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Flash 8 Developer Environment
Bitmap Images, Shapes, Text
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Waxer, Macromedia Fireworks 8 Revealed, Course Technology © 2006, OSBN 1-4188-4311-3

What's New in Fireworks 8

  • Chapter 1 - Understanding Fireworks, pp 1-1 to 1-29

Why Start a Dreamweaver Class by teaching Fireworks?

  • Graphics are essential to a successfull web page. 
  • Fireworks and Dreamweaver are highly integrated programs with exciting features for successful web design. 
  • Fireworks 8's new features (applying roll-overs with CSS) present great new "advanced" features, easy to use even for the "beginning" site developer. 
  • You need to know about the integration of the Studio 8 programs and how they work together.

  Every web page and site likely will have:

  1. A Banner
  2. A company logo
  3. Graphics images providing the site's "look and feel."
  4. Roll-Over Buttons
  5. Horizontal Navigation Bars

Many Sites will have:

  1. Reusable Graphics Elements
  2. Interesting Use of Text

Contact Information
Prof. Raymond J. Kimball
Information Technology Institute
Gaithersburg Business Training Center
12 South Summit Ave.
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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