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John Hamman

Chair of Mathematics Department
Me & canoe

Associate Professor and Chair
Mathematics Department
Montgomery College
20200 Observation Drive
Germantown, MD 20876


Courses Fall 2010 Contact Info
HP 102
MA 090A
MA 091A
Office:  HT 133
(240) 567-7794

Fall 10 Office Hours:  
Monday:  11:00-12:30 am
Tuesday: 11:00-12:30am
Additional times available by appointment

Other sites of interested:  

Math Dept. Homepage  This is the MC math page.  It has info about courses, program requirements, contact information, etc.

Service -Learning Clearhinghouse  This site houses all sorts of information about service-learning at all levels of education.  There is a ton of research potential here.

Mathematics in Service to the Community A book about using service-learning in math classes to which I submitted a section about using service-learning at the community college level.

MCTM   The Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics is the local section of the NCTM.  They host two local conferences every year and have a useful journal.

NCTM  The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics houses the standards and several helpful documents.  They have made horrible policy decisions as of late including forcing you to pay to read the full text of the standards.  I would encourage you to let the organization know how you feel about this.

MAA   This is the professional organization for mathematicans at the college level who are interested in pedagogy.

Key Curriculumn Press  Geometer's Sketchpad is made by this company.  Go here to see about downloading a preview and other resources for teachers as well as ordering the full version.

MathXL sign in page  This is the required software for all sections of MA 103.  You may purchase the access code and get the free downloads from this site.

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