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Mathematics, Rockville Campus

This page is being updated with Spring 2012 syllabi, semester schedules. The links that are not highlighted work okay.


What I Teach

Prof. Shaw's Semester Schedule Fall 2011 index_image001.jpg


- MA 094 Math Prep


- MA097 Intermediate Algebra for Liberal Arts


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If you are a student registered in one of my classes, please check MyMC for specific course information. Click on the My Courses tab, then select our course.  Check out folders such as "Files", "Links" and others.


Office Hours, Fall 2011:

  Monday, 315 345
  Tuesday, 945 1045
Wednesday, 115 215
Thursday, 1230 100

      OR by appointment

Office Phone:        (240) 567-5225

Department Fax:  (240) 567-5182


Science West, Room 013A
Rockville Campus


The Courses I Teach and the Style of Teaching I Profess

The courses I often teach are Elementary Algebra which is now part of the new Redesign Course, Math Prep MA094,
Intermediate Algebra (renumbered as MA 099), Intermediate Algebra for Liberal Arts (renumbered as MA 097),
Precalculus (MA 180), and Calculus (MA 181).
My teaching philosophy embraces Learner-Centered Instruction and Active Learning. 
Currently, I champion Course Redesign in Developmental Mathematics.

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