQUISITE: CA272 or consent of department. Three hours lecture each week. Three semester hours. (This course can be used as an elective in the Web Specialist Certificate).

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